Be Careful of the Stones You Throw

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Drama/Musical, 2013

Synopsis Open with Rayna in a recording session. Juliette is late.Juliette and Sean have gotten married. She almost more interested in the sex than the fact they are husband and wife.Scarlett and Gunnar work on a song. It's not going well. He gets up to leave and they argue. Avery is clearly the problem.Dominic talks to Avery about firing the rest of his band. Avery says he owes his guys one last gig, but Dominic isn't so sure.The rest of the studio team gives up on waiting for Juliette. Rayna talks about the tour.Before going on stage Deacon is introduced to Carmen Gonzalez, a reporter who will be writing a cover story on the band. She walks up and kisses him on the mouth.Juliette finally shows up at the studio and shows off her wedding ring. Rayna asks for a minute alone with the new bride. She wants to start the tour that weekend and Juliette is curious why she even wants to go on the road with someone she hates.Juliette returns home to find some angry parents-in-law. Brock and Deb want them to have a small ceremony in a church that month. Juliette mentions her tour and the plan is to squeeze it in the day before the tour begins.Rayna and Teddy talk about her leaving for the tour. She says she wants to take the girls, primarily because she doesn't trust him. Teddy plans to give her a fight.Sean's schedule is packed, meaning he won't get to see Juliette for two months. He's a little ticked she didn't discuss the tour with him beforehand. Juliette doesn't seem too worried about the time apart.Teddy and Danny talk about Peggy and his current poll numbers. He tells her about Rayna wanting to take the girls on tour and doesn't think he should try to stop her.On the plane Carmen asks Deacon why he's never settled down.One of the studio guys tells Rayna that touring is going to kill her career. She says the reason she wants to go is that her family is a mess and she needs to leave Nashville.Avery returns home to his band, who are ecstatic he's gotten a deal. He tells them Dominic wants to sign him as a solo act. JT is furious and has to be held back from a fight.Juliette works out wedding details with Deb and we learn she hasn't told Jolene yet. It appears Deb will be a tough mother-in-law.Lamar and Tandy are waiting for Rayna when she gets home. Lamar doesn't want to take the girls on tour and threatens revealing the truth to Maddie about her real father.Avery and Scarlett exchange what appear to be a few parting words. But they hug and immediately begin to kiss.Deacon seems to be getting irritated with all that goes along with the tour. Carmen tells him about Rayna's tour with Juliette.Sean tells Juliette he contacted Jolene's rehab and they will be able to visit her. Juliette thinks she should first go by herself.After sex Avery gets a text that he must return to the studio. He asks Scarlett to come with him and tells her about being signed as a solo act and firing JT. She's furious.Juliette sits down with Jolene and tells her about the wedding. Jolene says it is a mistake and a marriage won't quiet her demons. Juliette thinks her mother doesn't want to see her happy and storms off.Scarlett asks JT if he'd be interested in her being the new lead singer. He loves the idea.Hailey tells Gunnar she thinks he and Scarlett are better together than they are apart.Rayna tells Teddy about Lamar's threat. He tells Lamar that he was already aware and they are planning to tell Maddie when the time is right. He warns Lamar not to do it again.After a particularly good show the band asks Deacon if he's on board with the full tour. He says that he is. Carmen drops by and asks to join him at his hotel.Scarlett performs with JT and the rest of Avery's band. Afterwards JT asks if she wants to be their permanent singer.Sean asks Juliette about the meeting with Jolene. She doesn't seem happy.Avery meets with Dominic in the studio. He is sent video of Scarlett playing with his band.Deacon and Carmen sleep together. Afterwards she hints that she knows he isn't happy with the tour. She says she's worried about him.Rayna thanks Teddy for standing up in front of Lamar. She says they need to be honest with what's been happening in their marriage. She doesn't think either of them are happy anymore but they should keep that a secret for the girls. The tour is basically a cover and they both agree to try and make it work.It's Juliette and Sean's wedding day. While she's getting ready Sean sends her his grandmother's necklace to wear.Scarlett tells Gunnar about being asked to sing with JT's band. She says it reminded her how much she likes singing their songs. The two perform the song they'd been working on. Hailey listens to the song.We see Juliette has bailed on her wedding and is walking towards a private jet.

Directed by Paul McCrane  

Starring Connie Britton, Hayden Panettiere, Clare Bowen, Eric Close, Charles Esten, more...

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