The Peanuts Movie

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Animation/Adventure/Comedy/Family, USA, 2015, 88 min.

AKAs Blue Sky Studios Peanuts by Schulz / Snoopy and Charlie Brown: The Peanuts Movie

Tagline Dream big.

Synopsis In the morning, the kids wake up and find out that school has been cancelled because of snow. They all get together at Charlie Brown's (Noah Schnapp) house to start a hockey game. By the time Charlie puts on his winter clothes and comes outside, everyone has already left for the pond. Charlie decides to try flying his kite, since the Kite-Eating Tree is in hibernation. He gets the kite to fly, but everyone else is playing hockey, and they don't see him. The string tangles around his feet, and he gets dragged onto the pond, stopping right in front of Linus (Alexander Garfin). A gust of wind catches the kite, and Charlie gets pulled across the pond, running into Lucy (Hadley Belle Miller), who was doing figure skating tricks. The wind carries the kite into the Tree, and Charlie gets tied up by the string.Snoopy (Bill Melendez) skates out and grabs Linus' blanket, whipping him around in circles. Reaching out, Linus grabs Sally's (Mariel Sheets) hand, and he sends her spinning into a snowbank. "Isn't he the cutest thing?" she sighs. Snoopy is still dragging Linus, and he grabs Peppermint Patty (Venus Schultheis), whose stick snags Marcie (Rebecca Bloom). Others join in, starting a game of crack-the-whip. Frieda, Shermy (William Wunsch), Schroeder (Noah Johnston), Lucy, Franklin (Marleik Mar Mar Walker) and Pigpen (A.J. Tecce) zoom across the ice, passing by Woodstock (Bill Melendez), who is driving a Zamboni. When the whip cracks, the kids are scattered across the pond. Charlie frees himself from the tree and walks to the baseball diamond, still untangling the kite string from his legs. When he's done, the string is the size of a baseball, and he decides to practice his pitching. He builds snowmen for a team and a batter, and then pitches a snowball. To his surprise, the ball comes right back at him, knocking him out of his clothes. "It's going to be a long winter," he groans.Charlie sees a moving truck pull up to the house across the street from his. Everyone runs up to see who is moving in, blocking Charlie's view. He rolls up a snow mound and stands on top of it to see, but then he loses his balance and crashes the fence. "He did it," say the other kids, pointing to Charlie, who runs back into his house.The next day, the snow is gone, and the kids go back to school. Snoopy tries to get into school, but he is stopped by Franklin. Everyone sits down for class, and Charlie sees Linus' show-and-tell project, a World War I diorama featuring the Red Baron. He spins the tiny propeller, causing the plane to start up and take the whole thing flying out the window. The teacher, Miss Othmar, tells everyone that the new kid will be joining the class. The Little Red-Haired Girl (Francesca Capaldi) walks in and takes a seat, causing Charlie to be mesmerized. Then Miss Othmar announces that the class will be taking a standardized test. Snoopy crawls through a vent and uses a yo-yo to rappel into a classroom chair. Smiling, he takes a binder and fills it with papers, but then he pinches his finger in the rings, letting out a howl. Lucy throws him out of the building, and he lands in the trash, finding an old typewriter. The Red-Haired Girl finishes her test and hands it in, and her pencil falls off her desk and rolls up to Charlie's feet. He picks it up and notices that she chews on it, just like he does with his pencils. Charlie and Peppermint Patty are the last ones to hand in their tests, and the teacher reminds them to put their names on the papers. When Charlie turns around, he's facing the Red-Haired Girl. "Hi, I'm Crackles, I mean Chuckles..." he blurts out, before running out of the room. On the bus, Charlie sees the Red-Haired Girl walking up to him, and at the last second, he scurries under the seat and crawls up to the front.Snoopy takes the typewriter back to his doghouse and starts typing a story, with Woodstock looking on. He starts writing a few times, and each time he tears out the paper and crumples it up. Then, Linus' plane goes flying by, and Snoopy is inspired. "It was a dark and stormy night. Thunder roared. Lightning flashed in the sky. High above the French countryside, the World War I Flying Ace had never been so close to his lifelong enemy, the Red Baron!" Snoopy puts on goggles and a scarf, and his doghouse becomes a plane, chasing after the Baron. Imagining that the Baron is on his tail, Snoopy does evasive maneuvers, losing his balance and falling off the doghouse and into his water dish. Woodstock laughs heartily, but Snoopy climbs back up, not to be deterred.Charlie quickly gets off the bus at his house, and hides behind the doghouse as the Red-Haired Girl walks home. Thinking that Charlie is being a spy, Snoopy follows behind her, staying out of sight. In his room, Charlie pulls down the blinds, then opens them a bit to watch her check the mailbox, and then walk to her door. Snoopy realizes that his story should be a love story."Chapter One: It Was the Greatest Story Ever Told.The Flying Ace emerged from the airport wearing his green cap, red scarf, and goggles. But when he saw his plane, he gasped. He couldn't believe his eyes. This was a disaster!The plane was in a shambles! Parts were scattered everywhere. He approached Woodstock, the leader of his flight crew. Woodstock started chirping orders to his team of mechanics--young birds loyal to the Flying Ace.There was a flurry of action as the crew quickly fixed the plane. The Flying Ace stood behind it, inspecting it, as Woodstock turned the propeller.POOF! A cloud of black smoke shot out, covering the Flying Ace. Woodstock glared at his team of mechanics.The sound of an airplane engine filled the air. It was coughing and sputtering. The Flying Ace looked up to see a white plane chugging across the sky. Black smoke trailed from the tail. The plane was in trouble, and was coming down for a landing.As it got closer, the Flying Ace saw that the plane was a White Albatross. A real beauty. The pilot flew her in for a safe, expert landing.The Flying Ace walked toward the plane. The pilot stepped out and removed her flying cap to reveal the lovely face of a French poodle. The Flying Ace's mouth dropped.Her name was Fifi. She was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.Fifi moved to the front of her plane and removed one of the panels. She pulled out a wrench and got to work fixing the engine. A smudge of grease appeared on her cheek, but the Flying Ace thought it only made her look more beautiful. She was gorgeous, and she could fix an engine!Suddenly, the Flying Ace felt self-conscious. He rubbed most of the grease spots (but not all) from his own fur. Then he ran to the grass and picked some purple flowers. He turned to go back to the plane, but Fifi was already taking off again.The Flying Ace watched in awe as Fifi flew off toward the horizon--right through a heart-shaped cloud.He was in love. But when would he ever see her again?"Charlie decides to bring the Red-Haired Girl a housewarming gift, and Snoopy hands him a flower. He walks up to the door, but turns away without ringing the bell. Snoopy rings it for him and bolts. The Red-Haired Girl opens the door and doesn't see anyone there. Charlie has hidden behind a plant. She shrugs and shuts the door. Charlie walks to Lucy's house, where she has a cardboard stand with a sign reading "Psychiatric Advice, 5 cents." Charlie asks her how he can impress the Red-Haired Girl, and she tells him that girls are impressed by a boy who is a winner. She hands him a book called "10 Ways to Become a Winner," then taps her cup. He drops in a coin, and she says, "Ah, nickels, nickels, nickels. What a beautiful sound!"The next day, Charlie is reading the book. "Congratulations, you're on your way to becoming a winner! Step One: Forget everything you know about yourself. Step Two: Project confidence!" Charlie tries to strike a confident pose, with Snoopy copying him. "Don't slouch!" Charlie straightens his back. "Maintain eye contact at all times." Charlie looks into the mirror and sees Snoopy, and they have a staring contest, which Snoopy wins. Charlie hears a crash downstairs and finds Sally practicing with a lasso for the school talent contest. Charlie decides that winning the contest will impress the Red-Haired Girl, so he and Snoopy put together a magic act.Schroeder starts off the contest playing Beethoven on the piano. Backstage, Charlie sees Lucy, who gets licked by Snoopy. "Ugh! I've been kissed by a dog! I have dog germs! Get some disinfectant! Get some iodine!" Onstage, Peppermint Patty is karate chopping some boards. It's Sally's turn to perform, and the audience laughs at her rodeo act. She freezes up, and Charlie comes out in a cow costume and tells her to rope him. She jumps on Snoopy's back and chases Charlie around the stage. The crowd goes wild and snaps pictures of a tied up Charlie in costume.The next day, Charlie's picture is on the front of the school newspaper. When he walks into the cafeteria, everyone says, "Moo!" Back at home, Charlie remembers a line from the book. "Number Six: Tell yourself 'I am worthy. I can do this. I have what it takes.'" Just then, he gets a phone call from Peppermint Patty. She tells him that she volunteered him to make cupcakes for the Winter Dance. From his window, he sees the Red-Haired Girl dancing in her room, and decides to learn how to dance himself, spending days practicing with Snoopy.At the dance, the boys are on one side of the gym, and the girls are on the other side. Sally drags Linus to the middle and dances with him, and the other kids join in. Outside, Charlie walks up to the door with a tray of cupcakes and steels himself for his entrance. He doesn't notice Snoopy gobbling up the cupcakes until they're gone. Marcie is struggling with a heavy punch bowl, and Charlie grabs it for her. Then, the door shuts on his shirt, trapping him with the bowl still in his hands. A contest starts to decide the best boy and girl dancer, with the two winners sharing a dance at the end. The girls start, and Charlie can't see the Red-Haired Girl's dance, but he hears everyone applaud for her. Then, it's the boys' turn. Charlie is still stuck in the door, until Snoopy bursts through wearing sunglasses and a "Joe Cool" shirt. Charlie spills most of the punch on the floor, but finally gets the bowl to the table. The other boys do their dance, and Charlie is the last one. He gracefully dances across the floor, and everyone claps for him. Then he slips on the spilled punch, causing his shoe to come off and hit the fire sprinkler. Water comes down and everyone runs out of the gym.Dripping wet, Charlie walks home with Snoopy. Moved by Charlie's sadness, Snoopy starts typing."The Flying Ace took to the air, in search of his long-lost love, Fifi.He flew across the sky, keeping his eyes peeled for her white plane. Finally, he spotted her! Fifi, piloting her White Albatross, was flying right toward him. Her eyes widened when she saw him.The Flying Ace steered his plane next to Fifi's. She looked over at him and smiled. He did a loop in the sky to impress her. When he finished, Fifi steered her plane into a DOUBLE loop.Then she took off in front of the Flying Ace, and he followed her. The two planes looped and dipped in the sky. Then they both dropped down and flew across a green valley below.Fifi held up a camera and started snapping photos of the Flying Ace in his plane. He hammed it up, striking poses for her--which is why he didn't see the old barn up ahead.WHOOSH! The Flying Ace zipped through the barn and came out the other side covered in hay. He flashed an embarrassed smile at Fifi, and she smiled back.Fifi steered up and grabbed a piece of cloud with her hand. Then she blew on it, and it formed the shape of a heart. It floated across the sky toward the Flying Ace.He responded by rolling his plane above the valley. When the plane was upright again, the Flying Ace held flowers in his hand. He flew up next to Fifi and extended them toward her.BOOM! The flowers exploded! Startled, Fifi and the Flying Ace looked behind them.A red plane circled them and then flew across their path. The Red Baron!He flew off into the distance, but the Flying Ace gave chase.Then the Red Baron set his sights on Fifi's plane.He steered right on top of the White Albatross. Then he dipped down and punctured her wing with his wheel. Fifi's damaged plane suddenly rolled over!Taken by surprise, Fifi fell out of the cockpit! The Flying Ace dove down with a shriek, determined to save her.Just before he reached her, Fifi pulled the string on her parachute. She shot up in the air as the chute blew open.The Flying Ace banked hard, flying straight up to try to reach Fifi. As she slowly began to float back toward the ground, the Red Baron zoomed toward her.Both pilots raced toward Fifi. At the last second the Red Baron's wing snagged the string of the parachute. Then he flew off, with Fifi dangling from his wing!The Flying Ace flew as fast as he could toward the Red Baron. The villain headed toward a large mountain. A long bridge with train tracks led into a dark tunnel inside the mountain. A train was chugging across the bridge, headed for the tunnel.ZOOM! The Red Baron zipped inside the tunnel just before the train. The Flying Ace followed him.Then Fifi's pink scarf flew out of the tunnel, covering the face of the Flying Ace! He ripped it off, but he was too late. The craggy face of the mountain was quickly approaching..."Woodstock tears the paper out of the typewriter, seeing the scared look on Snoopy's face. Snoopy takes another look at the last line he wrote."He thought he had lost her forever."The next day at school, the Red-Haired Girl's desk is empty. Linus tells Charlie that she went to take care of her grandmother. The teacher announces that she is assigning a team book report, and the partners will be drawn from a bag. Lucy keeps picking names until she ends up with Schroeder. Charlie walks up and picks the Red-Haired Girl from the bag. In the cafeteria, he panics and tells Linus that he can't handle being her partner. He decides to do the report himself while she's gone. Everyone leaves the cafeteria to look at the test scores that are just being posted. Charlie sees that he was the only one to get a perfect score. Over the PA, Franklin announces that there will be an assembly to honor Charlie.In art class, Charlie is supposed to be making a sculpture out of hangers, but it just becomes a big mess. Franklin compliments him on his "contemporary" piece. After school, the kids play hockey, and Charlie shoots the puck. It flies off the pond and bounces off a tree trunk, coming back onto the pond and landing in the net. His teammates cheer for him, except for Lucy, who knows something is wrong.In the morning, Sally gives the other kids a tour of Charlie's house. At the bus stop, a group of kids is waiting for him. Snoopy and Woodstock escort him onto the bus, wearing Secret Service uniforms. At school, a lot of kids are wearing his style of shirt. Pigpen reminds him that the book report is due on Monday, just a few days away. Charlie decides to ask Marcie for help. Marcie is at the pond, trying to get Peppermint Patty to decide on a book, but she just wants to shoot pucks. Frustrated, Marcie leaves for the library. Charlie shows up looking for her, and Peppermint Patty says that Marcie recommended the book "Leo's Toy Story" by Warren Peace.Charlie goes to the library and finds Marcie there. She points out "War and Peace" and Charlie is amazed at how long it is. Charlie checks out the book and puts it into a sled, dragging it home. He spends the whole weekend reading, finishing as the sun sets on Sunday. As he writes the report, the pen he's using breaks, covering everything with ink. He picks up the Red-Haired Girl's pencil and starts again. He finishes just before he has to get ready for school.At the assembly, Charlie sees the Red-Haired Girl in the audience. Lucy walks up and tells him she may have been wrong about him all along. Franklin calls him up to the stage, and Marcie reads a proclamation that it is Charlie Brown Day. Then she pins a gold medal to his shirt, and hands him his test paper. He realizes that he put his name at the top of Peppermint Patty's test. He decides to be honest and gives back the medal, and he walks out alone. Linus reminds him that things could go better when he hands in his book report. Charlie places the report on one side of a seesaw. Just then, the Red-Haired Girl walks up, and Linus tells her that Charlie did the report for both of them. She smiles at Charlie, who leans on the seesaw to steady himself. The report goes flying into the air, and then is ripped to shreds by Linus' plane. Charlie places a pile of confetti in the Red-Haired Girl's hands and runs off.Seeing Charlie's frustration, Snoopy goes back to the typewriter."Chapter Four: Curse You, Red Baron!Woodstock and his mechanics cranked a siren--the Red Baron had been spotted in the skies!The Flying Ace jumped into his plane and took off into the air. He chased the Red Baron all the way from the countryside to the city of Paris. He never lost sight of the red plane. He followed it past the Eiffel Tower and the cathedral at Notre-Dame.The Red Baron looped around and flew back to the Eiffel Tower. He pulled up at the last second, flying vertically up the side of the tower. The Flying Ace flew right beneath him. A drip of oil spilled from the Red Baron's plane, splashing the Flying Ace in the face. He shook his head, sending the droplets flying.The Red Baron looped and quickly flew back down along the Eiffel Tower, startling the Flying Ace. He tried to make the same sharp turn, but his plane got stuck on the point of the Eiffel Tower! He stood up and stomped on his plane, freeing it. His plane plummeted toward the ground, but he pulled up hard at the last minute.The Red Baron's plane was a red dot in the distance now, and it was growing dark as night fell and a fog set in. But the Flying Ace was not going to give up. He bravely flew into the gloomy fog, chasing the Red Baron.When the fog lifted, he realized he was behind enemy lines. He could see the barbed wire of the enemy camp below. Then he looked up--and realized he was flying right underneath the Red Baron! His enemy could not see him. It was the perfect cover!The Flying Ace and the Red Baron flew until they reached the Baron's aerodrome. Enemy planes patrolled the skies. Suddenly, spotlights shone on the Flying Ace's plane, and sirens began to wail.The Flying Ace began to descend to avoid the spotlights. Up ahead he saw a wooden tower. There, inside, was Fifi!Their eyes met. The Flying Ace circled the tower. Then Fifi pointed behind him, and he turned around to look.The Red Baron was on his tail!The Flying Ace gasped. His plane was hit! He was going down!He stood on top of his plane and saluted. She had served him well. Smoke poured from the engines as he landed in the middle of the enemy aerodrome.The Flying Ace took cover behind the plane as spotlights shone on him. Shading his eyes from the brightness, he saw a zeppelin flying overhead. Fifi sadly waved out the window of the airship. The Flying Ace watched helplessly as it soared away, accompanied by the Red Baron and his squadron of enemy planes, the Flying Circus.Things were grim. It looked like all was lost.But he would not give up. The Red Baron could not win! Fifi was counting on him.The Flying Ace stormed off into the dark night."Charlie goes to his room and shoves his kite, his baseball glove and Lucy's book underneath his bed. Then he takes the Red-Haired Girl's pencil and sticks it in a drawer. As the sun sets, Charlie sees a single star light up the sky. He imagines it to be his star, saying to him, "Don't give up, kid.""The Flying Ace knew he had to rescue Fifi."Snoopy strolls through the neighborhood, looking for inspiration to finish his story. He hears piano music coming from Schroeder's house, and howls along with it. He climbs across a string of Christmas lights outside of Peppermint Patty's house, but she chases him away. For the rest of the winter, Snoopy doesn't write, and Charlie doesn't try to talk to the Red-Haired Girl.In the spring, Charlie is walking past a tree when a kite lands at his feet. He sees a kid on a ladder trying to fly it. The kid asks him if he's ever flown one before. He tells the kid to get a good running start, keep the string tight, and never give up."Chapter Seven: Never Give Up!The Flying Ace knew he could never give up on her. He could never give up on himself.He repaired his plane and flew back to the aerodrome. Then he gathered his own squadron of Sopwith Camel planes. They took off in the darkness of night, headed for the ocean.Early the next morning the Flying Ace spotted the huge zeppelin up ahead, glinting in the sunlight. He zoomed toward it. The Red Baron's squadron turned and headed toward the Flying Ace and the Sopwith Camels.As the Flying Ace flew closer to the zeppelin, he could see Fifi staring out the window of the carriage of the airship. They locked eyes. He surged forward to rescue her.Then an enemy plane appeared behind him! The Flying Ace ducked to avoid it, but the plane was hot on his tail.CRASH!Fifi smashed a chair through the window. It hit the enemy plane, sending it crashing into one of the airship's big propellers.The Flying Ace flew back to Fifi, but her eyes were wide with fear. He looked behind him to see the Red Baron coming toward him at superspeed.The Red Baron fired. The Flying Ace dodged the spray, and the bullets hit the airship instead. The Flying Ace didn't notice.He flew away from the dogfight, hoping the Red Baron would follow him. The villain took the bait. He followed the Flying Ace away from the ocean, back to land...where another member of the Flying Ace's team was waiting.Then Woodstock leaped from the Flying Ace's plane and landed on a wing of the red plane. He quickly began to unhook the hinged panels on the wings that helped the plane remain steady in the air. The Red Baron's plane lurched.BONK!One of the panels hit Woodstock, sending him spiraling away. But he righted himself and gave the Flying Ace a thumbs-up before he flew away. The Flying Ace nodded, then dove toward the Red Baron's damaged plane.At the same time, Fifi noticed the damage to the airship. The envelope was swiftly deflating, and the broken propeller was sputtering and groaning. The zeppelin wouldn't stay aloft much longer. She looked for a way out and spotted an escape hatch on the ceiling. She opened it and poked out her head. The wind blew across her face.She grabbed on to a rope and climbed on top of the carriage, slowly making her way across the top. The damaged propeller broke loose, and she stumbled. She hung onto the rope, dangling over the side of the zeppelin!Meanwhile, the Flying Ace had the Red Baron in his sights. He closed in on him--and then he heard Fifi's scream. He looked over just as the carriage detached from the airship, and Fifi plummeted toward the ground.Finish off the Red Baron forever, or save his one true love? There was only one choice he could make. He sped off after Fifi as the Red Baron escaped.Fifi flailed her arms and legs as she fell through the clouds. Then suddenly the Flying Ace's plane was underneath her, and she fell right into his arms. The Flying Ace gazed into her eyes and then looked behind him to see the Red Baron's plane disappear, a cloud of black smoke trailing behind it.The Flying Ace and Fifi came in to land, setting down among the squad of Sopwith Camels. The pilots cheered for their hero. The battle was over--for now.And so, as our hero observed, he was destined to face the Red Baron another day."Charlie and Sally are walking to school on the last day. There's a carnival set up by the pond. Linus tells everyone that there will be a pen pal project over the summer. He picks names out, and people will call out if they want to be that person's pen pal. Linus calls Charlie's name, and there's silence in the room. "I will." Charlie looks up and sees the Red-Haired Girl. When school ends, everyone runs to the carnival. Charlie wonders why the Red-Haired Girl picked him. Linus tells him to go ask her. He goes to his room and grabs her pencil, and then walks over to her house and rings the doorbell. Her mom answers and tells him that she got on a bus to summer camp.Frantically, Charlie runs through the neighborhood to get to the bus. He makes it to a fence with a hole, but an ice cream truck surrounded by kids blocks off the hole. Desperately, he asks for a little help for once in his life. Just then, the Kite-Eating Tree lets go of a kite, and the string wraps around Charlie's leg. Then, the wind blows the kite upward, carrying Charlie over the fence. Charlie runs toward the bus, with the wind carrying the kite behind him. Everyone sees Charlie apparently flying the kite, and runs after him. He gets to the bus and finds the Red-Haired Girl. He asks her why she picked him, and she replies that she admires the type of person he is. "An insecure, wishy-washy boy?""That's not who you are at all. You showed compassion for your sister at the talent show. Honesty at the assembly. And at the dance, you were brave yet funny. And what you did for me, doing the book report while I was away, was so sweet of you."The other kids start to tear up. "So you see, when I look at you, I don't see an insecure, wishy-washy boy at all."The bus honks its horn. "Sorry, I have to go now.""Wait. I think this belongs to you." He pulls out her pencil."Oh, thank you. I've been looking everywhere for this." She climbs on the bus. "I'll write to you, pen pal!"As the bus pulls away, she waves goodbye from the window. The kids congratulate Charlie. Lucy walks up to him. "This time you've really gone and done it, you blockhead! You've shown a whole new side to yourself. Good ol' Charlie Brown."

Directed by Steve Martino  

Starring Francesca Capaldi, Madisyn Shipman, Noah Schnapp, Venus Schultheis, Mariel Sheets, more...

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