Meteor Shower

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Drama/Romance, 2004

Synopsis The Grand Waimeia must simultaneously accommodate groups of triathletes and astronomers on their 15th annual Spasky meteor shower visit. Gabriel accidentally damages 'local' Kurt's water-scooter after another training ride with Frankie, who has to use all his influence as former classmate to make him accept payment of damages, but that's $2,100 and a payment plan is refused, meanwhile Gabe is banned from the surfing beaches, Jason refuses a raise or advance- his desperate move is to take boisterous rock-star Damien Pruitt and his friends along for that price on the 'ultimate aquatic kick', an invention of his own, which alas proves too dangerous for the cocky amateur... Jason is down to learn a studly triathlete is no other then Nicole's New York fiancé Morgan Holt, and he can't find a single flaw in the charming chap, he even has to reassure him in his honest wedding gibbers. Because Nicole is unreachable, obsessed with wedding preparations, Tessa has to decide on her own, ordered by Vincent to keep the stargazers happy enough to stay although the weather forecast for the meteor night is cloudy, to offer Dr. Burtwhistle's bunch on her own their stay is free if they can't observe the shower...

Directed by Craig Zisk  

Starring Kristoffer Polaha, Brooke Burns, Corey Sevier, Nikki Deloach, Jason Momoa, more...

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