Midsomer Murders

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Drama/Crime/Mystery, UK, 1997, 90 min.

Tagline The deadliest county in England.

Synopsis Police detectives are called to investigate the murder of a beautiful South American model. She is found with a necktie wrapped around her throat and a suspect's watch at the crime scene. The suspect (Nick Farrell) is found to be an unhappily married man with a mistress and a sexual fetish that meets the profile of a killer. It is also found that the crime duplicates another murder that took place nine years earlier.

Directed by Nicholas Laughland, Luke Watson, Peter Cregeen, Andy Hay, Matt Carter, Rob Evans, Stephen Hughes, Toby Frow, Paul Harrison, Alex Pillai, Charles Palmer, David Tucker, Simon Langton, Peter Smith, Richard Holthouse, Sarah Hellings, Renny Rye, Jeremy Silberston, Baz Taylor, Moira Armstrongová, Audrey Cooke  

Starring John Nettles, Jane Wymark, Barry Jackson, Jason Hughes, Neil Dudgeon, more...

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