The Freeze

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Action/Adventure/Crime/Drama/Thriller, 1968, 60 min.

Synopsis Raymond Barret, was the mastermind behind the robbery of an armored truck several years ago. He has changed his identity and is now serving a lesser charge in a federal prison, waiting out the statute of limitations. When he's released he'll be able to recover the stolen cash. The IMF convinces Barret that he's suffering from a terminal illness. In desperation he turns to a doctor of cryogenics (Phelps) and blackmails him into freezing him until a cure can be found. Barret wakes up in "the future" but quickly discovers the ruse. Even though everything seems to have gone wrong, it's all part of the elaborate plan to capture Barret and his partners.

Directed by Alexander Singer  

Starring Peter Graves, Martin Landau, Barbara Bain, Greg Morris, Peter Lupus, more...

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