Travels with Scout

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Comedy/Romance/, USA, 2010, 30 min.

Synopsis It's time for a visit from Phil's dad, Frank Dunphy (Fred Willard)! Which was a surprise to Claire (Julie Bowen) was the dog he brought for them. At work, Phil (Ty Burrell) confesses that his dad got there a few days early and he meant to tell Claire about the dog. But there was only one "right time" to do it. And of course, every guy cashes in that "right time" for something else. Claire gives the classic argument of she'll end up taking care of the dog, even though everybody promises to do so. And she does have Luke's paper route to back her up on this. Of course, the kids love the dog, but they promise to take care of him. Well, Dylan does, but he doesn't count. Besides, he has to worry about his band breaking up because his drummer's parents are getting back together. Cameron (Eric Stonestreet), having gone over to the Dunphy's to get some dogginess, is suddenly interested in the gig Dylan's band is playing tomorrow night. Dylan is hesitant.CAMERON: Why, is it because I'm gay and you think I'll want to play show tunes?DYLAN: No, it's because you're old.CAMERON: Wow, that hurt more, Dylan.However, since Dylan doesn't want to lose the deposit on his fog machine, Cameron is in the band. He has a tryout with the band. He's timid and not very good at first. But he (jokingly) switches the drumsticks in his hands, and suddenly he's Charlie Rich. ("Dude, you should label those sticks.")While taking Manny (Rico Rodriguez) to the dentist, Jay (Ed O'Neill) runs into an old drama club pal of Mitchell's (Jesse Tyler Ferguson), who is still acting and didn't get a real job like Mitch did. He tells Jay about a movie he's in: Maple Street. Jay decides to take Manny to it instead of returning him to school, since his dad used to do the same for him. (movie...track...same thing) The problem is, Maple Street is a slasher fic, and Manny is sufficiently traumatized. Gloria (Sofía Vergara) is understandably upset, but Jay thinks he'll shake it off, just as soon as he gets the demon living in the broken doorbell. But Manny's tough. He arms himself with a sword and agrees to take the first watch. Unfortunately, even sleeping with his parents isn't helping, and he's having nightmares.Claire overhears Frank crying in the RV and asks Phil to talk to him. Phil doesn't think anything is wrong with his dad ("under his hard candy shell is more candy"), but Claire is suspicious that his wife didn't come with him on the trip. Phil tries to talk to him, but he can't make himself confront him about it. Besides, the dog got out of the cage and is into Claire's underwear...because he's cute and has a nice car...and Luke is somehow locked in the cage.Cameron practices with the band, and Mitchell is suprised that they're over at their house, and one of the band members is feeding Lily. Mitchell is not happy about this, especially since they have a apri ski fondue party the following night at a friend's house, but Cameron confesses he is getting stir crazy from being at home and taking care of Lily. Plus, the fondue friend makes him wear a sweater.Mitchell decides to man up and attend the gig with the rest of the group, including Phil, Claire, and Frank, who said he was going on the road in the morning and not going home. Cameron was great and Mitchell was proud to watch him have his moment. Then the moment kept going...and going...and Mitchell could have gone to the apri ski fondue party, come back, and Cameron would still be having his moment. Cameron is hoping to make this permanent, but their original drummer returns. Cameron thinks it's awkward, and he's right. It's awkward for him. ("Good luck following that, Ringo.")Jay has an idea for helping Manny, which came from an old Brady Bunch episode. He invited Ben Dugan, Mitchell's old friend from the movie, to convince Manny that the movie was all pretend. He's even bringing his fake machete. Of course, the doorbell doesn't work, so he goes to the window with his fake machete and sees Manny. ("Are you Manny? I"m here for you!")As Frank is leaving, Phil demands to know what is going on with Frank, no jokes or BS. Frank still won't say anything, but Frank was apparently sad that he was giving up Scout, the dog. The family decides to let Frank keep the dog.CLAIRE: He took my dog!

Directed by Seth Gordon  

Starring Ed O'Neill, Sofía Vergara, Julie Bowen, Ty Burrell, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, more...

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