Hold Your Finish

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Comedy/Drama, 2011

Synopsis Owen welcomes potential customers to the dealership's free carwash. His dad only notices that Lawrence is being pushy to the cars lining up.Inside, Terry watches his leprechaun commercial again and lets Lawrence have the customers who walk in, even though they're tied for the sales month ending tomorrow.Joe watches the surveillance video of him getting pushed around and destroys the tape.At the diner, Owen complains about his dad watching his every move. Joe's busted tooth is still bothering him. Terry thinks it's lucky he ran back into Dory.The waitress brings Joe a bran muffin with a candle in it for his birthday. Terry and Owen encourage him going into his pro-qualifying tournament. Owen can't make it, but Terry can since he's been selling so well.On a test drive with a customer, the customer says he can't pull the trigger. Terry points at the birds on the wire and references their independence. They share a good laugh when a honk scares them off.Joe's kids bring him birthday presents. Lucy gave him golf balls painted like she used to and Albert stole a driver cover from their grandfather for luck.When the kids leave, Joe quickly loses the warm fuzzies and panics.Owen gets off the phone with someone, thanking them for the additional 30 days.Terry goes to tell Owen he wants to quit because working there has showed him what he can do if he applies himself. Owen thinks Terry is doing his usual thing, bailing when he gets comfortable, but he thanks him for what he's done. Terry hasn't told Erin yet.Erin gets ready to leave for work. Terry brings out coffee. He tells Erin he quit and wants to get into directing. Naomi has a commercial next week he wants to hang around to learn. She's late for work but is clearly not pleased and freaked out that she just gave up her apartment.At the dealership, Owen's dad criticizes him for the carwash. He notices the carwash is backed up and goes to investigate.He finds that Lawrence got stuck in it. The employees start to complain about the carwash and Owen decides to tell them things aren't great. He knows they've been selling a lot, but he needs them to do more. He wins them over making fun of his own carwash idea. Owen Sr. stalks away in a huff.At the golf course, Joe obsesses over what clubs to use. Albert decides for him and prays before he tees off. Lucy cheers him on. His tee shot is good and he relaxes a little.Owen talks to the same customer who came by yesterday. He gets mad when Owen says the wash is broken and drives off shouting that he should stop lying to people.Terry arrives to cheer on Joe.Owen Sr. criticizes his son for "airing their laundry" to the staff. They're interrupted by the angry carwash freeloader who is shouting on a bullhorn outside.On the course, Joe is doing well when Albert suddenly realizes they have too many clubs. Joe reports himself. It's a two stroke penalty. Albert feels awful. Joe starts playing like crap and is suddenly 3-over. Albert keeps blaming himself, but Joe tells him they're a team.Owen goes out to the customer and offers to hand wash his car for free. The customer agrees, but Owen Sr. steps in and tells him he's not getting anything. He rips up the flyer and shoves the man against his car. Owen Sr. tosses the man's bullhorn in the street, where it gets run over."Who you trying to beat here, him or me?" Owen asks his dad. Owen sr. tells Lawrence to go get the bullhorn in the street, but Jr. says he doesn't have to. Owen Sr. bellows at everyone to get it, but no one moves. Owen Sr. goes to get it himself and steps in front of a speeding car and nearly gets hit."This place is beyond repair," Owen Sr. says as he storms off.Albert suggests a cautious approach on a tee, but Joe decides to go for it. He reminds him to "hold your finish." Joe hits the green. He chips in and holes it for a birdie. He keeps playing great, with Lucy's flower golf balls. Near the end, Albert points out if Joe knocks a putt in he'll make the cut. It's a 30 footer and he gives it a valiant try, but misses the hole by four feet. He distractedly tries to tap it in, but misses, adding two strokes. He finishes even, six strokes back.Terry tries to give him a pep talk after, but Joe is feeling OK about it. "Did you see Albert and Lucy out there today? That should be enough," he says. Terry listens to what he's saying and leaves.Joe breaks his club over his knee.Owen addresses the troops. He thanks everybody for standing by him and presents Lawrence with his sales win.Owen Sr. has a milkshake and contemplates in his car. Then he walks into Scarpulla's dealership.Terry comes home to find lots of boxes, but no Erin.Lucy talks to her dad about an upcoming tournament. The day's rounds are still going on. Albert comes into the clubhouse announcing it's pouring, and old guys can't play in the rain.The leaders fall by the wayside and they go out to watch a guy finish. If he makes his putt, he and Joe are tied for fifth. They watch as the guy taps it and it comes up short. Joe's in. Lucy and Albert jump for joy.Owen Sr. drives up, telling Jr. he should have left the business when he said he was leaving. He announces that he got Scarpulla to up his offer by 15 percent -- he's selling.Owen Sr. tells Jr. he knows he always resented the place, but Jr. says he's put his heart and soul into the place trying to dig them out of the hole his dad dug. Then he asks his dad what he's supposed to do if he sells.His dad says it's just business."You are one pathetic old man," Owen Jr. says.Joe drops his kids off at home. Lucy tries to get him to come in so he doesn't celebrate alone on his big day. He says he'll be fine and drives off.Terry finds Erin at her place, sitting alone in the dark.Erin says they rushed into things. She points out he wants to start a whole new career at 50 because of a car commercial.Terry tries to tell her about the senior tour, like a do-over when you turn 50. He wants to make up for what he's missed and he assures her he already begged for his building manager job back. He asks for a year, and if it doesn't work he'll go back to selling cars.Owen Jr. goes to his parents' house. He sits by his dad at the pool. Sr. says he doesn't know what happened, that it all just went away. Jr. says he understands what it means now to build a business. And he still wants it.Joe sits home alone. He calls Dory (Sarah Clarke) and tells her his news. She remembers how important it was to him. He checks that she'll be there when he comes in for his appointment next week. It's not the smoothest move, but it's a move.

Directed by David Boyd  

Starring Ray Romano, Scott Bakula, Andre Braugher, Richard Gant, Melinda McGraw, more...

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