Double Dating

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Comedy/, USA, 2004

Synopsis When Tom finally finds an old male friend in Kansas, and they talk sports and other guy stuff in a bar all night instead of the Kelly's stuff such as food, Susan gets enough of a taste of his conversational boredom to realize he needs a friend, but in order for her not be left out they figure the only solution is to match up Bob with one of her female friends so they can go out as two couples. Mary and Chris host a fancy dress-up 'Oscar night' by the TV, but Sandy is worried when Lewis finds money in his tuxedo which he thinks someone gave him as a present at Marys wedding. On the Oscar evening Susan tries to match Bob with her school friend Julie as subtly as a hurricane, and Mary introduces Bob to Justine, a divorce-gloomy super-nag. Lewis discovers on the wedding pictures it was the priest who didn't get paid. When the couples double-date, Bob and Justine have a surprising announcement...

Directed by Jerry Zaks  

Starring Sam Anderson, Josh Braaten, Jamie Kaler, Nancy Lenehan, Eddie McClintock, more...

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