Tomorrow Never Comes

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Drama/Musical, 2013

Synopsis We open with Teddy and Juliette taking press pictures with a woman from Nashville Council for Teddy's music festival. Teddy thanks Juliette for everything that she has done for the event. After all, if Juliette didn't have any ties with the Wentworth's, none of this would be happening. Juliette leaves the press conference and bumps into Avery outside - he welcomes her home. They hug and Juliette looks genuinely thrilled as she thanks him for agreeing to play with her at the festival. Reporters suddenly swarm around Juliette, asking her if she really is the reason for the Wentworth's divorce. She looks dazed as Avery and Glenn help her into her car. 'How does it feel to be a home wrecker?' Is the last question that is thrown at her before the car speeds away. Teddy makes his way outside and doesn't look pleased.Back at the James household, Rayna and Luke admire the artwork for their duet single cover. Luke says that he likes being able to say that he works with his girlfriend and Rayna looks shocked as it's the first time that he's put a label on their relationship. She says that she's not sure if her children would be ready to hear that their mother has a boyfriend. Changing the subject, Luke tells Rayna that whilst he was in the company of Jeff, he mentioned something about 'marketing strategy' for Rayna's album. It seems that Jeff is planning on going behind Rayna's back and releasing her album straight after releasing her duet single with Luke. Rayna is furious.Scarlett unpacks her tour belongings from a cab and carries them into her home. Zoey is there too, trying to explain that she and Gunnar were going to tell Scarlett about their relationship but were waiting for the right time. They couldn't do it whilst she was on tour because she was feeling homesick and the big news would have made her feel worse. Scarlett doesn't even acknowledge Zoey's presence. Zoey says that she's stopped talking to Gunnar because she wants to sort things out and she simply asks for Scarlett to just look at her. Scarlett slams the door in her face, without looking.At Will's place, Layla is trying on outfits and asking Will's opinion. Without looking up from his phone, Will says that she looks great. We see that he is looking at pictures of Brent. Layla notices that Will isn't paying any attention and unbuttons her shirt to reveal her bra. 'What if I just go like this?' She says. Will, still looking at his phone, compliments her and Layla shouts to get his attention. Will crawls his way out of it by saying that he doesn't care much about clothes. He grabs her and pulls her onto the bed. They kiss.Deacon shows up at the music festival to collect his pass and the woman whom he sees, who is also an old friend, tells him that she saw his name on the list and couldn't wait to see him perform again. She looks for his pass and looks confused when she can't find it. She calls head office. Gunnar shows up and the woman gives him his pass whilst still on the phone. Gunnar explains to Deacon that Jeff pulled some strings and he managed to get a spot at the festival. The woman comes off the phone and confirms to Deacon that his spot has been cancelled and that he is not on the list. Deacon is confused too and the woman again says that she was sure that she saw Deacon's name on the list the other week. It suddenly hits Deacon that Teddy must have tampered with his spot, although he doesn't mention it. Gunnar asks Deacon that if the main stage is called Stage One, then where is Stage Eight? It dawns upon them both that even though Gunnar has a spot, it isn't a very good one. Gunnar was told that many execs would be in the audience and may want to sign him but he doubts that they would be lingering around Stage Eight at eleven in the morning when all the big acts perform at night on the main stage. Deacon suggests that they both partner up. He gestures around the festival location and says that inside these fences, they can be told where and if they can play - but outside the fences, they can do whatever they want.At Scarlett's home, she is holding her phone and telling Avery that after forty-two missed calls, she thought that Zoey would take the hint that she doesn't want to talk. Avery looks tired of hearing about it. Scarlett asks if he knew anything about this and he says no. He asks her why she cares so much. He thinks that she's mad that Gunnar has moved on. Scarlett says that it's not that and then apologises for complaining. Avery then breaks the bad news that he's been asked to play in Juliette's band and the sound check will be during Scarlett's set. She says that it's fine. Avery suggests that after Juliette's performance the following night, they can have a 'late night, date night.' They hug.Juliette is stretched out on her couch looking stressed as Glenn lists all the names of tabloids who are talking about the Wentworth's divorce rumour. Juliette is angry and claims that she can never work with married men without getting into trouble. She explains that it's just a rumour and not a sex tape. Glenn says that it could be potentially damaging. He says that an audience likes a song about cheating but not a cheating singer. Juliette demands that he finds out who started the rumour.Rayna interrupts Jeff's date in his pool. His date looks embarrassed and Jeff isn't impressed. She confronts him about his plan to go behind her back and release her album without her consent. He gets out of the pool and explains to her that the Luke Wheeler duet isn't going to make enough money. Rayna is getting tired of his objective attitude towards music. He tells her that whilst she's still under contract with Edgehill, then the masters to her album don't belong to her and if she wants out then she's going to have to hand over a cheque for twenty million dollars.Rayna and Tandy chat over drinks. Rayna is furious that Jeff wants to exploit the fact that she nearly died, just to make some money although Tandy reminds her that she's still under contract. Rayna tells her that if she can give Jeff a cheque for twenty million then she'll own Highway 65 and her album. Rayna says that she knows that she needs more acts but above all else, she needs money. She has some cash flow after the tour with Juliette but it won't be enough. Tandy offers three million dollars for a quarter of Highway 65. She doesn't know anything about music but she does know how to run a company. Rayna can deal with the music side of things and Tandy can deal with the business side. Rayna likes the idea. She asks Tandy how much she thinks the house would be worth. Tandy immediately steers Rayna away from the idea. The first rule she learnt in business school was 'Never risk everything you have.'Gunnar shows up at Deacon's place and asks if Scarlett is around and Deacon says no. Deacon suggests that they put up a stage just outside the festival venue and play there just after a big act has finished so plenty of people will be around. Gunnar asks if it's legal and Deacon says that it probably isn't. Deacon says that he has some friends he can call to come and hear Gunnar play. He likes the idea. Deacon also mentions the fact that he feels finished with the idea of sitting on the side lines. Scarlett shows up and confronts Gunnar. He apologises for himself and Zoey. He explains that he really likes Zoey and it's nothing personal against Scarlett. She asks him to leave.We cut to the music festival and Teddy is on the phone to security, saying that he wants to double it around Juliette. Maddie and Daphne show up with Rayna and the kids see Layla Grant in the distance and run towards her. Peggy shows up and leaves with Teddy. Peggy calls after the girls and the four of them walk onto a stage so that Teddy can talk to the press for the event. All the reporters can ask him are things about Juliette. He tries to steer away from the subject.Layla is taking pictures for the press whilst Will and Brent talk nearby. Brent says that the two guys that Will beat up aren't going to press charges. Brent also says that he saw pictures of them and recognised them as the two men who were harassing him and his boyfriend. Will asks how things are going between them both and Brent announces that they've broken up. Brent asks how Will and Layla are doing and Will says that they're great. Layla pulls him up onto the stage where the press can take pictures of them together.Juliette and Glen arrive at the venue and she is unhappy at the fact that she is the headliner and she just had to climb in through a window to avoid the press. Charlie Wentworth shows up and Glenn leaves them both. Juliette asks if it was Charlie that told the tabloids and he denies it. Juliette wonders if it was Olivia and Charlie says that he doesn't think so as she doesn't like to be seen badly in the public eye. They ponder over who it could have been and Juliette spots Layla in the back ground. 'I have a few ideas' she says before storming towards her. Juliette asks if it was her and Layla denies it. Juliette doesn't believe her and Layla claims that it must be difficult to be so paranoid after making so many enemies. She slyly smiles and walks away.Gunnar is waiting at the venue where he plans on playing with Deacon and Deacon shows up. Gunnar is worried that Deacon wants to fight him after the whole thing with Scarlett. Deacon says that if he didn't cheat on her then he doesn't really want to get involved. Gunnar says that he didn't cheat and Deacon lets the matter drop. Gunnar asks Deacon if he can have a word with Scarlett and ask her to forgive Zoey. He gets irritated and says that he wants nothing to do with it but Gunnar says that the pair have been friends forever and that Scarlett shouldn't throw that away. Deacon stands by his decision to stay clear of the situation and then says that he's going to get a stage built in the area as he is a friend of the guy who owns the land. He walks away and says that he's going to watch Scarlett play and he recommends that Gunnar doesn't join him.Rayna is waiting for Scarlett to perform and Luke shows up. Jeff told Luke about the encounter with Rayna at his pool and Luke tells Rayna that she may be sabotaging herself. She says that it's what she's wanted to do for a really long time. She is going to buy herself out of her contract come hell or high water. Luke reasons with Rayna that labels are great because they take care of the business side of things whilst they get to travel the world and play their music. He basically tells her that he doesn't think she can do it on her own with just one act. Rayna seems a little annoyed that Luke seems to be taking Jeff's side. The pair soften up a bit and Luke asks if Rayna needs any help with investment. Scarlett shows up and says hello before she is called to the stage. As she greets the crowd, Luke tells Rayna that Scarlett is pretty special.Juliette pesters Glenn on if he knows who started the rumour. He says that he's trying as hard as he can but the tabloids aren't talking. Juliette says that she's convinced that it was Layla. Jeff overhears this. He speaks to Juliette and asks if she has any evidence to support her claim. She says that she doesn't but she will soon. Jeff questions Juliette's fans and says that people can quickly turn on you. Juliette is angry that she is about to go onto a stage to sing some songs that will benefit Jeff's company and he's doing nothing but bringing more negativity to her life. He tells her to be careful or the tabloids will eat her alive. She says that she's well aware as they have been snacking on her for her entire life.Scarlett comes off the stage after her set and finds Zoey waiting for her. Zoey tries to speak to her but Scarlett once again ignores her. Scarlett spots Deacon and gives him a hug. Zoey tries once more to gain Scarlett's attention but she ignores her and tells Deacon that she'll come to hear him sing later. Zoey walks away, defeated. Deacon tells Scarlett that he doesn't want to get involved but all he does know that is that the two girls have been best friends for twenty years and that's got to mean something. Scarlett begins to cry but stops herself as some fans come over for some autographs.Will takes to the stage and the crowd love his cheeky charm. Peggy, Maddie and Daphne watch him perform. As he sings, Layla stands to the side of the stage and dances to his music. Will notices Brent in the crowd, clapping and urging him on. Maddie looks at her phone and announces that Deacon will in fact be singing at the festival and that she wants to see him sing. Peggy panics, knowing Teddy's feelings towards Deacon and tries to convince Maddie that it's a bad idea. Maddie argues that Peggy isn't her mother and to stop trying to act like she is. Teddy arrives and notices the frosty tension between the girls. Maddie stands and walks towards the stage to get away from them. Teddy asks Peggy what's wrong and Peggy tells him that Deacon is playing a set that night. Teddy looks furious. Will eyes Brent and then Layla. Both of them loving his music and it looks as though Will has a huge decision to make.Zoey finds Scarlett and says that she's really glad that she asked to meet up. Zoey explains that she knows Scarlett found out in the cruelest way but that it isn't just a fling and that they really do like each other. Zoey reminds Scarlett of a promise they made when they were kids. To not let anything come between them - especially not a boy. Scarlett gets angry and says that it's not just about a boy. It's about the two girls who were supposed to be best friends and that Zoey is the only part of Scarlett's childhood that she wants to remember. Both girls get upset. Zoey says that the two girls will always be friends and Scarlett says that she'd be a terrible friend if she didn't tell Zoey that being the good girl suited her a whole lot better because she hurt less people. Scarlett walks away.Jeff finds Rayna and apologies for their encounter and admits that they've had difficulties. Rayna feels like she's being tricked into letting him release her album and she says it's not going to happen. Jeff hands her a folder full of market research and tells her that she deserves to know why he wants to make some changes to her album and why he wants to release it. He tells her to read it. He tells her that numbers don't lie and that he isn't the bad guy here.Deacon is arranging for the stage to be made up in his friend's land next to the music festival. Teddy arrives in a police car. Deacon greets him and Teddy threatens to shut him down because he doesn't have a permit. Deacon tells Teddy that his friend owns the land which is really lucky seeing as though he lost his spot at the music festival. He also tells Teddy that if he shuts him down then he'd be happy to tell everybody about how hospitable the mayor of Nashville is. Teddy tells Deacon that he's going to have officers stationed around the stage and if one thing goes wrong or if one person complains about anything then Teddy will hold Deacon responsible. Teddy leaves with Deacon looking smug.Charlie Wentworth and Teddy talk about how the rumour is affecting the festival. Charlie apologises and Teddy says that he knows that it's just a rumour. Juliette walks by, heading to the main stage. She eyes Charlie as she walks by.She heads out onto the stage to the sound of applause and a small amount of booing. Some people call out questions to her about Charlie. As soon as she starts singing a few people hold up a banner with 'Home-wrecker' written on it. She stops singing and turns around, distraught. Avery saves her by singing the chorus into her microphone and urges her on. They sing together until Juliette regains her composure.Tandy and Rayna walk around the festival venue at night and talk about the twenty million that Rayna needs to buy herself out of Edgehill. Tandy says that if Rayna mortgages the house and liquidates her stocks then that's going to get her just north of fifteen million and with her buy in and the cash flow from Juliette's tour will get her the twenty. Although it'll be tight. Rayna shows Tandy the folder of research that Jeff gave her. She doesn't want to look at it. And it's made her realise that she's taking a big risk. She asks Tandy if she would do it if she was in her position, Tandy says no but that's only because she went to business school. Tandy says that she would never have bet that Rayna would have had the career that she's already had and sometimes risks need to be taken. Daphne and Maddie join them and Maddie says that she wants to hear Deacon sing.Juliette is in her dressing room, taking her make up off. She is absolutely distraught. She asks Glenn for the name of the person who started the rumour and Glenn doesn't even have the courage to tell her that he hasn't got one. She shouts at him and he leaves the dressing room, giving a few words of warning to Avery as he plans to enter. Juliette immediately gets angry at the sight of him and warns him that if he says it was nothing to get upset over then she'll 'rip his face off.' He admits that he thought it was actually pretty terrible. He admires her for carrying on and she thanks him for saving her. She cries as she realises that her fans completely turned on her. She says that she needs a name so that she can blame somebody. She tells Avery that Charlie was going to leave his wife for her. Avery asks if she loves him and Juliette says that it was never about that. It wasn't about anything - it was just a stupid mistake and that she was wrong. He takes her hand and comforts her, saying that although she has to face the press, it doesn't mean that she has to play their game. She manages a weak smile.As Gunnar gets ready to play, Zoey finds him and she's crying. She tells Gunnar that her best friend just broke up with her and Gunnar says that Scarlett will come around and Zoey says that as long as they're together, she won't. Gunnar tries to reason with her but Zoey can't betray her best friend and says that she can't do this. She walks away.Brent and Will lay in bed together, naked. Will looks distraught and angry. Brent looks a little confused. Brent gets a text and says he has to leave. Will says nothing and doesn't even look up.Juliette faces the press and tells them that her private life is just that - private and hers. Glenn reassures her.Layla and Jeff walk together through the festival venue and Layla says that the whole Wentworth rumour is a shame. Jeff doesn't see through the innocent facade and tells her that if she has anything to do with the rumour leaking to the tabloids then her contract at Edgehill will be in serious jeopardy. She looks stunned.Deacon takes to the stage and opens for Gunnar. Deacon plays his cool song and the audience love it. Maddie watches and smiles. Scarlett is in the crowd and is approached by Avery. She tells him that she's not upset that Zoey and Gunnar are together, she's upset because they did it behind her back. She thanks him for being the only one who is honest with her. He suggests that they leave together.Peggy and Teddy watch Deacon perform and Peggy reassures Teddy that it's his day and not Deacon's. They kiss.Rayna speaks to Deacon after he comes off the stage. She tells him that he made a really good front man. He says that he finally ran out of excuses to not do it. His phone rings and he says that it's Megan. Rayna tells him to take it and he walks away. Rayna looks a little lost.Rayna finds Jeff and tells him that she'll have a cheque for twenty million dollars for him on Monday morning. He doesn't seem happy and tells her that depending her entire career on one baby artist will backfire on her. Jeff leaves and Luke shows up. He asks if Rayna just did it and she says that she did. She looks a little disheartened as he doesn't congratulate her and says that it's not something he wants to get into. He says that he's disappointed that they won't be working together. She says the same. He dismisses himself politely.Gunnar plays a sweet song, directed at Zoey in the audience. Deacon watches, smiling. One of his old friends shows up and he suggests that he and Deacon sit down at some point and talk about Deacon's solo career. As Gunnar's song plays, we see Scarlett and Avery entering a hotel room, stripping eachother's clothes off. They kiss and fall onto the bed. Juliette sits on the stage where she was humiliated and Charlie joins her. He tells her that the video of the performance went viral pretty quickly. He also tells her that he still plans on going ahead with the divorce because if he stayed with Olivia then he'd be miserable. Charlie thanks her and says that Juliette opened his eyes to possibilities. Then he apologises for not being able to do the same for her. He sweetly says that he hopes one day, somebody will come along and make her happy. She says that she hopes so too, although it looks as though she already has somebody in mind.After Gunnar's performance, Zoey finds him and says that if she and Scarlett really were best friends then Scarlett would see how happy Zoey is with Gunnar and that she'd be happy for them. Zoey says that Scarlett made the wrong choice when she broke up with Gunnar and she's not going to make the same mistake. They kiss.Layla enters Will's home to find that nobody is there. She calls him and we see Will looking at his phone. He looks miserable and scared. It becomes clear that Will is standing on a train track with a train approaching quickly. He turns to face the train.Juliette knocks on Avery's hotel door and he answers, shocked to see her. She explains that the past few months have been crazy and that she's made lots of mistakes. She says that all she's ever wanted was to be able to say 'I love you' to a person and mean it. Suddenly, Scarlett appears with Avery's shirt on. When it hits Juliette that the two must have just slept together, she greets Scarlett kindly and apologises on having interrupted their evening. Juliette quickly says that all she wanted to do was thank Avery for everything that he'd done. She quickly turns on her heels and walks away from Avery, silently crying as he calls after her.Peggy and Teddy are leaving the music venue and bump into Rayna. They thank Rayna for letting the girls spend the day with them. They all finally seem civil. Rayna asks for just a few minutes to talk to Teddy alone. Peggy says that she'll wait nearby. Rayna tells Teddy that she's buying herself out of Edgehill and Teddy says that it's risky but if that's what she wants then he's happy for her. Rayna says that Teddy seems happy and he says that he is. She genuinely seems pleased for him and says that everything has worked out just how it was supposed to. They wish each other a good night and Rayna opens her car door as Teddy turns to return to Peggy. Suddenly, a stranger appears out of nowhere and greets Teddy. Just as the strange man points a gun at Teddy, he pushes the man's arm away as he shoots. The stranger quickly flees and Teddy asks if Rayna is okay. She nods, shocked. The two of them look over to where Peggy was standing moments ago. She's on the ground, unmoving. 'Oh my god.' Screams Rayna as the screen cuts to black.

Directed by Patrick R. Norris  

Starring Connie Britton, Hayden Panettiere, Clare Bowen, Chris Carmack, Eric Close, more...

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