The Lonely Hunter

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Crime/Drama/Horror/Mystery/Thriller, USA, 2005, 44 min.

Synopsis A meteor shower unexpectedly approaching by Independence Day seems to cause strange events, such as a long line for confessions, including a rude infidel telling father Thomas he must commit an unspeakable act, a girl-murder, as God's instrument, before running off. Socialite Amber helps Lucas Boyd buy up Point Pleasant properties and inviting for meteor watching at Lucas's the Parkers and the Kramers, whose marriage she promised to break up. When Jesse refuses to blame Christina for their relationship going sour, let alone to avoid her, jealous Paula dumps him after two years, yet rudely turns down again Terry -who at home tries to make his dad David better beyond doctor's orders- and makes a scene about Jesse 'embarrassing' her at the nightly beach party by talking to Christina, who wasn't chased by Paula's mignon Lucinda, who is kidnapped by the lurking infidel, actually local Dr. Forrester, who next offers Lucinda to startled Christina as a 'first sacrifice', saying he realizes now he worshipped the wrong power, he only wants no more guilt over his sadistic tendencies and promises her an army and unlimited power, but she takes him to Jesse's so Logan can arrest him. At Boyd's party, frisky wife Meg makes Ben uncomfortable, and Logan nearly attacks Lucas after finding his wife's missing bracelet in Boyd's bedroom, yet she denies everything...

Directed by Mel Damski  

Starring Elisabeth Harnois, Grant Show, Samuel Page, Aubrey Dollar, Dina Meyer, more...

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