My Favorite Wife

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Comedy/Romance, USA, 1940, 75 min.

Tagline The funniest, fastest honeymoon ever screened!

Synopsis After being shipwrecked on an island off the coast of Indonesia for seven years, Ellen Arden returns home on the very day that her husband Nick has had her declared dead so that he can marry Bianca Bates. After learning from her sympathetic mother-in-law that Nicky has left for Yosemite on his honeymoon, Ellen flies off to the honeymoon lodge, the same one, in fact, where she and Nicky spent their own honeymoon. When Nick sees Ellen just as he enters the lodge elevator with Bianca, he can't believe his eyes, but soon discovers that his beloved Ellen has returned. After his initial elation at having Ellen back, however, he is soon confronted with the reality that he now has two wives. Although he admits to Ellen that he never really loved Bianca, whom he met on the boat on the way back from searching for Ellen, Nicky cannot bring himself to tell Bianca that she is a lame duck. Instead, he thinks of a variety of excuses why he must leave their honeymoon suite and not behave as a bridgegroom should. Bianca is certain that there is something wrong with Nicky, especially when they return home and he refuses to tell his children, Tim and Chinch, that Bianca is their stepmother. Ellen decides to torment him by masquerading as a friend of the family from the South. After Bianca goes to bed with a headache and calls her mother to complain about Nicky's eratic behavior, Nicky receives a late-night visit from an insurance investigator representing the company which paid Ellen's life insurance policy. He indirectly learns from the man that Ellen was not alone in her seven year ordeal, but was kept company by Stephen Burkett. He also learns that after their rescue, crew members of the Portuguese freighter that picked up the pair reported that he called her Eve and she called him Adam. Nicky confronts Ellen about Stephen, whom she had neglected to mention, but she dismisses Stephen as a harmless old man. Now crazy with jealousy, Nicky decides to find Stephen, whom Ellen said would be residing at the Y.M.C.A., and, much to Nicky's chagrin, he discovers Stephen to be an athletic Adonis who is staying at the Pacific Club. Meanwhile, not knowing that Nicky has located Stephen, Ellen finds a mousey shoe salesman whom she thinks would be a perfect

Directed by Garson Kanin  

Starring Irene Dunne, Cary Grant, Randolph Scott, Gail Patrick, Ann Shoemaker, more...

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