Life in a Glass House

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Drama/Romance, USA, 2003, 44 min.

Synopsis Tree Hill High is abuzz about the evening that Dan (Paul Johannson) and Nathan (James Lafferty) are holding at their household. All the Ravens have been invited, as well as all the cheerleaders. Everyone seems to be going, except Lucas (Chad Michael Murray). When he tells this to Peyton (Hilarie Burton), she begins to flirt with him, telling him about a book she read exactly like their lives. But in order to find out the ending, he has to go tonight. Meanwhile, Nathan is being tutored by Haley (Bethany Joy Lenz). Mentioning the event, he realizes he hasn't invited her and feeling guilty, apologizes but can't invite her as it is only for basketball. Haley isn't really bothered but wants him to do some studying and gives him a revision kit with everything in and tells him just to contact her if he needs any help. At the cafe, the event seems to be discussed all over Tree Hill with the adults too as Karen (Moira Kelly) and Keith (Craig Sheffer) are talking about it. After they both have received invites, the two wonder whether they should go or not. Keith is quite adamant that he is not going to his brother's do, but Karen is undecided. That is, until Deb (Barbara Alynn Woods) walks in. She asks and persuades the two adults to go, Karen gives in and changes her mind. Keith, however, thinks it will be too weird and tells Karen it's because of what he told her the night before. Karen then pretends she knows nothing about the whole situation, subtly telling Keith that she has forgotten all about and not to worry about it. In class, Brooke begins her normal routine- stirring up others' relationships. She tells Nathan that Peyton is still interested in him. At practice, Jake (Byran Greenburg) arrives late as he normally does and Whitey (Barry Corbin) just lets it go without any questions. Lucas asks him, why he is always late, but Jake remains silent. On the way home, Peyton offers Haley a lift home where they have yet another conversation about the Scott brothers. When Haley told Peyton that he cares about her, Peyton asks who, and Haley replies both of them. Also, like the previous two times the girls have spent together, Peyton tells Haley to be careful, a comment Haley is sick of hearing. At the night of the event, Lucas changes his mind and decides to go with Karen and Keith, who has also changed his mind. Just before they set off together and leave Haley in the cafe, she tells Lucas she likes Nathan and that it isn't her fault, like it isn't his fault he likes Peyton. Still unhappy, Lucas is forced to be okay with it but tells her to be careful, just like Peyton. At Peyton's house, Brooke tells her that Nathan is still interested in her. It could possibly just be working the situation so she can get Lucas. At Dan's house, Deb tells him that Karen and Keith are coming. Dan sees it as a nightmare and just a way for them to ruin his night. The doorbell goes and Karen, Keith and Lucas are waiting to be let in. They plan to make a signal 'coo' if they need to escape. Karen just tells them to stay away from Dan and they'll be fine, that is until Dan answers the door and the four are left to stare at each other. Once they have been invited in and Dan has given a speech about the Ravens, Whitey tells Karen that he is glad to see her, reminding him of previous years. He also tells her how well she has raised Lucas and that she should be proud. Meanwhile, Jake is encouraging Lucas to go and talk to Peyton, but Brooke soon interrupts their conversation in order to flirt with Lucas. As Brooke is talking to Lucas, Nathan goes to talk to Peyton, asking to go somewhere more privately to discuss them. Lucas views this as them two getting back together, making him storm off. As Peyton and Nathan begin talking, they find out that Brooke has set them up to get back together and are both furious that they have believed her. Both of them have a go at Brooke as she walks in and leave her alone in Nathan's room. Brooke then begins rummaging through the drawers to find some more alcohol but comes across the tutoring kit Haley gave to Nathan, which Brooke sees as flirting and takes the box to show to the others. Outside the house, Brooke sets up a game of truth or dare with the other students. She dares Peyton to show her true feelings to Lucas, and to upset Brooke, a furious Peyton passionately kisses Lucas before storming off herself and Lucas follows her. Everyone then insults Brooke at how pathetic she is acting and leaves her once again alone with a drink. In the kitchen, Deb and Karen begin sharing cooking tips together and getting along together. When the deserts are delivered to a different address, Karen steps in and offers to use some of hers from her cafe. Deb agrees and Karen rings Haley to deliver the cakes. Finding each other again, Lucas and Peyton start talking on the front lawn. Peyton tells Lucas the kiss wasn't a game for her. Just as they are about to kiss, with Dan watching from inside in shock, Haley interrupts them with the cakes. The two then decide to leave together, once again being watched by Dan, as Haley is told to stay and enjoy the party after delivering the deserts. As Haley begins to go around the party, she bumps into Brooke who shows her the note. Brooke tells her that Nathan has been passing around and laughing at the note. Embarrassed, Haley storms off without giving Nathan a chance to explain. Finding a room in Nathan's house, Peyton and Lucas are about to have sex. As they get undressed, Lucas tells her he has been waiting so long for that moment. Peyton agrees but seems more interested in the sex than talking. Lucas then stops her and tells her he has been waiting for more than the sex but for them being together. Realizing this, Peyton tells him that is not what they are meant to be doing. She runs out leaving Lucas alone. Dan then goes in the room and begins offering advice to Lucas, he storms off without listening to his father. In the kitchen, Deb tells Karen that she didn't know about Lucas and her until she was married and pregnant with Nathan, only a month after he left Karen. Leaving the kitchen, Karen is confronted by Dan, to whom she tells to stop living in the past and get over it. Meanwhile, Deb advertises the cafe to her departing guests and thinks that eventually there is a chance her and Karen could be friends. Once everyone is gone, she thanks Dan for behaving, but Dan confides in her telling her he has never felt so off balance. Returning to the cafe from Nathan's, Lucas looks for Haley but can't seem to find her. Eventually, he comes across a silent Haley crying in the corner of the cafe, hidden under a counter. Haley tells him about what Nathan did and that Lucas and everyone else was right all along. Lucas comforts her and tells her about Peyton and him. Haley tells Lucas she wants to be alone and he leaves the cafe. Just as Haley is about to close up, Nathan knocks at the door of the cafe, apologizing about Brooke and explaining it wasn't his fault. Not believing him, Haley leaves him locked out and switches off the lights in the cafe. Jake is then seen playing guitar in his room next to a baby's crib, his baby's crib. Also, Peyton begins drawing what just happened between her and Lucas and begins staring at the webcam, as Lucas is doing the same from his house. She then stands up and covers the camera up so no one can see her.

Directed by Robert Duncan McNeill  

Starring Chad Michael Murray, James Lafferty, Hilarie Burton, Bethany Joy Galeotti, Paul Johansson, more...

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