Ned and Stacey

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Comedy/, USA, 1995, 30 min.

Tagline Last night Ned and Stacey got married. Today... let's just say the honeymoon is over.

Synopsis Ned and Stacey get married after one week after meeting each other. He marries her to get a promotion. She marries him because she can't seem to find a place to live and likes his apartment. She hates his self-righteous attitude. He doesn't like her re-decorating his living room. Will their marriage actually result in love? Will Ned finally figure out that those people he talked to at their wedding are Stacey's parents?

Directed by Max Tash, Pamela Fryman, Rick Beren, Lee Shallat Chemel, Rob Schiller, Paul Lazarus, Terri McCoy, Alan Myerson, Andrew D. Weyman  

Starring Thomas Haden Church, Debra Messing, Greg Germann, Nadia Dajani, Harry Goz, more...

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