All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone

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Drama/Romance, USA, 2007, 43 min.

Synopsis The first thing you see in the episode is Nathan and Hayley rushing to the hospital, where Hayley is going to give birth to their son. Also in the same hospital, the doctors are trying to save Karen and her baby after she flat-lined in the O.R. Meanwhile, the devil himself turns himself into the police. Yes that's right, Dan is finally going to jail.While the doctors are fighting to save Karen she is having a dream where she sees Keith in a clearing full of Lily's with a little girl, who she finds out is her daughter. He tells her to go back and that he will wait for her and his daughter to return someday. Meanwhile, Hayley has given birth to a beautiful baby boy, James Lucas Scott.Two weeks later.Karen goes to the cemetery along with baby Lily Rose Scott to visit Keith's grave, where she places some Lily's on the tombstone.It's also the last party for the graduates, before they go their seperate ways for the summer. Nathan and Hayley want to skip the party and stay home with their son but Deb offers to baby sit and forces the two new parents to go out and have some fun.When the gang arrives at the party they are astonished to see that the person throwing the party is none other than Rachel, an ex-cheerleader who had been kicked out of their school earlier that year.Peyton and Lucas talk about the future and he reveals that he doesnt want her to go, but knows that she has to. Peyton assures him that she will always love him no matter what.Someone else is back in town too, Shelly, and Mouth isnt too thrilled about it.Brooke is down in the dumps because she isnt ready for the school year to end but Lucas assures her that she will do great things in the future.After Deb unplugged the phone to make Nathan and Hayley stop calling to check on their son, they rushed home and were scolded by Nathan's annoyed mother.Meanwhile back at the party a little later all the girls, Peyton, Rachel, Shelly, Bevin, Hayley, and Brooke are all dancing to a spice girls song, while Skillz sings along.During the Spice Girls serenade, Mouth gets into a fight with Shellys ex-boyfriend, who he ends up punching in the mouth. Then shortly after that he finally acts on feelings that he had been hiding for years, he finally kissed Brooke Davis.Lucas and Nathan decided that they wouldnt go visit Dan at the prison like they had intentually planned on doing. They agreed that they werent going to visit him, ever. But someone does pay him a visit, it was Karen.When she got to the jail cell she told him that she would tell Lily that her father had loved his little brother very much and that same little brother was the one reason that her father wasnt around anymore. Then Karen spits at Dan's door and stalks off, while Dan stares after her.Chase and Brooke end up having sex in the back of his car and they talk about the future. Chase says that he will wait for her, even if it was for forever.Meanwhile, Hayley and Lucas are taking a walk, where he tells Hayley that he is taking an assistant coaching job at the school where Nathan will be attending to play basket ball. Hayley is ecstatic because she wasnt ready to say goodbye to her oldest and best friend.Brooke gives Rachel her diploma and Rachel tells her that she is really glad that she graduated from Tree Hill over all the other high school's she had been to in the past.Dan is in his prison cell sobbing and ripping up a shirt of his which he turns into a noose. He tries to hang himself but is unsuccesful when the noose rips and he crashes to the ground. He curls up into the fetal position and continues sobbing loudly.The graduates head over to the River Court where they decide to play a "Ho's over Bro's" basketball match and Hayley actually manages to get a basket past Nathan. They all make a promise that in four years they will come back to Tree Hill.Lucas asks Nathan if he wanted to have a re-match of the first basketball one-on-one game they had ever played. They start playing until they are both at 10 points, the ball goes up and the last shot of the episode is of the two of them hitting the ball at the same time.

Directed by Mark Schwahn  

Starring Chad Michael Murray, James Lafferty, Hilarie Burton, Bethany Joy Galeotti, Paul Johansson, more...

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