Man of the Hour

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Drama, USA, 1914

Synopsis George Garrison kills himself after he is ruined by speculating in the stock market on phony tips given to him by Charles Wainwright, but before his death he begs his son Henry to avenge him. Henry makes a fortune prospecting out West, then returns to New York and assumes the name of Henry Thompson. He becomes Wainwright's protégé and falls in love with his daughter Dallas, then is elected mayor of New York, backed by Wainwright's cronie, political boss Richard Horrigan. In return for Wainwright's support, he is supposed to sign a franchise binding the city to the financier's railway. Henry refuses, so Wainwright and his flunkies attempt to discredit him by dredging up an old murder charge, but the charge is proved false when the supposed victim, Henry's partner Joe Standing shows up. Finally, Henry confronts Wainwright, accuses him of causing his father's death and of attempting to defraud the city. Despite his denunciation of her father, Dallas proclaims her love for Henry. In an epilogue, the hands of the victims of political boss Horrigan clutch at him from the grave.

Directed by Maurice Tourneur  

Starring Robert Warwick, Alec B. Francis, Ned Burton, Eric Mayne, Johnny Hines, more...

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