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Drama/Comedy/Crime/Mystery/Thriller, USA, 1995, 47 min.

Synopsis At night hansom Billy Blake escapes the arriving police by a rope from a sky scraper's roof carrying a bloody knife. Jessica chats with hairdresser Jimmy Neiman at Antoinette's and when he's off to a Nancy Rainburn TV demonstration his brand new fiancée, manicure Diane, when NYPD Lieutenant Sam Kriley asks the guest list of the party where museum board member Agnes Frasier, probably because she returned unexpectedly early, was stabbed with her own kitchen knife, wondering if it's the work of the brilliant burglar who struck seven times in as many weeks using keys, capturing priceless family heirlooms. Board colleague Kathy Stafford is relieved Agnes will recover completely. Jessica highly praises would-be novelist Steve Burke's notes while working in the salon to get to know his chosen mystery scenery. Ralph Stafford makes clear Jimmy will not be allowed to chicken out of their still secret plan to launch a salon in his now famous name. Metropole Café terrace waiter Billy gets a call about the bloody knife he barely got away with, saying he had no choice: Agnes carried it, he was lucky it was too dark to be recognized. Ralph assures Kathy he only needs her priceless 1804 silver coin as collateral for a loan to launch Jimmy's salon, in six months to be paid off and Jimmy fired, then buys a fake copy from Hally Simpon. Jessica suggests to Sam the burglar may overhear customers at some place they all go to, Antoinette's beauty parlor fits at least four. Antoinette asks Stevo to drop Nancy's left-behind glasses at her place on his way home and overhears Jimmy waving Dane's warning Ralph is too dangerous do business with. Ralph promises Jimmy's ex Phoebe Campbell a fat managerial contract to spy on him. Kathy sees Ralph leaving his mistress Nancy's place after promising her to get divorced and giving the fake coin as collateral for her $400,000 investment check. Next at Nancy's Steve is knocked down by Billy, who was burglarizing the coin and throws the box besides him; the kid is arrested but released on Jessica's recommendation; Nancy didn't report it stolen to Ralph's relieve but demands alternative collateral. When Billy learns it's a fake, he smells something big and attempts blackmail, but Ralph threatens him with the police. Nancy learns her show will be canceled for poor ratings. Everybody attends Jimmy's send-off party; afterward he finds Ralph stabbed to dead with scissors in the salon, where Jimmy asked him to meet; he carried the coin. Sam and Jessica investigate...

Directed by Anthony Pullen Shaw  

Starring Angela Lansbury, Daphne Ashbrook, Rosalind Cha, Leslie Easterbrook, Denise Gentile, more...

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