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Comedy/, 2014, 22 min.

Synopsis In the loft, the guys are watching the game when Winston comes in and asks if Nick mind if he moves Jess' panties from the dryer. Coach, Nick, Schmidt and Winston have far too long a conversation about panties. Nick gets an idea.Jess and Cece come home to see the guys moving her underwear with a poker. They have a story.Flash to Jess and Cece about to cross the street when they're nearly run over by an SUV. They shout as it screeches past. Then it backs up.Then they explain the driver was really sorry and invited them to a party at her boss' house: Prince. They're sending a limo.Later, Jess and Cece try to decide what to wear. Schmidt arrives in his new $2,000 suit and they break the news that only the ladies are invited.Schmidt is upset. He thinks the party was going to take him to the next level. "So this whole time you've just been waiting for cooler friends?"Coach says. Schmidt refuses to believe this is all there is.Jess finally settles on a dress and Nick thinks she looks terrific. As the limo is pulling away, he tells her: "Have fun. I love you."She stares at him through the window then says nothing and just gives him finger guns.Nick stands in stunned silence. In the limo. "Did Nick just tell me he loved me for the first time? And did I do finger guns back?" Jess says. Cece calls for more champagne.At the bar, Nick talks to Coach, Schmidt and Winston about the repercussions of blurting out to Jess that he loves her. It's how he feels, but he didn't mean to say it that way, she just looked so pretty.Winston thinks blurting is fine. Flash to him shouting it in a restaurant as a girl takes a sip of soup.Nick thinks he blew it with Jess. "Well, Nick, you can't take it back," Winston says. "That's not entirely true," Schmidt says.Cut to the guys in a product placement Ford discussion in the car in a line of cars outside Prince's house, trying to get in to the party."Just drive the car, I've gotta go tell my girlfriend I don't love her so she doesn't leave me, like a normal person," Nick says.Inside, Jess is also regretting her reaction. She practices blurting out "I love you," earning the attention of Clayton Kershaw with the Dodgers -- but she doesn't believe he's who he says and tells him to get lost.Outside the party, the guys try to figure out how to get inside. Winston suggests it's time for "Fire and Ice." They demonstrate for Nick and Schmidt that when you mix the two you get warm water.At the rope line, Coach tells the gigantic bouncer he's on the list when he stops and "recognizes" Winston. They do a whole routine about not having seen each other and Winston saving Coach's (Bertie) life and then learning about a fallen comrade. The bouncer is touched and lets them in.Watching, Schmidt suggests he and Nick need their own routine. Nick suggests "ham and cheese." Nick charges up to the bouncer and pretends to recognize Schmidt, who is still protesting that they didn't rehearse. Nick explains the last time he saw Schmidt was in the desert and he was putting his mother in a prison. Then Nick bails and "Trojan Horses" his way inside a pack of models, leaving Schmidt outside.Nic finds Jess inside and she tells him she has something she wants to say to him. "Nick Miller I..." and then she passes out.When she's awake, Nick tells her it's OK, he wants to take it back. But she doesn't want him to. Schmidt, from outside the hedge, weighs in. He pushes his way through ("I'm breeching!") and falls to the ground inside. But Jess wants a moment alone with Nick.They're talking when a voice interrupts. It's Prince. He pauses to give them time to freak out. Jess goes with "oh my god" and Nick squeals like a teenage girl then passes out.Sitting on a bench in Prince's backyard, with him sandwiched in the middle, Jess and Nick explain their situation. Prince requests a demonstration of "finger guns." Prince asks for a moment alone with Jess. Prince asks if she likes pancakes.Inside, the bouncer is chasing Schmidt. He runs to Cece on the dance floor and hides his face in her cleavage, lingering long after the coast is clear.Winston and Coach are deep into Fire and Ice with two models, when Nick interrupts, drunk and wallowing in the fact Jess is with Prince. He suggests it's time to dance, although Winston points out that doesn't ever make anything better.Back in Prince's kitchen, he feeds Jess pancakes and wisdom. He says she's just scared if she says it she'll open herself up to getting hurt. "But anything beautiful is worth getting hurt for," Prince says.He takes her to his closet and plays stylist. Then he surrounds her with candles and has her practice saying "love." They play some pingpong, although she's not sure what she's supposed to be learning. He shows her a fluttering butterfly, which he has trained to land on his shoulder. Then he shuts her in a closet. As she cries that she's afraid of the dark, he flicks a lighter and warns her to stop being afraid. Then he announces it's time for her to go find Nick.When she says she doesn't know how to thank him, he whispers something in her ear and tells her it's her party now.Schmidt finally gives up making new friends and joins Winston, Cece and Coach at the bar where they're playing "lemon mouth," to see who can suck on a lemon longer. Coach has his stop watch handy to time Schmidt, who promptly eats the lemon and announces he's set a new record.Jess comes down in her flowing Prince dress and finds Nick dancing poorly. She whispers in his ear. "I hate to say this, but I didn't hear a word because it's very loud in here," Nick says.So Jess shouts "I love you, Nick Miller!"Prince takes the stage and invites Jess up to sing back-up. The whole gang takes the stage and dances.Later, back at the loft, they sit in stunned silence. They ask how Jess knew the words. "I think Prince is magic," she says. "How do we move on from this? Do I just go to work tomorrow?" Schmidt says.They realize Cece isn't there.Cut to Cece playing ping pong with Prince.

Directed by Fred Goss  

Starring Zooey Deschanel, Jake M. Johnson, Max Greenfield, Lamorne Morris, Damon Wayans Jr., more...

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