No Ordinary Detention

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Action/Drama/Comedy/Sci-Fi, USA, 2011, 60 min.

Synopsis Lots of people getting into lots of trouble this week. Jim's (Michael Chiklis) heroics, including taking down an escaped convict at a local college with a sweet clothesline, has gotten the attention of the Internal Affairs Bureau. However, since Jim was only a sketch artist, IAB calls George (Romany Malco) on the carpet instead, who continuously denies there's a vigilante cop on the force. Daphne (Kay Panabaker), JJ (Jimmy Bennett), JJ's girlfriend Natalie, and Chris, the guy Daphne got in trouble previously, all ended up in detention. Katie (Autumn Reeser) was worried about Josh/Will (Josh Stewart), who was starting to suffer the effects of not receiving the serum from Dr. King. Katie asks Stephanie (Julie Benz) to have a look at Josh, only Katie pulls the "I forgot my purse" routine to get him to GlobalTech. The exam is short-lived, as a lockdown takes place for a "radiation leak," which was initiated, shockingly, by Victoria/Mystique. Still, it was better than Jim's situation, where the perp he caught organized a takeover of the police department, with George and Jim in it.George and Jim plan strategy from inside the bathroom. Jim spots the air vents, and they decide to go Die Hard (Die Hard). Jim wants to go it alone to pick off the crooks one-by-one, but George reminds him John McClane wouldn't have succeeded without 'that black dude helping him'. ("Jim, let me be your black dude.") Stephanie, on the other hand, happily hands over her high-security access card to Katie at Victoria's request to get into the specimen room under the guise of getting everybody out. Will protests (he seems to know something about Victoria), but Katie utters the four words you should never say in a horror movie: I'll be right back.Everybody was TOTALLY surprised to see Mr. Litchfield, JJ's math teacher and all-around jerk, running detention. And now we have The Breakfast Club. Chris, playing the role of John Bender, encourages everybody to bolt once Litchfield leaves the room, but Natalie doesn't want to do it. However, she does find the time to break up with JJ. But it becomes much easier for Chris to convince JJ to bolt from detention. However, this left Natalie, Daphne, and Bailey, the tramp who Daphne beat as school president and who hates Natalie to antagonize both of them. (I'm starting to wonder if LittleChuckFan is ready to have a little talk with Ali Adler about the way her namesake behaves on the show.)Technically, Al Powell never actually spoke to any of the bad guys, other than identifying himself to Hans Gruber, but George glosses over those little details by telling the crooks they won't get a plane because hostage tactics have changed since 9/11. He advises the crooks to get everybody food and not harm them in any way. Amazingly, they comply. The leader sends one of them, and George tells him (and Jim) where to go. ("Yippee-kai-yay.") One criminal down, three to go. He lures a second one out by pretending to be the first guy over the radio. And then there were two.Josh/Will tries to get out of the lab and unlock the door with his mind, but without Dr. King's serum, he fails. Katie finds him and tries to reassure him he'll be OK. Except it's actually Victoria, who taunts him with a syringe full of the serum. He refuses, so she chooses to wait twenty minutes when his organs shut down. Victoria (as Katie) tries to go in and convince Stephanie to inject Will/Josh with the plant serum, but he warns Stephanie to "not trust Katie" before passing out. Stephanie goes very quickly (her definition of very quickly) to get ice packs to reduce his temperature, but Victoria/Katie staring at her.As Davies, the man Jim clotheslined before taking over the police station, starts to get desperate, IAB Officer Jacobs decides to play the role of Ellis and be a weasel, telling Davies the person taking out his men might be a rogue cop. Sure enough, now Davies knows it's Jim. And Davies knows about Die Hard, too. He plays Hans Gruber and shoots a hostage while giving Jim a five-count to show himself. Jim runs out to find Jacobs shot, and Davies commends him for sacrificing himself for the lady who ratted on him.Chris and JJ barely make it back to detention before Litchfield caught them, and Bailey started antagonizing them, only Chris had a few potshots to retaliate with on her. Bailey ropes everybody into a game of Truth or Dare. Daphne asks Chris if he's been arrested, and he denies it. Daphne chooses Dare, and Bailey tells her to kiss Chris. She does, and she finds out Chris' arrest (she knew he was lying before kissing him) resulted in someone being taken to the hospital. Chris next wants the truth from Natalie: why did she break up with JJ? She tries to blow it off, but JJ wants to know. It turns out Natalie has been bouncing around foster homes all her life, never having met her father and losing her mother when she was four. She couldn't afford anything in life but good grades and a scholarship. JJ gets a truth question, and Bailey wants him to tell everybody something nobody knows about him. JJ decides to demonstrate his creating a little artificial snow to convince Natalie anything was possible, like seeing snow in Visalia one time. Detention ends, but Daphne insists Chris tell her why he got arrested. His dad was drunk and Chris took his car keys. Only Chris didn't know how to drive yet and hit a tree. His father was still paralyzed. Chris asks Daphne what her secret was. And Daphne admits she likes him. And they kiss. JJ tried to help Natalie, but she was too used to taking care of herself. She thanked him for caring.Katie returns to the room, right at the same time Katie returns to the room. Victoria's secret is out. (I can't believe I just said that.) And now Stephanie has to go to the quiz. Both knew their favorite X-Man (Kitty Pryde), the president of Battlestar Galactica (Laura Roslin), but only the real Katie knew she was a virgin until last week. Of course, Stephanie is then dumb enough to turn her back on Victoria/Katie, who takes her out with a garbage can. Then Victoria decides she hasn't seen enough Bond films, because she tells Katie everything about Will/Josh while trying to inject her with some deadly poison. But outside, Josh takes the serum and takes out Victoria. Katie is even more scared now. Stephanie comes around and Katie explains Will/Josh saved her life. But in the confusion, Victoria slips out. Josh confesses everything to Katie, apart from the link to Dr. King. He asks if it's still possible to be with her, and she agrees.Davies and his remaining partner hear from the negotiators the plane they requested was there, and Davies takes both Jim and IAB Officer Jacobs with them. Jacobs still berates Jim for everything he did, and Davies decides to shoot him out of annoyance. He drags Jacobs to the car. Of course, the bullet bounces off Jim, and Jim takes both of them out. But Jacobs sees everything. Fortunately, Jim wore a Kevlar vest to cover for himself, and Jacobs decides against prosecuting him.The family finally gathers for dinner for the first time in a long time. Jim asks if everybody wants to share their day. They're hesitant, but he shares his Die Hard moment with them.

Directed by David Petrarca  

Starring Michael Chiklis, Julie Benz, Kay Panabaker, Jimmy Bennett, Autumn Reeser, more...

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