The Trial of George Frankly

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Comedy/Crime/Family/Mystery, 1987

Synopsis Upon returning to work from his vacation, George Frankly is informed of a bank robbery that took place while he was gone. George is stunned when he is shown footage from the robbery - the robber looks exactly like him. George insists that he is innocent, but when $250,000 of stolen money is found deposited in his bank account, Chief Thad Greene places George under arrest. Kate Monday tries to help find an alibi for George, only to find extra mileage on George's car, making it theoretically possible for George to have made the extra trip to LA to rob the bank. With his trial about to begin, George recalls two brothers, Irving and Jake Karamazov, who he had sent to prison for computer crime. The brothers had since escaped from prison and George suspects they may be seeking revenge. Several witnesses testify in court that it was indeed George who committed the robbery. George, acting as his own attorney, then questions a witness of his own, an airline pilot, who he believes can prove his innocence. The pilot, who George has never met before, then claims he flew George to LA early on the day of the robbery. George begins to lose hope that he will ever win the case, until Kate presents new evidence in regards to the weather. She explains that George could not have been flown to LA by the time the bank was robbed, due to heavy fog. Now convinced of George's innocence, everyone is shocked when George nonetheless pleads guilty. Moments later, the real George Frankly appears and peels off the defendant's face, revealing Irving Karamazov in disguise. George then yanks off the pilot's hair, revealing Jake Karamazov. The two brothers are taken back to jail and George's case is dismissed.

Directed by Charles S. Dubin, Karl Epstein, James F. Golway, William Schreiner  

Starring Beverly Leech, Joe Howard, Mary Watson, James Earl Jones, Wayne Grace, more...

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