Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers

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Drama/Romance, USA, 2007, 42 min.

Synopsis Haley believes Brooke didn't cheat, but Rachel has to stop her turning herself in by pointing out the morality clause in a Victoria's Secret contract. Principal Turner holds a test, which she passes, Rachel is caught and hence Haley sacked as tutor. With Karen's permission, Dan helps Lucas prepare for the prom, buying him an Armani and advises him to stop worrying about Keith's death; Karen overhears them both having the heart disease. Deb didn't expect any visitors after her misbehavior, but Nathan comes tell her she's not sick but weak, and must get her act together or she won't have anything to return to; when Haley hears Deb still worries about her living alone after her release, she offers to go live in the house with Deb, safe for her and saving them a fortune; when the boys clean up and notice all the alcohol, they seize the ideal opportunity to have a state championship celebration party that evening. Lucas tells Peyton he gave Glenda his manuscript; she signs over her fashion sketches to delighted designer-to-be Brooke. At the party, Haley publicly slaps Rachel for the cheating, but Brooke learns her passing test was switched by Rachel who took the blame to save the fashion dream. Virgins Mouth and Shelley declare and make love, Skills catches them still practically nude, she rushes out because of Clean Teens, saying him goodbye. Chase kisses Brooke back in party mood. After a good dinner, Karen accepts to be prom chaperon with Dan. An old video tape of his wild days with Peyton drives Nathan outside, where he frolics with Brooke, but when the noise attracts even Peyton, who was making love with Lucas, they see another couple kissing...

Directed by Janice Cooke-Leonard  

Starring Chad Michael Murray, James Lafferty, Hilarie Burton, Bethany Joy Galeotti, Paul Johansson, more...

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