Stone's War

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Action/Drama/Crime/Thriller, USA, 1986, 60 min.

Synopsis Milton, Mass. A family of four sits bound and gagged in their house. A man with a clawfoot hammer turns on the TV, then we cut to the basement, where two men are digging a very deep hole. They hit something.It's a small box with weird writing on it. One of the guys wants to open it. They do and a light goes out. The men both start bleeding from their noses, unable to move. The third man comes down, sees what's happening, shuts the box and takes it upstairs. He finds the family of four immobilized in their chairs, bleeding from their noses.Newton (Sebastian Roché) briefs Fauxlivia on her counterpart and gives her a book on the history of pop culture. He removes her tattoo. She asks if he sent men to the site like she asked. She reminds him he works for her.In the lab, Astrid (Jasika Nicole) reads William Bell's obituary. Peter (Joshua Jackson) explains the doomsday machine to Broyles (Lance Reddick), including that a piece of it responded directly to him.Peter thinks Walternate must have a new plan now that Peter's back on this side.Broyles worries Walter (John Noble) isn't focused (he's trying to get Gene the cow to produce chocolate milk).They've been back two days, we learn from Fauxlivia at the bar with Peter. He's doing shots. She notices Patsy Cline's "Crazy" and comments on it, which he thinks is out of character. She says being over there has given her new perspective. She gets him to dance in the bar. He says meeting the other her was like "looking in a carnival mirror." They're interrupted by her phone.They're called to the house with the white-eyed bloody-nose people. The blood is mixed with something, maybe spinal fluid.In the basement, one of the men is slumped unnaturally against a post and another is mid-kneel. Fauxlivia asks a lot of questions about the third man and what was taken.Later, she goes to see Newton, who tells her he only hired two men, the dead men. He says no one can withstand the device, but someone did.Back at the lab, Walter plays with brains. Astrid notices a red spot on his tie. He licks it off and smiles manically. It's jam.He tries to beg off where ever he's going, but Astrid reassures him.Massive Dynamic Walter is awed by Bell's empire. He awkwardly gives his condolences to Nina. They listen to the reading of the will. Bell gives Nina (Blair Brown) an envelope. To Walter, he says he hopes he's forgiven him. Walter looks in his envelope.Outside, Peter ask what the letter says, but Walter won't tell him. Broyles calls to ask about Blake. Apparently Olivia didn't call them after Broyles told her about finding Blake was one of the victims. At his apartment, Fauxlivia snoops around. When Peter arrives, she says she knew Walter had a big day and needed him.She goes outside to call Newton with Blake's address. The third man watches from his car nearby. He writes down her badge number.In the lab, Walter is out of sorts, even for him. He shows Astrid his letter. It came with a key and the letter only said: "Don't be afraid to cross the line."He doesn't understand how William could think, given all the havoc his choices to go over there caused. Walter looks at the brain and has an epiphany. He checks a victim's ear and finds fluid. He thinks he knows what killed them.Cut to him putting on an electrode helmet and playing opera and rock while he watches his brain waves. Sonic waves could have introduced a trance, which would have also affected the inner ear. But it's ultrasonic, so no one couldn't hear it. They wonder if the third man was wearing headphones.Astrid urges Walter to talk to Peter.In her apartment, Fauxlivia watches tapes of Olivia (Anna Torv). Olivia has a photographic memory and Faux wonders how she's going to pull that off.There's a knock at her door. She opens it holding a gun.It's the third man, with the box. She tells him to put the box down. He asks her not to hurt him and she realizes he's deaf. "That's why you didn't die," she realizes.Walter tries to talk to Peter, telling him how hard it was to lose his son. He lost all hope, but the window into Peter's world kept him going. He says he was the only one who could save him. Peter says he kidnapped him. Walter tells Peter he loves him and he understands what he did was wrong. Peter tells him he can't talk about it yet.Fauxlivia gives the box to Newton in her apartment, discussing the situation when the third man has his back turned. The poor deaf man just thought he was turning over evidence to a federal agent. After Newton leaves, she puts a silencer on her gun and walks up behind him. She says she's sorry, then shoots him in the back of the head. She's dragging him to the other room when Peter knocks on the door.She tells him she just got out of the shower. She drags the deaf man into her bathroom, soaks her hair and opens the door. He tells her Walter apologized, but he can't bring himself to give him a break. Peter says Walter destroyed their world. He's still stuck on the picture of him with the doomsday machine.Fauxlivia notices blood seeping out from under her bathroom door. She sidles up on the couch next to Peter, suggesting the temporary fix of distraction. She starts kissing him.Newton sits down on a subway bench next to a homeless dwarf. He gives him cash to watch the box, not telling him what's inside. Newton walks away.Fauxlivia kisses Peter, keeping an eye on the seeping blood under the bathroom door. Both of their phones ring.They're called to the subway station. People are frozen in place, with bloody noses. Broyles wants to send the bomb squad, but Peter offers to go instead. Walter has a hairbrained scheme. They'll need Fauxlivia's gun.Walter tells Peter he'll have about three minutes. Fauxlivia shoots her gun by each of Peter's ears, which go out and ring. He goes down the tunnel .He finds the dwarf frozen in place next to the box. He's rocking in place, then his head explodes. Peter closes the box and recognizes the symbol on the lid. He radios it's a piece of the doomsday weapon.He radios the box looks soundproof, but it's broken. He tries to disarm it. He cuts a wire and the needle spikes.On the platform, Fauxlivia hears something and runs down the tunnel. They realize a train isn't stopped. Peter shuts off the box and notices the vibrations. He turns around with the train bearing down on him and Fauxlivia races up and grabs him out of the way.The train goes past.Back on the platform, Peter thinks Walternate's agents are looking for the pieces on this side. He doesn't know why there'd be pieces on this side.He wants to take the machine back to the lab. Fauxlivia doesn't mind he's got other plans.Walter contemplates the safety deposit box key from Bell. He goes to the bank.He opens the box and is stunned by whatever he sees.In the lab, Peter works on the sound machine.Walter knocks on an apartment door. It's Astrid's. He shows her what Bell left him -- a stack of stock certificates. William Bell left him Massive Dynamic. "I'm the sole shareholder," he says.Fauxlivia goes to the inter-universe typewriter. "Peter has first piece. He is actively engaged," she types. The reply comes: "Understood. Begin work on Dr. Bishop."

Directed by Jeffrey G. Hunt  

Starring Don Johnson, Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson, Lance Reddick, Philip Michael Thomas, more...

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