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Drama/Romance, 2004

Synopsis M.J.'s worries increase when Lindsay's husband, radio talk-show couples counselor Dr. Clayton Kellogg, from the same part of Chicago as Chris, tells her he had marital problems with Chris's client, whose real first name is actually Melinda: she's the fiancée he left there. In fact she made her startled ex drive the jeep fatally off the road on the volcano flank by suddenly sliding her horny hand in his shorts, having caused their break-up by sleeping with his best friend. He hurts his knee in a mud slide. Both Kelloggs play dirty to get to sleep with the true lovers... Vincent tells Jason and Nicole -who is pestered by her new boss Tessa- to stay on under Alexandra to keep the Grand Waimea afloat till he hopefully can get majority control back. Both new bosses play seductress games on Jason and Frankie. Tessa gets Nicole fired, but Jason has the whole loyal staff strike... When Erica tells Gabe Charlie has left the island, with all their possessions, he tries to spare her returning to her disapproving Californian parents by finding her a waitress job. She runs off on her first day, so he is pulled out of a pro surfing tournament he was finally acing to fill in for her, she has a memorable explanation...

Directed by Elodie Keene  

Starring Kristoffer Polaha, Brooke Burns, Corey Sevier, Nikki Deloach, Jason Momoa, more...

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