You've Got Mold

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Comedy/Drama, 2014, 42 min.

Synopsis PREVIOUSLYHank sees Sarah waiting at the same job interview. Sarah gets the job and offers to work together with Hank. Zeek brings Camille home. Julia kisses Ed. Joel reminds Julia he begged her to tell him if anything happened between her and Ed and she said nothing. Joel tells Julia hes moving out. Adam recognizes that the kids at school are starting to tease Max.NOWIn history class, Max starts going off in tangents prompted by the teachers comment about the Union blockade of the South. When the teacher starts to show frustration, Max assumes correctly that he wants Max to go to the library.Sarah has worked up some story boards and other than that says they should just go and shoot them. Hank, pointing out his decades of experience, cant believe he lost the job to Sarah. Hank thinks they can go to the beach for some wide shots and then shoot the rest in the studio.A technician is hooking up their house with Wi-Fi. Zeek thinks its just another venue for cancer rays to get them. Camille tells the tech to name their network, Villa Camille.Kristina is on the phone helping another mom with a school issue. Adam calls out behind her about some fake emergency to try to get her off the phone. When she finally hangs up, Adam tells her she has to set boundaries and not take on every call she gets from a mom with a school issue. She reminds him she used to be one of those moms.The counselor asks Joel and Julia what they need help with. Joel says hes moving out and they need help on how to tell the kids. The counselor asks for some background and if they have decided definitely to get a divorce. Julia says its a trial separation with hopes of a reconciliation. Joel says he does not know.CREDITSCrosby, Jasmine and family are standing outside their house waiting for a work man inside. A water stain on their ceiling, from a leak in their attic, has grown in size. The work man, in full hazmat suit, declares they have mold. They settle in at the office floor of the Luncheonette. Jasmine thinks their insurance will cover their stay at a good hotel while the mold is being removed. Crosby tells Adam that the mold scare is a racket based on fear. Crosby pulls up his homeowners policy and finds out theyre not covered for water damage especially something that has developed over three or four months.Kristina meets with the mom at a coffee shop but apologizes that she cannot spend a lot of time helping her. The mom tells her that her daughters IEP is tomorrow. Kristina reluctantly stays to help.Sarah is working her story boards when Carl comes by. He is impressed but the disappointed when she tells him that Hank recommends they do most of the shooting inside the studio. Sarah says she hired Hank for his experience and that she may be in over her head with her one years experience. Carl tells her that he is just out of her comfort zone and that what he sees on the boards is very impressive.The kids are playing video games when Joel and Julia come in. Joel reflects on how theyve been trying since the beginning to get them to play together. Joel asks Julia that maybe they should give the news tomorrow instead.Camille is in their yard painting for her class. He sees how happy she is.Driving Max to school, Adam sees he hasnt finished his math homework. Max says hell have time to finish it in history class because he invariably gets sent to the library. Adam wonders why the teacher sends Max to the library but Max says he does not know.Hank sets up a beach scene on a table in his shop. Sarah is worried that she was hired because she had a certain vision, including on-site photography but Hank says they have a deadline and a budget and they wont be able to meet either with the possible problems of shooting at the beach. Hank asks if she got the job because she slept with Carl. Sarah is offended and tells Hank the world is not fair and that he should be thankful she asked him to be part of the job. Hank decides their partnership is not going to work and walks off.Crosby happily carries a pile of vending machine food into their small motel room and promises they can make it work. Jasmine doesnt think they can last more than a few days and they should consider staying with someone with extra available rooms. Crosby gets a call and the work men will need extra days.Joel and Julia make plans to tell the kids that afternoon. Julia asks Joel not to move out and that she can try harder. She asks him not to give up on her. Joel leaves.Kristina is with the mom at the IEP and she is unable to convince the board for extra help. At the Luncheonette with Adam, she expresses her frustration that she was not a better advocate for the mom. Adam tells her about Max and she is anxious to meet with the teacher and fix the situation. She misspeaks Mr. Wymans name as Mr. Hymen and promises to break him.Hank and Max are in the darkroom and Hank keeps talking about the beach. Max accuses him of perseverating and that people find it annoying. Hank tells Max he does the same thing. Hank is worried that Sarah will fail without his help but Max says that is moot since Sarah got the job and not Hank.Joel tells the kids and Sydney breaks down.Hank comes by as Sarah is packing here gear. He notes that it is sunny in Santa Cruz and even though that is not the way he would go, Sarah is the boss. Sarah grins.Mr. Wyman says Max is a distraction in class and is able to learn better independently. Adam thinks that is a cop out. Mr. Wyman has called the principal to join them and he apologizes that Mr. Wyman did not contact them when this all started, but the fact is that Max cannot do well in a classroom environment and the Mr. Wyman has trouble teaching when Max is in the class other than that, they are trying their best. Kristina says their best is unacceptable.Zeek doesnt think Camille is completely back (mentally) from Europe but he has never seen her happier. He thinks he has been holding her back from being happy and that he doesnt want to lose her. He recognizes that their marriage has been based on her making sacrifices, so Zeek is willing to sell the house so she can live her dream of travelling.Jasmine has done the calculations and they cannot keep staying at the motel. She tells him the solution is to stay at his parents.Joel leaves with the last of his bags. He says he will come by tomorrow morning to take the kids to school.Sarah and Hank make their shoot. He suggests they go get a drink to celebrate but she needs Hank to acknowledge that the day was worth celebrating. He does.The principal will move Max to a different history class. Kristina doesnt want Max to go to a public high school next year, but Max does not fit any of the local private special needs schools. She muses about opening a school themselves.Zeek welcomes Crosby and Jasmine.Julia stares at her empty bed. The kids come in saying they have stomach aches and cant sleep. Julia takes them to Zeek and Camilles. After Jabbar takes his cousins upstairs, Julia tells her parents her marriage may be over.NEXTSarah has a dinner date with Carl and Hank wonders if it is turning into something. Crosby cant believe Zeek wants to sell the house. Carl tells Sarah he may be falling for her.

Directed by Ken Whittingham  

Starring Peter Krause, Lauren Graham, Dax Shepard, Monica Potter, Erika Christensen, more...

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