My Mother

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Drama, USA, 1932, 60 min.

AKAs My Mother

Tagline A Great Star in a Great Motion Picture from Peter B. Kyne's Great Story

Synopsis Katy Devoux (Pauline Fredericks) runs a gambling-drinking joint in British Columbia. She is a fair-playing business woman, but is ashamed of the source of her income, so she has had her daughter Nona (Barbara Kent) raised in the states. Jeff Bowman (Jameson Thomas), an unprincipled scoundrel and business rival, arranges for her daughter to come to town in hope of bringing shame to the mother. He overplays his hand and is killed by Tim Reed (Theodore von Eltz), a faithful retainer of Katy's and in love with Nona. The plea is self defense.

Directed by Phil Rosen  

Starring Pauline Frederick, Theodore von Eltz, Barbara Kent, Claire Windsor, Robert Elliott, more...

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