They Don't Make 'Em Like My Daddy Anymore

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Drama/Musical, 2014, 43 min.

Synopsis "Nashville" - "They Don't Make 'Em Like My Daddy Anymore"- Feb. 26, 2014Lamar is dead. A new band comes to life. And a couple of potential romantic entanglements may be brewing.Rayna listens to a mix of one of Scarlett's new songs with Scarlett and Liam. It's kind of screechy and rocking. Rayna claims she loves it. Teddy calls and she ignores it. Liam offers to support her with her current troubles. She says him working with Scarlett is the best thing he can be doing right now.She heads home to work with the Highway 65 team to work on a press release for Scarlet's album. Teddy shows up and tells her Lamar is dead. He then tells the kids. He says the stress was too much for him. They are sad. Rayna says it is hard to understand.Tandy shows up and apologizes again for keeping secrets. Rayna tells her Lamar is dead. Tandy starts breaking down and Rayna says "Oh please Tandy, he was a murderer isn't that what you said."Teddy makes the public announcement saying that he and Lamar had their differences but that he should be remembered as a pillar of Nashville society. Megan goes to see Teddy after the announcement. He thanks her for being there for him. She says grief has a way of bubbling up when you least expect it.Back at home, on the phone, Rayna tells Luke to stay in Australia. Bucky shows up with lasagna and condolences. He tells her she's free and clear of business stuff until she's ready to dive back in. Maddie texts Deacon he calls Rayna and he offers to be at funeral and a shoulder to cry on. She rebuffs him.Tandy shows up with Lamar's clothes and she tries to break through Rayna's ice. Rayna counters with all of the terrible things Lamar did. Tandy says she wanted him punished, not dead. Rayna tells her to bury him in whatever the hell she wants.Deacon goes to see Rayna and she won't talk to him to him about it. He says he was there through a lot of he worst of it. She says he hasn't been there in a long time. She tells him the part about her mom. Deacon is astonished. She says Tandy knew the whole time and didn't tell her. He says he knows she's angry but maybe they were hiding the truth to protect her and sometimes people do wrong things for right reasons. She says sometimes people do that but not this time.Megan goes to see Teddy late in his office after he texts her. He confesses he didn't do anything and watched him die. She arrives home to Deacon at 2:48 a.m. He tells her they need to talk and says he went to Rayna's and that she's shut down and numb out of anger. He says he should be at memorial service for Maddie. She says it's a good idea, and it's important to be there for people in need. He kisses her.We see Lamar's funeral, which Juliette managed to make. After it ends, back at home, Rayna breaks down and smashes a glass against the wall of Lamar's office and starts destroying his desk. Tandy and Teddy enter. Rayna cries and says the lying has to stop.In other news Avery and Juliette listen to a mix of "Don't Put Dirt on My Grave Just Yet" that he did. She loves it and that it feels like he put her soul in there but it's too bad nobody will ever hear it. He shows her a great review in the New York Times. That review catches the attention of big deal pop music producer Howie V who asks Juliette to come out to L.A. When she arrives he puts her in the studio with a huge band complete with strings and horns and re-records the song. He sends that tape to several major label record companies to start a bidding war. He says Rolling Stone might also be willing to put her on the cover and sets up a photo shoot to debut her bold new look to help her sever ties with Nashville. He puts her in crazy Aguilera/Gaga-style costumes with extreme make-up. Glenn feels out of place but knows Howie V can take her new places in the pop world so he tearfully resigns saying he doesn't want to be dead weight. She balks but he says he will always have her best interests at heart and kisses her goodbye.She comes home and plays the new mix for Avery. He generously calls it epic and says she should be happy. She says she would be if Glenn wasn't being a buzzkill but she doesn't want to talk about that. She wants to talk about how great he was the night before playing at the Bluebird with Gunnar and Zoe. He says it was great to be playing with friends who get him.The trio began the episode harmonizing away in the living room on a new Avery tune. Deacon overheard them and, in need of a band for a dive bar gig, asked them to join him.They showed up at the gig only to be bumped to the midnight slot by a hotter name. Deacon wanted to leave but they convinced him to stay and they play a great gig. The club owner offers them another date.The next night Deacon played his regular slot at the Bluebird, which he has gotten back, and he asked the trio to come up onstage so he could thank them for saving his butt at his gig. He then offered them the opportunity to sing the song he'd heard the day before. They wow the Bluebird crowd, which included Juliette hence her kind words to Avery. The trio decide to form a band.After seeing the crazy photos from the crazy photo shoot, Juliette decides L.A. is not for her and she hires Glenn back and wants the world to hear Avery's mix of her song.In the night's final storyline, Liam and Scarlett are working hard in the studio. They go out for a drink and he confesses that even though he works hard and travels the globe making records with great musicians he's actually pretty lonely. She points out that he owns three houses on different continents and he says that he has no one waiting for him at any of them. He also admits that he buries himself in the work of others and hasn't worked on his own music for a long time because he's probably hiding from his feelings. He shows her his lyric book and she encourages to stop hiding and work on his own music. He tries to kiss her but she begs off.Later, she runs into Megan at home and seems confused that Deacon is once again playing the Bluebird and didn't tell him. She goes to the gig but only stares from the outside as she watches her former best friends and her two former boyfriends make beautiful music together.She goes to sleep in the studio and is awakened by Liam. She starts to be all freaky and awkward and he tells her to relax, that this won't affect their work. She says that's good since the record and their work on it is all she has right now. Then she kisses him. He says they shouldn't. She agrees so, of course, they kiss some more.

Directed by Patrick R. Norris  

Starring Connie Britton, Hayden Panettiere, Clare Bowen, Chris Carmack, Eric Close, more...

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