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Adventure//Romance, USA, 2014, 44 min.

Synopsis We start in Boston, 1982, where the Snow Queen is wandering around the neighborhood in her sparkling gown getting funny looks from people with spiked, green hair. She steps into a psychic's shop to learn more about the not-yet-born Emma, but when it's clear the psychic is a fraud, she walks away vowing to find Emma Swan herself.Mary Margaret and David are in separate cells starting to go at each other, which Kristoff is hurling insults at Anna -- who is immune from the curse and trying not to give in. Anna remembers the story that gave the Snow Queen the idea for the curse had a solution, but it was killing the king -- which, she says, in this case would be Ingrid. They all agree that killing is not the answer.Regina is going nuts locked in her own vault and decides this is "savior's doing." She heads downstairs and whisks herself into her old, evil-doer black gown. She's missed it.Mr. Gold is looking forward to cleaving himself from the dagger the next night, when the stars in the sky align with the stars in the hat. He sends Hook off to find Henry.Emma and Elsa find The Snow Queen and try to put a curse on her, but the ribbons they share won't allow it. She tells them that soon enough they won't want to hurt her.Back in time a bit, when Emma was in the foster home with Ingrid -- who was dressing more normally by this time -- she tried to sneak out on the first night. But Ingrid promised she'd care for her. Emma had been taunted by a kid named Kevin in the house, and Ingrid tipped Emma off to the fact that Kevin is afraid of spiders -- even fake ones like the ones she had in her desk. Emma decided to stay.Back in Storybrooke, Emma and Elsa try to cut the ribbons off their wrists. Meanwhile, the townspeople are all turning on each other.Emma and Elsa conjure up a plan to get Regina to hate her like never before -- in hopes that her hatred will match the "love" that keeps their ribbons in place.Again, back in Emma's foster care days, we see when some of Emma's magic came through while she concentrated on maneuvering an arcade game. Ingrid told her that her "extraordinary gifts" will take her far. Ingrid told Emma that she was adopting her and promised to be "the best big sister" she could hope for. Emma hugged her and told her she loved her.Back in Storybrooke, Emma works her way into Regina's vault and -- by telling her that she brought Marian to Storybrooke on purpose because she wanted to break her heart -- provokes her into projecting her rage and hurling it at her. Emma and Elsa join their hands and Regina's curse hits the ribbons, disintegrating them. Emma and Elsa take off, with Regina giving chase.Hook finds Henry but can't open the locked door, and Henry won't open it for him. Hook uses some magic to get in, but Henry's put marbles inside the doorway and Hook falls, giving Henry an escape route.Back in Boston, Ingrid started to tell Emma about her magic and tried to encourage her to stop a car that was coming at her. Emma decided that Ingrid was "a nut job," and left.Back in Storybrooke, Regina ends up at the sheriff's office and says she's going to take Mary Margaret's baby to make her pay for all she's done to her. She makes Anna disappear in a puff of purple smoke, then conjures up a sword for Mary Margaret and starts toward her with one of her own. She wants to watch Mary Margaret bleed.In Maine, 2001, Ingrid pulled out the scroll the sorcerer's apprentice gave her, which promised to lead her to her third sister -- and that's when she wound up in Storybrooke.Back in The Snow Queen's lair, she's disappointed to see that Emma and Elsa don't have their ribbons. She pulls out two stones that she says have their good memories. She delights in the fact that they're both hesitating to kill her.We're whisked back to 2011 in Storybrooke, when Emma first saw Ingrid in the ice cream shop, and Emma recognized her and insisted she was crazy and following her around. Ingrid took Emma's memories and put them into one of the stones, and Emma didn't remember the encounter.Back at the station, Mary Margaret and Regina are going at each other with swords, but the fight takes a turn and Regina starts using magic. Regina again chastises Mary Margaret for not having been able to keep a secret and Mary Margaret attacks with the sword while shouting, "I was 10!"Kristoff is annoyed and ready to leave, and Anna finds a bottle on the beach with a note in it. She apologizes in advance and breaks the bottle over the back of his head. She reads the scroll and is excited about the note inside.Anna shows up at The Snow Queen's palace with the note, which she tells Elsa is from their mother. Anna reads the note, which says they were wrong to tell Elsa to conceal her powers. It also tells of her sister Ingrid, whom she says she should have celebrated for the person she was. She says the crystal attached to the note holds the memories of her sister, which she wants returned. She says Ingrid should be released from the urn, and adds, "tell her I love her and I'm sorry." The Snow Queen is brought to tears, but lashes out with a curse that throws Elsa and Emma back. She chokes Anna with a curse while Anna pleads for her to understand and says that she's family and "family never gives up on each other." The Snow Queen touches the crystal and her memories come back. She smiles and immediately realizes that she has to destroy herself to undo the curse and the chaos she's caused. As she engulfs herself in broken glass, she gives Emma and Elsa their memories back. She says she's gotten her happy ending because all she wanted was her sister's love and now she has it and can join them. The Snow Queen vanishes and snow starts to fall on Storybrooke, where the fighting in the streets finally stops.In the sheriff's station, Regina and Mary Margaret step away from each other, and Regina can't believe what she's wearing. They all start to laugh.Everyone kisses and makes up as snow covers the town.Mr. Gold, however, isn't so pleased. Hook shows up and tells him Henry got away. Hook asks Mr. Gold to leave Emma and Storybrooke be, and Mr. Gold says they have nothing to fear from him as long as they don't get in his way. But he can't make that promise to the rest of the world.

Directed by Mario Van Peebles  

Starring Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parrilla, Joshua Dallas, Emilie de Ravin, more...

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