Northern Exposure

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Comedy/Drama/, USA, 1990, 60 min.

Synopsis Joel Fleishman is fresh out of medical college, and fresh out of luck. Failing to read the fine print in his scholarship conditions, he finds he has no choice but to move to the remote and somewhat eccentric town of Cicely, in the wilds of Alaska. Once there, he is welcomed by the peculiar locals who are not keen to see him go, most especially Maurice Minnifield, the ex-NASA astronaut. Despite Joel's adamant denials, one gets the impression that he enjoys life in Cicely more than he admits.

Directed by Scott Paulin, Lee Shallat Chemel, Matt Nodella, Tom Moore, Randall Miller, Charles Braverman, Miles Watkins, Stuart Margolin, Jack Bender, Joan Tewkesbury, Adam Arkin, Janet Greek, Thomas R. Moore, Victor Lobl, Frank Prinzi, Win Phelps, Joe Napolitano, Mark Horowitz, John David Coles, Max Tash, Dan Lerner, Joshua Brand, Daniel Attias, Bill D'Elia, James Hayman, Jim Charleston, Michael Vittes, Michael Katleman, Rob Thompson, Nick Marck, Michael Lange, David Carson, Lorraine Senna, Oz Scott, Patrick McKee, Steven Robman, Peter O'Fallon, Stephen Cragg, Dean Parisot, Sandy Smolan, Michael Fresco  

Starring Barry Corbin, Janine Turner, John Cullum, Darren E. Burrows, John Corbett, more...

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