The Elixir

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Action/Adventure/Crime/Drama/Thriller, 1968, 60 min.

Synopsis The mission the IMF team must tackle is to stop Riva Santel, the widow of the late president and the power behind the throne, from declaring her candidacy for president and ceasing power before free presidential elections can be held in 72 hours. A fake televised tour of the presidential palace is filmed by the IMF team with Cinnamon and Riva as the hosts. Riva is allowed to learn that Cinnamon's character is really 50 years older than she appears as the result of Rollins treatments and surgery. The IMF team offers the vain widow a chance for eternal youth, but she has to record the speech announcing her candidacy. After the operation, Riva watches her speech announcing her and finds it altered with her announcing her retirement from public life. The IMF team leaves the country making it appear that Riva has gone into self exile. After removing the bandages from her face, she finds herself looking completely different. Her democratic opponents don't recognize her; dismiss her and the free elections can take place.

Directed by John Florea  

Starring Peter Graves, Martin Landau, Barbara Bain, Greg Morris, Peter Lupus, more...

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