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Drama/Romance, 2004

Synopsis Blitzy Jason Matthews is the efficient general manager of The Grand Waimea, a Hawaian luxury hotel on Oahu, and certainly has a way with both the often demanding, spoiled customers and understandably somewhat envious-dreamy staff. The owner Vincent Colville is determined to provide perfection as he charges up to $130,000 and just hired a director of guest relations, Nicole Booth, whose father owns a whole chain of hotels; she is an ex-lover of Jason, who is hardly amused by this surprise but has an assignment to worry about: tennis-star Cari Layne, a reputed party animal, whose PR agent Diana Kelly claims she needs to keep discrete to make a commercial, but could do with Jason's company, just her type; however dad Gordy Matthews, a laid-back surfboard maker, tells his son Nicole's return can't be coincidence. Barman Frankie Seau and waitress MJ know Nicole dumped their friendly boss Jason for a New York job, so they're completely at his side against her. Life-guard Gabriel McKay is warned that Veronica Farrell, the daughter of a bitchy client, is fifteen, but she keeps making passes at him, even sneaks in his humble hut; when reluctantly scorned, she has ma file a complaint with the police and demand massive damages from the hotel. Sports instructor Chris Remsen's crude frat buddy from his previous life in Chicago, economist Reese, won't take no from Nicole. The frisky tennis-star shows Jason her romantic side, but with a nasty twist. Nicole comes trough dealing with troublesome author Reja Sabet, who expects by evening his Lamborghini which he left in LAX; she also saves Gabriel's bacon. Nicole has an explanation for Jason, but again with a nasty twist...

Directed by Michael Dinner  

Starring Kristoffer Polaha, Brooke Burns, Corey Sevier, Nikki Deloach, Jason Momoa, more...

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