Planes, Trains and Cars

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Comedy/Romance/, 2012

Synopsis PLANESJay (Ed O'Neill), Gloria (Sofía Vergara), and Manny (Rico Rodriguez) are making a weekend trip up to Pebble Beach so Jay can meet up with some of his old football buddies, which was one of the best times in his life. Of course back then, you could only have a good time if you were a straight white male who was good at football. He's really trying to step up his game because he claimed he was something of a legend. (Insert Married with Children joke here.) He even rents a small plane to fly them up there. And suddenly Gloria puts her foot down and refuses to get on it. So they try to drive up there, a four-hour trip with no bathroom breaks. (Manny may want to hold on to that super-sized soda cup.) But a pothole takes out the strut on Jay's SUV and they would be stranded in the middle of nowhere. The mechanic, seeing Gloria, offered to take them up in an old Apache helicopter. Gloria wasn't having that either, no. Manny was not thrilled about staying in a motel ("the amenities really fall off when you go from an 'h' to an 'm'), but Jay thinks they can still get to Pebble Beach by hopping a freight train. Finally, Gloria's had enough and wants to take Manny home and leave Jay behind. It turns out, Jay wanted to show her off because he highly exaggerated how much of a legend he was. He was actually a very shy kid who rode the bench and wanted to show off Gloria to the more popular jocks to prove he made something of himself. Gloria was upset...that he didn't say that in the first place. She got right on that helicopter and got herself "all trophied up", and Manny enjoyed the resort to the fullest, even sending flowers to the concierge. (on Jay's tab, natch)TRAINSMitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) and Cameron (Eric Stonestreet) took Lily (Aubrey Anderson-Emmons) on her first subway ride through L.A. But she needed her shoes tied, so Cam tosses Mitch Lily's Mr. Bunny stuffed animal to hold while he ties her shoes...only Mitchell wasn't paying attention and Mr. Bunny got thrown back in the train. Lily, you might suspect was despondent and kept the guys up all night with her crying. Cam put up lost signs with Lily and Mr. Bunny, although only offering a $25 reward wasn't exactly good parenting without emphasizing the BUNNY was lost, not Lily. Mitchell tries to convince Lily that Mr. Bunny called him and was having a great adventure in St. Louis visiting his girlfriend. Except, according to Lily, Mr. Bunny doesn't talk and has a boyfriend (awwww...), so she high-tails it to St. Louis to get Mr. Bunny back. Finally, Mitch and Cam head to the subway to put the new flyers up, although a Helvetica font would have communicated need, according to Cam. Mitch thought Lily should just deal with it, like he had to when Jay wouldn't get his Luke Skywalker action figure back (the one with the short, white robe, not the all-black outfit...apparently this is important). Luckily, they find Mr. Bunny in the possession of a sleeping homeless man. They try to extract it, only to have the homeless man cough heavily and wipe his nose on it. Well, kids have to deal with loss at some point.CARSPhil (Ty Burrell) is looking for a car to lease, and he wasn't thrilled about leasing a Cadillac again. (don't ask) Andre (Kevin Hart), his neighbor, talks him into taking the Porsche 911 Convertible for a spin. And Phil is convinced, a little sentimental for the days when he imagined the wind blowing through his perm, listening to Hall & Oates, and having some fun with his Mr. Microphone. (ANDRE: Yeah, we wouldn't have been friends back then.)PHIL: (pointing at the Porsche) I'd like to take her for a spin. Let's get her top down, let's see what she can do.(of course, there was a woman in front of the Porsche when he said that)Claire (Julie Bowen) did the typical "saying I love it when I really want to kill you" routine that housewives are famous for, and Phil is going crazy because he knows that's what she's doing and she won't cave in and admit it. But he has bigger problems as he has to pick up some clients. As in plural. They switch cars and Claire drives around in the Porsche. And she LOVES it. In fact, she loves it so much, she decides to drive up the coast and spend the entire day at the beach. She even did cartwheels in the sand, which is a great way to lose your car keys. Meanwhile, Phil is running errands, including shuttling the kids around, and he realizes how much disconnect there is these days between the kids and him. He goes to get Claire, and both of them realize they needed a day to themselves to just unwind and enjoy each other. Rather than keeping the Porsche, they agree to spend one day at the beach by themselves every month. And Phil did some impressive backflips to celebrate.

Directed by Michael Spiller  

Starring Ed O'Neill, Sofía Vergara, Julie Bowen, Ty Burrell, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, more...

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