Lovesick Blues

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Drama/Musical, USA, 2012

Synopsis "Nashville" - "Lovesick Blues" - Nov. 28, 2012Rayna and Liam are in the studio listening to a playback of one of her new tunes and liking what they hear. Bucky gets a call and informs Rayna that Marshall Evans is pushing the whole greatest hits album idea again. She again shoots it down and to boot decides she wants to close the upcoming Edgehill Records 25th anniversary show at the Ryman with one of her new tunes. Bucky's not sure about it but Rayna is.Meanwhile, Juliette's getting hot and heavy by her pool with her quarterback. But Glenn arrives with bad news. Although her approval ratings post-shoplifting are going up since she entered into this no-longer-a-fauxmance, Sean's are going down since he hasn't been playing well. She dismisses football nuts. Glenn also says Marshall wants to meet with her. She wonders if he's a football fan too.Avery is hanging out with his new cougar manager in front of hot club where she has booked them for a showcase for the media and industry pros including a label head named Domino Wells. He mopes about Scarlett not being there and cougar manager tells him to put her on the guest list.Juliette and Glenn meet with Marshall who informs them that she's only doing one song. She goes ballistic saying she's gone multiplatinum for them twice in three years. He says she's great and all but her current public image is crap and they need to manage their exposure. Additionally, he wants her to do a duet with Rayna to help her enjoy a little reflected respect. She is not pleased.At the Jaymes household they're getting ready for movie night. She reports in about the new songs and Marshall. Teddy says his numbers are way up. All is well until Coleman calls requesting a meeting right now.Deacon's singing another sad song at the Bluebird and it's getting to a weepy Scarlett. Gunnar abandons Hayley to comfort her. This is not lost on Hayley. Gunnar tells Scarlett to channel her sadness into songwriting. She worries she made a big mistake since Avery says he didn't sleep with the woman.Teddy is hoping this means that Coleman is dropping out since his numbers down are since the arrest. But, of course, it's about the pictures Coleman had taken of him and Peggy. Teddy is flabbergasted and says he hasn't had an affair.Coleman says he believes him but that he doesn't think anyone else will and Teddy has unitl the weekend to announce he's dropping out or Coleman releases the pictures to the media.Back at her house Juliette fumes about the duet but Glenn points out it's actually a great opportunity. Juliette says she doesn't need to be taken under anyone's wing and she's gotten what she's gotten on her own. If she turns it down he points out not only will she not have a tour but she'll be missing out on the biggest musical event of the year.Teddy meets with Tandy and Lamar and they advise him, since he didn't do anything wrong, to get out in front of it and come clean. Lamar says to tell as much of the truth as he needs to. Teddy worries that Coleman will dig further and uncover the credit union scandal. Lamar says that trail has been wiped clean. They tell him to get rid of Peggy.At Deacon's Scarlett is busying herself with cleaning and driving Deacon crazy. He tells her she can't mope around and needs to get out and puts them on the list for the Edgehill show. She asks if it's going to be hard for him to be the house bandleader and play behind Rayna since he quit her band. He says no and clarifies he was fired, he didn't quit.Rayna heads to the Ryman with Liam to rehearse. Marshall Evans shows up and drops the Juliette bomb. Like Juliette, Rayna is not pleased. He says it's not a request. She says she doesn't take orders. He says if she doesn't do it he's going to release the greatest hits album.She and Liam discuss it back at the studio and he says, say what you will about Juliette, but she knows how to play the game. So Rayna calls Bucky and tells him to tell Marshall she'll do it on the condition that he owes her and that they'll release a greatest hits album when she wants to and her next album will be her own music produced by Liam.Juliette stands on the Ryman stage and looks out at the empty seats. Deacon congratulates her on getting her first crack at the stage and tells her she can do it and this place is the place to prove she's no flash in the pan. He reassures her, she replies she knows she can.Hayley heads over to see Scarlett. She tarts her up and takes her out drinking and dancing theorizing that the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else. The night does not go exactly as planned. No sooner has a tarted up Scarlett downed her first tequila shot and she's whirling around on the dance floor with some random dude, jumping onstage with the band to sing "Ring of Fire," and basically driving Gunnar crazy with lust and jealousy. When the dance floor guy kisses her Gunnar breaks it up and basically slut shames her. Hayley is not happy. Scarlett is not happy. Gunnar is not happy. Dance floor guy is not happy.Liam and Rayna meet up at the Ryman with Deacon and Juliette to hash out a song. It does not go well. They fight about just about everything and snipe at each other, right up until Rayna basically calls her talentless and says she hasn't earned anything and everyone knows. Juliette stalks off. Liam observes that Juliette needs to get laid. Rayna says "that's so not her problem." Deacon blows up at Rayna for going too far, pulls out a CD demo of "Undermine" and says he wrote the first verse and Juliette wrote the rest and if Rayna listens to it she won't be able to say Juliette has no talent.Teddy calls Peggy and tells her they can't be seen together anymore. She takes it hard but understands and confirms that nothing was going on between them.All keyed up, Juliette calls Sean over. They start going at it on the couch but when it's starts getting hot he throws cold water on it and says he's not into casual sex. She's aghast and says that he was clearly in it for the publicity and then wonders if he's gay and needed a beard. She kicks him out before he can really say anything else.Later, Rayna shows up at her door. She says they both need to suck it up and get this done. Since they can't agree on a song, Rayna proposes they write one. They stay up all night bickering but they get it done and show up at the rehearsal the next day with a finished song.Scarlett heads over to Avery's to try and make up and is then confronted with the sight of Marilyn in her bra in Avery's bedroom. Avery protests he only started sleeping with her after Scarlett dumped him and he doesn't love her. Scarlett flees.Teddy meets again with Lamar who has a new plan: make the drug charges stick to Coleman. Even though he promised they would be dropped and Teddy protests that everyone knows that Coleman has 20 years sober and is a sponsor, Lamar says a call needed to be made. He says Coleman can fight the charges in court and will probably will but that will be long after the election is over.It's the night of the big show. Marilyn introduces Avery to Domino Wells (played by musician Wyclef Jean) who tells Avery to come up to Atlanta to see him. Scarlett can see him right there in the halls of the Ryman and is not happy. She goes to Gunnar and they both basically apologize and she says she wants to schedule a writing session. She says if she's going to lose someone in her life she's glad it's not him.Backstage in her dressing room, Juliette asks for a little peace and quiet. Then comes a knock at the door. It's Sean, with roses, an apology and an entreaty to get to know her better because he doesn't want to have sex outside of marriage. She says if he got to know her better he wouldn't like her very much. He says it's too late. They kiss, he promises he's not gay.In Rayna's dressing room the girls hug their mom before she hits the stage. She asks Teddy if he's okay. He says they can talk about it later, wishes her luck, and tells he loves her.As Buddy Miller plays on the stage Rayna and Juliette wait to go on. Marshall introduces Rayna, who in turn introduces Juliette. They rock the new song they wrote and it's pretty great. The title seems to be "The Wrong Song" and it's a real rave-up about a "liar and a cheater." Teddy looks nervous and guilty at the side of the stage. Rayna and Juliette sound great. And Liam and Deacon team up on guitar during the solo. It gets a rapturous response and Marshall leans over to Bucky and says it's going to be a huge hit.

Directed by Mimi Leder  

Starring Connie Britton, Hayden Panettiere, Clare Bowen, Eric Close, Charles Esten, more...

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