The Serpent and the Ice

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Action/Adventure//Sci-Fi, 1999

Synopsis Shao Kahn has a master plan, and that plan is to put Sub-Zero and Scorpion together to kill Kung Lao. The prize is that Shao Kahn will divide up half of Earthrealm to give to both parties if the job is done. At first neither wants to work with the other but the threat of Shao Kahn makes them. Raiden appears to warn Siro, Taja and Kung Lao. Each side however, is plotting to go against the other. The Lin Kuei want nothing to do with Scorpion so they say they will attack him. Scorpion wants nothing to do with The Lin Kuei so he plots to go against Sub-Zeros real family. He has two of his guards attack Sub- Zeros family in the woods, but Kung Lao is there to save them. He brings them back to the trading post where Sub-Zero is waiting for them. Sub-Zero notices two of Scorpions guards and freezes them which kills them. Scorpion appears. Sub -Zeros younger sister runs out of the trading post and Siro runs after her. Kung Lao is about to run after Siro when Sub-Zero says to stay and save his family, while he runs after his sister. Scorpions second in command a woman named Peron finds Sub- Zeros sister and kills her. Sub-Zero sees her do this, and then freezes her and kills her. Scorpion goes to the Lin Kuei headquarters and tells them what Sub-Zero has done. They dont believe him, but Scorpion tells them that he is out to get him. Secretly the Grand Masters of the Lin Kuei talk, but dont know what to do, so they summon Sub-Zero. They ask him about what transpired, and he tells them, and the Grand Masters punish him by telling him he has to stay at the headquarters. Sub-Zero freezes one of the Grand Masters which kills him and runs out. He and Scorpion do battle but Scorpion teleports somewhere else. Back at the Lin Kuei headquarters the remaining Grand Master tells the troops that Sub-Zero needs to be found and killed for his treachery. He then sends Smoke out to find him.

Directed by Jack Sholder  

Starring Paolo Montalban, Daniel Bernhardt, Kristanna Loken, Tracy Douglas, Bruce Locke, more...

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