The Chasers

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Action/Crime/Drama, USA, 1975, 60 min.

Synopsis Ian McShane plays an insurance scammer and Ida Lupino is his partner. They fake and contrive accidents to collect the dough. Pepper "foils" a purse-snatching by getting knocked-down in a parking lot, falling in a pool and getting hit by a truck within a matter of a few seconds. In the hospital with a rag on her head, Pepper overhears the ambulance chasers pressuring the other patients on the ward. Pepper intuits a plot and once Bill finds her, they scheme to scam the scammers. Pepper charms McShane instantly into telling her all their secrets and, just as fast, a security guard quite unconvincingly blows her cover by insisting he hadn't seen her since he retired from the police force - all within earshot of Lupino. Exposed but unawares, Pepper still thinks she's undercover despite being told by an aging and suicidal lawyer in this "firm" that they're onto her. And, the revelation that she's got a badge doesn't guide them to get out of town but instead to kill her with a vat of gasoline in the trunk of a car. So when she tells the driver they're being set up for death, he just pushes her out the door onto the street and then angrily drives into oblivion. Conflagrations ensue on the highway. Pepper then goes to the apartment of the wife of the now-dead driver (one of the firm's partner/victims) and promptly gets shoved in a closet and the room is set on fire. Crowley arrives just in time, shooting the arsonist, and breaking Pepper out of the closet in the back of the smoke filled room. They meet Lupino in a darkened mall who starts shooting at them. Pepper being Pepper, she has no gun. An unconscious person on the floor literally trips Lupino and she falls, and is promptly arrested - By Crowley. Pepper and Crowley show up at a "fancy" restaurant and arrest McShane.

Directed by Barry Shear  

Starring Angie Dickinson, Earl Holliman, Charles Dierkop, Ed Bernard, Ida Lupin, more...

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