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Drama/Romance, 2004

Synopsis Vincent is near despair when he learns one of his two remaining private investors even Jason didn't know about sold his half of the Grand Waimea shares to Walter Booth, who tells Frankie heads will roll after his take-over, only the club is doing too well to estrange. The name of the second investor is also sold by the same traitor, suspects being Nicole and Tessa. Alexandra Hudson reveals first to Walter, then to Nicole, she's the illegitimate, discretely kept daughter of Booth's former secretary Jill, who only told her shortly before her recent death, claiming to want only her real family, but with a secret agenda, including tipping off Nicole his story about her mother's death is staged... Chris is delighted when M.J. invites him to help house-sit a luxurious beach-house for a friend of her mother, but feminine decorative despotism soon spoils the frisky mood... Gabriel's pulling out of the threesome with the lesbians puts all three bilateral relationships are under dangerous strain...

Directed by Steve Miner  

Starring Kristoffer Polaha, Brooke Burns, Corey Sevier, Nikki Deloach, Jason Momoa, more...

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