Mutant X

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Action/Adventure/Drama/Sci-Fi/, Canada/USA, 2001, 60 min.

AKAs Mutant X

Tagline Creation can have it's side effects.

Synopsis A secret government project to create genetic mutants results in them being released into the general population. One of the scientists responsible, Adam, has sworn to try and help them, while his co-partner, Mason Eckhart, plans on using the project for his own ends. Adam assembles four mutants and forms the group "Mutant X" to help mutants everywhere, and oppose Eckhart.

Directed by Oley Sassone, René Bonniere, Jonathan Hackett, Stacey Stewart Curtis, John Fawcett, Brenton Spencer, Manfred Guthe, T.W. Peacocke, Bruce Pittman, Philip David Segal, Richard Flower, Terry Ingram, John Bell, Brad Turner, Ken Girotti, Graeme Campbell, Milan Cheylov, Timothy Bond, Jon Cassar, Bill Corcoran, T.J. Scott, Jorge Montesi, Andrew Potter, Alan Goluboff  

Starring Victoria Pratt, Forbes March, Victor Webster, John Shea, Lauren Lee Smith, more...

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