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Drama, USA, 2008, 96 min.

Tagline The story of a one-in-a-million friendship.

Synopsis Memory/Loss begins with a phone call from a hospital to an unknown recipient to let her know that she is the emergency contact for someone who has just suffered a fatal accident. Immediately, the story jumps back in time to the beginning of a story of two girls, at the inception of their friendship. Their mothers are best friends, and they are fated to spend the summer together, like it or not, in the country. The story continues, switching between the growing up of two girls in the Midwest, and the sojourn of one of those girls, when, years later, the other dies unexpectedly. They go through childhood, teenage years, college, marriage, and divorce together, and enjoy the honest, deep friendship that so few are lucky enough to ever have, let alone have from such a young age and for such a long period. Eventually, the story is brought full circle, with both yarns tied intimately together throughout the whole film.

Directed by Sarah Phillips  

Starring Heidi Arni, Alex Trumble, Kathleen Stewart, Charlie Gray, Morgan Cranford, more...

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