Semper Fortis

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Action/Comedy/Crime/Drama/Mystery/Thriller, 2014, 43 min.

Synopsis U.S. Park Police Sergeant Burt Moore gets a friendly interrogation from the team when he drops Abby off. When he leaves, Tony references the fact that two months with Abby is her max relationship.Gibbs interrupts with the body of the week: A petty officer killed in a possible hit and run.On the scene, the victim is John Hicks, home on leave. His two passengers were taken to the hospital. It looks like Hicks lost control of the car. They're puzzled by the bandages on the dead man.Sgt. Sherman Harper with Fairfax PD explains the EMTs found Harper and his friends bandaged when they got there. A woman named Anna Dillon found them and was tending to them. She said she saw an SUV pass her and then came upon the accident, but won't say anything else without a lawyer. She's not a nurse, doctor or EMT and could be in trouble for practicing without a license.Gibbs tests Dillon. He shouts "corpsman!" at her and she wheels around as she's being put into the police car.Back at the office for victim and good Samaritan rundown. The passengers were Mary LeFleur and Ben Koss, high school friends of Hicks'.Dillon was a Navy hospital corpsman, but can't legally help.In the morgue, Duckie explains that Dillon couldn't have saved Hicks from his internal bleeding. There was no medical reason for the car to crash.Ellie and Tony visit Ben in the hospital. He says they were run off the road, but didn't see the car. Anna Dillon saved Ben's life.Anna Dillon served two tours in Afghanistan and saved at least 12 lives there. But the county prosecutor is charging Anna.Gibbs goes to visit Anna. She blames herself for Hicks' dying and thinks she could have saved him. She learns the same as Army and Air Force medics and they come out as EMTs and could have legally saved those kids.After a call from the US Attorney, Gibbs escorts Dillon out. Sgt. Harper tells them Mary LeFleur might be paralyzed and Dillon is responsible.At his favorite diner, Gibbs meets with Carrie Clark to asks her to represent Dillon. Gibbs knows they can't win, but he wants to get the laws changed.Down in the garage, Abby has found paint on Hicks' bumper and the five cars in the county that have it. McGee tries to convince Abby not to enforce her two month rule with Burt, but she shoes him away.Ellie and McGee visit one of the silver truck owners, Dave Lancellotti, who discovers his truck is missing when they ask to see it. He says he was at a bar all night.Gibbs introduces Anna Dillon to Carrie Cook.Back at the office, Ellie and Tony report the bartender confirmed Dave's alibi. Dave is a semi-pro race car driver and his website is full of comments saying he's a hot head on the track. They find a video of Lancellotti fighting trackside with Ben Koss, the crash survivor.Tony and Gibbs visit Ben in the hospital. He tells them about Dave bumping him during a race and making him spin out, just like the car crash.Ellie and McGee visit Dave's part time job, a high end garage. His boss Bennett says Dave took off a few hours ago.Back at NCIS, Ellie summons Tony and McGee for a men's room conference about Abby. McGee tells Ellie about finding a list of qualifications Abby wants in a boyfriend, including opening the door for her but also a two month cut-off and very specific requirements. Ellie wants to stop Abby from sabotaging herself but the guys caution her not to get involved.Carrie meets with Anna and Gibbs to explain her plan to have Anna admit what she did and argue the law is flawed. Sgt. Harper joins them as they head out to the lojack location of Dave's truck. They find him dead in the driver's seat with a gunshot wound in his head and gun in his hand.In the morgue, Duckie says Lancellotti's death was staged.Carrie, Gibbs and Anna meet with Hicks' father to get him on Anna's side. He thanks her and agrees to do whatever he can to help Anna.In the lab, Abby has ID'd two DNA samples on a wrench in Lancellotti's truck. One belongs to Bennett Jemaine. He was kicked out of the Navy in basic training when a petty officer found drugs in his locker and turned him in: Hicks.The team uses their cars to block the road out of town and wait for Bennett to drive up.In the office, they get word that Mary Lefleur is doing well.McGee tries to convince Abby to give Burt an extension to her two month rule. Burt comes in with black roses for her and she seems to reconsider.Anna paces nervously in Gibbs' basement, awaiting word from Carrie Cook. Carrie comes by and tells Anna all she'll have to do is community service since the victim's parents all went to bat for her. Gibbs encourages her to finish med school like she plans.

Directed by Dennis Smith  

Starring Mark Harmon, Michael Weatherly, Pauley Perrette, Sean Murray, Brian Dietzen, more...

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