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Drama, USA, 2014, 45 min.

Synopsis "Mad Men" - "Waterloo" - May 25, 2014Bert is watching the moon launch in his living room. He is enthralled.Ted is flying some of the Sunkist folks in a plane. They talk about the danger of the moon launch. Ted morosely says maybe the astronauts won't make it and all their problems will be over. He then turns the plane engines off, totally freaking the Sunkist people out.Later Jim calls him to reprimand him for his behavior. Pete is in his office and he is livid. Ted notes that Jim used to fly and weren't there times he wanted to die. Jim notes he flew in the war and he wanted to live. Ted says he doesn't want to die he just doesn't want to do this anymore. He wants to do something else, somewhere else and asks that the partners buy him out and that he's made up his mind.Lou comes in to Jim's office to say the Commander cigarette deal is dead because the company is rolling it up with Phillip Morris. Lou complains about the Don Draper dinner theatre that happened at the meeting and how he is going to crawl out this place with nothing left to show for it. Jim snaps that they don't owe Lou anything, he's a hired hand, and should get back to work.Betty's old college roommate Carolyn shows up to the Francis house with her husband Rick and two sons, strapping high school jock Neal and nerdy Sean. They are staying with them for a little while. Sally eyes Neal approvingly. Betty tells Bobby to show Sean his telescope. Bobby complains there's nothing to see during the day. Of course, Sean knows this is not true.In the conference room Harry asks Peggy, Pete and Don about accepting the partner offer and notes that Jen is no longer talking about divorce with partnership on the table. Pete says she wants to get that money. Don tells him not to negotiate, just accept the deal. They get down to the business of practicing their presentation for Burger Chef: Pete warms them up with a joke, Harry talks about ad buying, Peggy introduces Don, Don works his magic. They pray everything goes smoothly on the moon.Peggy goes home and there's a hot workman there named Nick filling in her for her regular guy, Kaz. He notes she's got a lot of books. He says her son was a lot of help as Julio enters. She says he's the neighbor's son. Peggy notes that she owns the building. He's impressed. He gives her his number in case she has any jobs too small for Kaz. She's way into him. Julio asks for a popsicle.Betty and Carolyn make breakfast and smoke and gab about their husbands and kids. Carolyn asks if she ever sees Don? Betty says only when absolutely necessary and he's like an old bad boyfriend. Neal enters shirtless. Sally enters in her swimsuit, she's a lifeguard for the summer and is headed to the pool. Carolyn says she's beautiful, and Betty notes particularly today and that Sally never wears lipstick. They both know she's all done up for Neal.Stan and Mathis are talking about the moon landing and Stan worries that the moon is covered in quicksand.Meredith calls Don into his own office. She says he's received an upsetting letter. Don read it. It says he's in breach of contract-- over the Commander cigarette "dinner theatre"-- and will be let go. All the partners got the letter.Don goes to Jim Cutler and yells at him that he can't throw him out of his own company. Jim says it was cut and dried that he broke the stipulations. Don notes that Jim set that meeting to force him out. Jim notes that he and Ted used to be intimidated when they didn't know Don but now that he's been backstage he's unimpressed and calls Don a bully and a drunk, a football player in a suit. Don is seething. Jim dares him to take a swing at him since that would save them a lot of trouble.Don calls out to the other partners and Roger, Joan, Bert, and Pete hastily have a meeting right there in the hall. Bert says they're going to get to the bottom of it. Harry, who was meeting with Roger and is not yet a partner, leaves. Pete calls it outrageous. Jim arrives and Roger says he votes against this right now. Bert is mad Jim put his name on it. Don calls for a show of hand and Jim and Joan vote against him and he has Ted's vote. Roger, Bert, and Pete vote for him, as of course does he. So Jim is outvoted and everyone stalks off. Jim looks to commiserate with Joan but she pointedly said that he shouldn't have done that.Peggy is packing for Indianapolis and asks Julio for fashion advice. He's mad she's going to be gone during the moon landing because he wants to watch on her TV. He blurts out that he doesn't want to move and explains his mother got a new job in Newark. He hugs her tightly and she gets choked up. She cries and comforts him and notes that maybe he'll have a yard and that he should want his mom to have a job. He says she doesn't care about him. Peggy says she does and that's why she's moving to Newark. She says she'll visit all the time. He knows she's lying. She lets him watch TV while she pack.Don packs too. Then he calls Megan and tells her what happened and says they're going to fire him. She says she's sorry. He says they want him to move on. And she says maybe he should saying he must be tired of fighting and see it as an opportunity. He says he could finally move out there. She goes silent. He asks if that's what she wants. She just says his name. And like that it's over. He says he will always take care of her. She says she'll be fine. He says until she is, whatever she needs, he will take care of her, he owes her that. She says he doesn't owe her anything. She cries and says goodbye.Roger goes to see Bert about the attempted Cutler coup. He wonders about "Benedict Joan" and Bert notes that Don cost her a million dollars when they didn't go public. Roger is at a loss and notes that Bert voted for Don. Bert says he's a leader and backs his team, he notes, not unkindly, that Roger has talent and skill and experience but is not a leader. Roger seems confused.Peggy, Harry, Don, and Pete head to Indianapolis on the plane. Peggy crosses herself when the pilot talks about sending good luck to the astronauts. Harry says that makes him nervous and she says the landing better go well or they'll have to postpone their pitch for a year. A few rows ahead Pete tries to pep up Don and tells him to come out to California and that Ted is off the deep end and says "Lane Pryce" as if he thinks Ted is going to kill himself. Don says he has no reason to go out there which make Pete ask if Megan is moving back. Don gives him the look and Pete harrumphs that marriage is a racket.Everybody watches the moon landing:Bert watches with his maid Hattie and when Neil says his great line and Bert says "Bravo."Pete, Don, Harry, and Peggy watch in their hotel together.Betty and Henry and their kids and friends watch together. Neal complains about how much money it cost to put a man on the moon and how that money could be put to better use here on earth. Don calls and Sally answers. She parrots that line and he tells her not to be cynical.Later, Sally comes out to the backyard to smoke and Sean shows Sally Polaris through the telescope. She kisses him and he asks 'What do I do now?" His mother calls out and says it's bedtime, he leaves. Sally smokes.Roger watches with Brooks, Mona, and Ellery. He gets a call and says "Oh shit." Bert Cooper is dead.Roger goes to the office and takes Bert's nameplate down. A tearful Joan arrives. They hug and she says she's sorry. Jim arrives and of course uses this opportunity to say now they can get ride of Don and now they can be the agency of the future thanks to the computer and Harry, almost a partner, and his vision. Roger is disgusted and asks Joan if this is this what would happen if he died and he stalks off.Roger calls Don and tells him the Bert news. Don offers his condolences saying he knew what Bert meant to him. Roger chokes up and says now he's going to lose Don too. Roger notes the last thing he said to Bert was old song lyrics and says Bert was hard on him and maybe he was right. Don says Bert was proud of Roger. Roger tells him to give 'em hell in the presentation. Don regards the astronauts on TV and thinks.He goes to see Peggy and says there's been a change of plans and she's giving the presentation and that they have a couple of hours to practice. She thinks he's kidding and is very nervous. He explains what's happening and says if he wins this business she'll have nothing and if she wins it it will be hers. She's nervous and worries out loud that they won't have any liquor since Indiana is dry on Sundays.Roger takes a dawn meeting with the big man from McCann-Erickson and tries to cut a deal: Since SCP is closing in on Chevy he offers to sell the agency to McCann as an independent subsidiary. The McCann guy is in but wants the whole Chevy team: Roger, Jim, Ted, and Don. Roger says to buy the whole cow complete with clients, computer, and awesome employees. He balks at Jim and Ted but the McCann guy says to bury the hatchet with Ted because GM thinks Don and Ted are one person.Peggy is nervous at the meeting but she gets up and does a slam dunk, tying the collective feeling everyone had in watching the moon landing to the collective feeling of Burger Chef and presents it as the new family dinner table where everyone gets what they want and there are no distractions like laundry, the telephone or TV and everyone can have the connection that they're hungry for.Don heads home and finds Roger at the door. Roger tells them about the McCann deal which allows them to keep their name, people, and business and Don to keep his job and Roger will be president. Don says he doesn't want to work for McCann which is why they started their own shop in the first place. He says he just wants to work and not deal with business crap. Roger says Cutler won't stop until it's just Harry and a computer and everyone will their lose jobs and he knows Don knows this.Roger meets with Joan, Ted-- in for Bert's funeral-- Jim, and Don and present his urgent business and says McCann has come to them with an incredible opportunity: they will buy a 51% stake and everyone will have five year contracts. Jim calls it a pathetic ploy and a delusion. Harry comes in and says he didn't realize there was a partner meeting. Roger says he hasn't signed his deal and he missed the boat and dismisses him. He spells out to Pete and Joan how much they will make: in the millions each. Don says he's thought a lot about it and they want to do everything they can to keep Jim from breaking up the agency. Ted says he's done. Roger says they can't do it without him. He says five years will be the rest of his life. Knowing the money on the table, Joan and Pete thinks he's selfish. They note how much money he will make. Ted says he'll make plenty from selling his share alone. Don pitches Ted: What if you could just write copy and not worry about business politics? Ted says he has that now and he can't take it anymore. Don says he's been on the outside and he said he woulddo anything to get back in. He wrote tags and coupons because he needed to do this. He says he knows Ted and he doesn't have to work for them but he knows he has to work. "You don't want to see what happens when it's really gone," Don says. Ted is unsure and asks if he could move back to the city. That seals it for Roger who says Ted is in. They take a vote and everyone raised their hand even eventually including Jim. Roger raises an eyebrow. Jim notes that hey, it's a lot of money. Joan and Pete ae clearly thrilled.The meeting breaks and Roger goes out to address the office about Bert. Peggy comes up and tells Don they got Burger Chef. Don hugs her and says "Well they heard what I heard." They hug. He heads off and she asks where he's going and he says "back to work."As he walks back to his office Don hears Bert's voice says "Don, my boy!" And suddenly he breaks into a song and dance number of "The Best Things in Life Are Free" and all the secretary's begin to twirl alongside him and he's even in his socks in Don's vision. Don is moved to tears by this display and Bert waves goodbye and saunters off with his dancers.

Directed by Matthew Weiner  

Starring Jon Hamm, Elisabeth Moss, Vincent Kartheiser, January Jones, Christina Hendricks, more...

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