One Hour with You

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Comedy/Musical/Romance, USA, 1932, 84 min.

Tagline So big! So entertaining! So much fun!

Synopsis In Paris in the spring, Dr. André Bertier and Colette, his wife of three years, live in a state of connubial bliss until Colette's flirtatious school chum, Mitzi Olivier, visits, and André is tempted to have an affair. Mitzi schemes to get André alone by feigning illness, and Colette urges him to visit Mitzi, believing André is reluctant because he doesn't like Colette's friend. At the Oliviers' apartment, Mitzi tries to seduce André, and Mitzi's husband, the professor, who has hired Detective Henri Pornier to find evidence of Mitzi's affairs, walks in on the doctor and his patient on the couch. When the Bertiers hold a dinner party, André switches place cards with Mlle. Marcel in order to avoid sitting next to Mitzi. Colette, believing André is having an affair with the mademoiselle, tells Mitzi, who spends the evening with André under the guise of saving Colette's marriage. When André meets Mitzi on the veranda, she unties his tie, and he is caught by Colette when the mademoiselle later reties it for him. After the party, Colette refuses to believe André's story about the mademoiselle, and he leaves to meet Mitzi in a waiting cab. Adolph, André's best friend, who has been pleading for Colette's affections all evening, then appears in her parlor and kisses her before she orders him out. The next morning, Mitzi leaves for her mother's place in Lausanne, and Colette tries to guess who Mitzi's lover is. Next, Olivier confronts André with a minute-by-minute account of André's rendezvous with his wife, including nearly two hours--from 2:53 a.m. to 4:44--during which Mitzi and André were alone. When André receives a summons to appear as a witness at the Oliviers' divorce trial, he confesses his affair to Colette, and she tells him their marriage is over. Adolph then arrives, and although André believes his friend incapable of seducing Colette, she, with the help of André's amused promptings, forces a confession out of Adolph, making the husband and wife's infidelities equal. She then tells André, "An eye for an Adolph for a Mitzi." After they ask the rhetorical question, "What would you do?" the couple embraces.

Directed by Ernst Lubitsch, George Cukor  

Starring Maurice Chevalier, Jeanette MacDonald, Genevieve Tobin, Charles Ruggles, Roland Young, more...

Movie awards
1932, Nominace na Oskara, Best picture

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