It Gets Worse at Night

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Drama/Romance, USA, 2007, 43 min.

Synopsis Skills finds Lucas sleeping besides Peyton and Brooke who made up and felt scared alone after fighting fake Derek. When they get a message from Mouth he's in trouble, they all decide to go together as a road-trip, and drive on taking turns. After sleeping in a small-town park, 'vagrant' Mouth is in jail, where a giant biker type who recognizes him from Brooke's fashion show protects him, till he makes friends with all jailbirds. On the back-road they took in Texas to see the Elvis-shaped sandwich, their car breaks down and Chris Keller's tour-bus driving by stops and gives them a lift right to Mouth's jail in Honey Grove; they bail him out and decide to go to the local Prom as make-up for their own bummer gala. In the hotel Marvin explains to Chris he only followed Rachel on an impulse because she made him feel worthy, but would never truly love him, so he decided to return home and finish high school; Skills tells Lucas how strange it is Jimmy Edwards spared Abigail just because of her chronic disease, not Keith he too loved. On the home front, mayor Dan blackmails a town employee to illegally identify a cellphone for him. Dan enjoys getting ever better friends with Karen, who remains cautious because of their long bad past. The local kids accept the South Carolina Prom crashers; everyone 'has a ball' dancing and listening to their amazing true stories, only non-Country star Chris gets ignored. Brooke confesses stealing the exam test to Haley, who is livid but soon accepts her apologies, waves a confession to the principal, and decides to accept moving in with Peyton. Back home, the clerk reports to Dan the phone was Abigail's, and Nathan must tell Lucas there will be a Federal investigation for the state championship semifinal- against Luke.

Directed by Gregory Prange  

Starring Chad Michael Murray, James Lafferty, Hilarie Burton, Bethany Joy Galeotti, Paul Johansson, more...

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