A Land Without Magic

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Adventure/Drama//Romance, USA, 2012, 45 min.

Synopsis Previously on 'Once Upon a Time': Henry ate a poisoned apple tart that Regina had intended for Emma.In Fairy Tale Land, Prince Charming (Josh Dallas) vows he will find Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin), but he's sent off for execution. At the last moment, he takes out a couple of knights and makes a run for it. One knight shoots another with an arrow and reveals himself as "a friend." It's the Huntsman (Jamie Dornan). He tells the prince he doesn't know him, but he knows Snow White, and he sends Prince Charming on his way.In Storybrooke, Henry (Jared Gilmore) is in the hospital and non-responsive. Emma (Jennifer Morrison) tells Dr. Whale (David Anders) the poisoned apple tart must have been the cause. He tells her Henry is showing now signs of neurotoxins. There is no explanation, he says. "It's like" he starts to say. Emma sees Henry's book of fairy tales and finishes the sentence to herself by saying, "It's like magic."She picks up the book and is jolted by its stories. Regina (Lana Parrilla) appears. Emma goes off on her. "You did this," Emma says before slamming Regina around for a bit. Emma tells Regina that Henry ate the apple turnover. Regina confesses the turnover was meant for Emma. Regina also admits she used the last of her magic. She doesn't know what will happen to Henry because magic in Storybrooke is unpredictable."So what do we do?" Emma asks Regina, who says there's one other person in town who knows about it."Mr. Gold," Emma says."Actually, he goes by Rumplestiltskin," Regina replies.In Fairy Tale Land, the knight who let Prince Charming go tells the Queen (Lana Parrilla) that Charming escaped. The Queen sees a vision of Charming in her mirror and says, "He's mine." We next see Charming confronted by Rumplestiltskin (Robert Carlyle). He takes Charming's mother's ring and tells him it will get brighter the closer Charming gets to Snow White. Charming doesn't want to make a deal with Rumple. They engage in a sword fight but Rumple's magic makes it an uneven fight. Rumple eventually tells Charming to take the deal because they both want Charming to end up together with Snow White.In Storybrooke, David (Josh Dallas) finds Mary Margaret (Ginnifer Goodwin) and tells her he was wrong about her and them, "about everything." He wishes he had a good reason for not believing in her. He says his life hasn't made sense since he woke up from the coma, but he says what he's feeling for her is love. He tells her he's going to leave for Boston unless she gives him a reason to stay. She says she can't.Back in Fairy Tale Land, Rumple offers Charming a vial of "true love." He tells Charming the magic of true love must be protected at all costs. He asks him to put it inside the belly of the beast. Rumple says he's "saving it for a rainy day."In Storybrooke, Emma and Regina visit Mr. Gold (Robert Carlyle) for help. He tells Emma he's bottled some true love, which is the only magic capable of reversing the curse. He says the true love magic is so powerful that when he created the dark curse, he placed a drop of it on the parchment. He saved the rest in a vial, he says, for a rainy day."Well, it's storming like a bitch," Emma says, "where is it?"She doesn't care about reversing the curse, just saving Henry. Mr. Gold says Emma has to go find it. Then he asks Regina if their "friend" is still in the basement. The magic is hidden "in her." Mr. Gold then reveals Emma's father's sword.Emma visits Henry in the hospital and tells his non-responsive body he was right about the curse. She's sorry she didn't believe him. She leaves his book for when he wakes up. Regina comes in. Emma tells her to say what she's got to say because they have to meet in 10 minutes. Jefferson (Sebastian Stan) sees Regina crying over Henry. He says he's there to collect on their deal. Regina says it's null and void because Emma was meant to eat the apple. She asks Jefferson if he's going to kill her. She tells him she knows he wants to, but he doesn't have it in him.Emma goes to August (Eion Bailey) and finds he can't open the door. He's mostly turned into wood. Emma can see it now. He tells her she has to break the curse to stop it from happening. She tells him "no normal person" can deal with what she's trying to figure out. He tells her she's not normal. She can "save all of"... Before he can finish, his face turns to wood.Regina takes Emma to the secret chamber and tells her to get into an elevator Regina has to lower her into. Regina says "an old friend" is down there. Emma warns Regina that if Henry dies, so does Regina.Back in Fairy Tale Land, we see Charming's first encounter with the beast -- a not-particularly-fearsome-looking woman (aka Maleficient (Kristin Bauer van Straten) who had some serious magical power before turning into a dragon.In Storybrooke, we see Emma looking for the "old friend" and seeing the dragon.In alternating pieces, we see Charming trying to get the true-love magic into the beast and Emma trying to get it out. At one point, Emma tosses the sword aside and tries to use her gun, which is useless.At the hospital, Mary Margaret reads the story of Snow White to Henry. She tells Henry she gave him the book because she knows life doesn't always have a happy ending, but she thought...Before she can finish, Henry's monitors start beeping.Doctors and nurses rush in. We see one person walk to an exit door with a cup of tea. The person hands a receptionist the tea. She immediately slumps over. It's Jefferson. He's going to get Belle (Emilie de Ravin). He tells Belle to go find Mr. Gold and tell him Regina locked her up. "He's going to know what to do," Jefferson says.In Fairy Tale Land, Rumple is impressed with Charming's work. He hands the prince the ring and says he "will find her" with it. Charming takes it and thanks him. Rumple whips up some shiny new clothes for Charming, who asks Rumple why he wants Charming and Snow White together. Rumple says he's "a fan of true love, deary; and, more importantly, what it creates."We next see Emma again pointlessly shooting at the dragon. She sees the sword and figures it's worth a shot. She grabs it and hurls it straight at the dragon's belly. After a loud burst, she sees the egg which contains the vial of true love.In Fairy Tale Land, Charming's ring is glowing as he races through the forest. He finds the dwarves, who are carrying Snow's lifeless body. He stands over her and asks for a chance to say goodbye. He kisses her and the wind whips. Snow breathes again. They walk together and Snow asks Charming how he did it. He shows her the ring that led him back to her, and then he proposes with it. He asks her to marry him and she says, "What do you think?" They kiss, but something seems off. She says it's "the little matter of your father and my stepmother." She suggests they take back the kingdom. He asks how and she says, "Together."In Storybrooke, David drives away.Emma is coming up in the elevator and it jams. She looks up and sees Mr. Gold, who says Regina has abandoned her. Emma tries to climb up the rest of the way. Mr. Gold urges her to just toss the egg up to him. Henry is going to be fine. She tosses it up to him and climbs the rest of the way. By the time Emma gets to the top, she sees Regina bound with her mouth taped. Regina says Gold tricked her. They start to chase after him and both get calls from the hospital. They arrive. and Dr. Whale and nurse tell them they did everything they could.Emma goes inside and sees a nurse taking Henry's oxygen mask off. Regina watches through a window to the room.Mr. Gold is in his shop and opens up the egg. The vial is intact. The door opens and he hides it. Belle walks in and tells him she was told to find him. She tells him Regina locked her up. He touches her shoulder and realizes she's "real" and "alive." Belle says she was told he'd protect her. He hugs her and gets emotional, vowing to protect her. She asks if she knows him, and he says, "No, but you will."At the hospital, Regina cries. Emma brushes his hair. Emma tells Henry she loves him and kisses his forehead. A jolt runs through them and Henry breathes, saying, "I love you, too. You saved me." Regina is amazed, as well.The jolt runs through the rest of the town, hitting Mary Margaret, Red (Meghan Ory), Granny (Beverley Elliott), Dr. Hopper (Raphael Sbarge), and David, who hits the brakes on his truck just as he was about to leave the town. Henry realizes Emma broke the curse. One of the nurses -- who we know is the Blue Fairy (Keegan Connor Tracy) -- tells Regina, "If I were you, your majesty, I'd find a place to hide."Regina tells Henry that no matter what anyone tells him, she does love him. Then she runs.David walks back through town, sees Mary Margaret and calls out, "Snow!" She stops and responds, "Charming." They meet in the middle of the street and she says, "You found me!" They kiss.Regina sits in Henry's empty room and cries.Mr. Gold and Belle are in the forest when she tells him she remembers, and tells him she loves him. They hug, and he says, "And I love you, too." First, though, he says there's something he must do.He walks her to a well whose waters below are said to return the powers which one has lost. He drops the vial of true love into it, and a purple cloud emerges, spilling out of the well.Back at the hospital, Emma asks Henry why people didn't go back if the curse is broke. Just then everyone looks outside to see a purple cloud enveloping the town. Belle asks Rumple what's happening. He says he's bringing magic back. When she asks why, he says, "Because magic is power."

Directed by Dean White  

Starring Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parrilla, Joshua Dallas, Eion Bailey, more...

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