The Rejected

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Drama, USA, 2010, 48 min.

Synopsis "Mad Men" - "The Rejected" - August 15, 2010Don and Roger try to manage a restless Lee Garner on the phone in Don's office during a conference call. They're talking about restrictions on tobacco advertising from the government. The Lucky Strike man doesn't sound happy.Peggy and Dr. Miller come in with questions about the Ponds campaign. Don okays an idea of Peggy's about women's nightly rituals, and gives her the go-ahead to grab some young women from the office to form a focus group. They invite Don's secretary, Allison to join them.As Don's on the phone with Lee, he opens a piece of mail, with a picture of himself and Anna from his recent L.A. trip. Pete stops by and while one occupies Lee the other tells Pete they want to resign the Clearasil account because of of a conflict with Ponds which is a bigger account. Pete is upset since it took such a personal toll on him to get his father-in-law to give them Clearasil. Roger tells him to throw himself on the grenade to protect the agency, since he's a partner now. On the phone Don lies to Lee and says there's a fire near Radio City so they can hang up. His secretary Allison asks about the photo of Anna and he is short with her.Pete arrives at his office to find Harry. They banter about Puerto Rican girls and Harry shows Pete a copy of Ken Cosgrove's wedding announcement. It would appear that Ken's marrying the daughter of the CFO of Corning. Harry invites Pete to lunch with Ken.Peggy arrives at work, in the elevator she meets a photo editor named Joyce from Life who is holding a folder with a "rejected" note on the front. It turns out that it contains some tasteful nudes that Joyce's artist friend shot. She shows some to Peggy (who she seems in to) and Peggy comments that they are beautiful and artistic.Pete goes to meet his father-in-law at a bar and as he natters a preamble, Tom tells him he already knows (since his wife went with Trudy to the doctor) and drops the bomb that Trudy is pregnant. He congratulates his son-in-law. Oops, Pete didn't know yet! Tom's freaked out and says he can't tell Trudy that he told. Pete seems genuinely happy about it and comments that he feels like his heart's going to burst. Tom orders champagne to celebrate, then offers a gift of $1,000 for a boy, $500 for a girl. Instead of telling him they're dropping Clearasil, Pete tells him they're putting a new creative team on the account.Pete goes home. Trudy feels so bad, she wanted to wait until their anniversary to tell Pete about the pregnancy. He says he doesn't care how he heard, he's just so happy. She's happy that he's happy. She asks him to forgive his parents, since they already think he hates them. He explains about the agency needing to drop Clearasil and she understands, says I know about "conflicts", she's heard him use the term before. Trudy offers to tell her dad for him tomorrow night at dinner but he says he'll handle it.The ladies are rounded up for the Ponds testing focus group. Dr. Miller comes in as a "character," the group leader named Fay. As Don, Peggy, & Freddy sit to watch on the other side of a one way mirror, Dr. Miller tells them to think of it as a sorority or a bridal shower, just a bunch of girls together talking. (Dr. Miller has slipped off her ring to get into character and Peggy fiddles with it, tries it on. Don notices and smiles.) Dr. Miller tries to get the women to talk about beauty and their routines. Megan, a tall brunette explains her French background, her mother taught her to just use cold water, no creamed. The group starts talking about boyfriends and skin care. Allison starts to talk but then stops herself...looking into the mirror where she knows Don is sitting. Don shifts with discomfort.Pete admits to Lane that he wasn't able to tell Tom about Clearasil. Lane says that Roger told Ponds it's already been done. Pete says he'll tell him tonight at dinner then Pete shares his good news. Lane says that should take the sting out of what Pete has to do, and then he apologizes and shakes his hand in congratulations.In the focus group one woman is crying about her ex-boyfriend. Freddy wonders how it got so sad so fast. Allison breaks down and leaves the room. Peggy steps out to talk to her saying she "feels responsible". Freddy points out that the group is proving his original point, that all women want is to get married and they will buy anything that will help that happen.Peggy follows Allison into an office and assures her that people cry in these groups all the time, even grown men, and that sometimes it just feels good to talk. Allison says she couldn't say anything because "he was right out there" and she doesn't know how Peggy stands it. She mistakenly thinks Peggy must have slept with Don, too and is mad that men like him get away with what they do, since they're drunks and they forget all about it. Peggy is aghast at Allison's assumption, tells her to get over it as she points out that they they do not have this problem in common. She goes back to the meeting and tells Don that Allison is fine.Pete and Harry have lunch with Ken Cosgrove. Harry offers congrats on the baby but then gets a call and leaves the table. Ken and Pete peruse the menu in an uncomfortable, momentary silence. Ken wants to get something out of the way. He asks Pete not to say bad things behind his back anymore, such as "he's an all-American idiot who fell on everything." Pete denies the comments, and defends himself, says Harry himself spoke most of the things Ken is mad about, like that he was marrying for money. Ken mentions that his fiancee knows Trudy from a garden club. Pete simply apologizes and calls it Textbook-Harry. They banter about the ad game, and the various places Ken has worked since changing firms. Ken says he's been floating along, laterally, and isn't having a love affair with his current firm. Pete congratulates him on the wedding and offers up his own baby news. Ken congratulates him and says he can't wait to start a family. Ken waxes a little nostalgic about his days at Sterling Cooper. Pete reminds him that the grass is always greener. Ken says, nicely, "another Campbell, that's just what the world needs."Don knocks on his office door to talk to Allison and tells her if she doesn't feel like working she can go home for the day. She shuts the door. He asks "what"? She says she's very embarrassed. He thinks she means about crying in the focus group. She says that what happened between them embarrasses her. He says he knows. She says they made a mistake and it's better for both of them if she moves on. He says it's not necessary since they are both adults. But she says she heard about a job at a magazine and admits she would like to try working for a woman for a change. She asks only that Don write her a recommendation. He says he'll go her one better, and she can type up whatever she wants, and he'll sign it. Incensed at him for being callous, she throws a knick-knack at him, destroying some framed prints on the wall. She says she doesn't say this easily but "you're not a good person." Heads pop out of other offices at the sound of the crash, and Allison runs off. Joan comes in and asks what's going on. He says he's going to need a new secretary. Joan asks if he would be open to Allison returning in a couple of days. Don says "if that's what she wants". Really, Joan asks? No. Don has a drink as Peggy peeks her head up, and stares at him through the glass partition at the top of their shared office wall.Joyce from Life comes to the office reception area, to invite Peggy to a party. It's being held at the downtown loft of her photographer friend, Mr. Reject. Megan, the receptionist comments that Joyce is a bit pretentious and Peggy says she knows, but seems to like her attitude.Pete comes home to the in-laws. Trudy and her mom go off to look at the maid's room, soon to be the baby's nursery, and Pete lays it on Tom about Clearasil, quite bluntly. He says he's done auditioning and that what Tom really should do is give him his bigger fish, like Vick's Formula 44. He asks Tom who's done a better job for him than Pete? Tom says Pete's given him something to think about. Pete says it's pretty simple and goes to pour them a drink. Tom calls him a son of a bitch, with a touch of resignation and admiration. Pete shrugs.Don sits in his office and drinks till the office is nearly empty. It is late and he hears the cleaning man buffing the floor and finally decides it is time to go home.Peggy heads to the party at the loft. It's in an old factory that was once a sweat shop and there's a big crowd of all types, including a guy in a bear suit and the photographer, who is showing some funky avante garde film he made. Joyce offers Peggy a joint since "it's easier than trying to find a drink around here" and tries to lick Peggy's ear as she smokes it. Peggy recovers nicely saying she has a boyfriend. Joyce points out that he doesn't own Peggy's vagina. Peggy points out that he does rent it.Don stumbles into his house. He sits down at the typewriter and starts writing an apology to Allison. He pulls the paper out, crumples it up and throws it away, stands up and then flops on the couch in a drunken stupor.The party is in full swing at the sweat shop as the crazy movie plays. Peggy likes it, calling it rhythmic. Joyce calls over her friend Abe, as well as the artiste. Peggy tells them she's a copy writer and they assume she must be working on something else, something artistic. She tells the artist that she loves his nude photographs and that they're looking for photogs at her agency. He snobbily asks her why anyone would do that. She says to make money to practice your art. He scoffs at the notion, especially post-Warhol, he says. Abe apologizes for his rudeness and says "for somebody to sell their soul they've got to have one", which makes Peggy smile. Suddenly there's a police raid. Abe pulls Peggy into a nearby broom closet. He says he's been arrested before, for writing about a boycott that turned violent in Harlem. In the close quarters he tells Peggy "I feel like I should kiss you." So he does. Joyce opens the door and leads them out. Abe wants to go watch the riot, in case their is something worth writing about, and then he'll try to find Peggy later. Joyce says she knows where Peggy can be found. Peggy and Joyce run off down the alley together, laughing.At the office the next day an old lady, Mrs. Blankenship, is waiting there to greet Don from his secretarial desk. She previously worked for Bert Cooper and Roger wonders what Don must have done to pull her out of mothballs. Roger, Lane, Don and Pete congregate in the hallway and Pete tells them he's landed Vicks' Chemical, all of it, a $6Mil account so they gave up Clearasil. Don tells him to keep up the good work.Peggy talks to her art department buddy, and explains about the nudes, how beautiful she thought they were. She describes them not as pornography, but more like Renaissance Art. They talk briefly about the Malcolm X shooting. A young secretary comes in with a baby card for the Campbell's. Peggy is slightly taken aback. She doesn't sign the card but does go to congratulate Pete. He thinks she means about the account. She says about the baby. She wanted to let him know how happy she is for them... both. He thanks her. She walks into her office and quietly bangs her head on her desk.Don is typing when he gets a visit from Dr. Miller. It turns out Peggy's "routine" hypothesis was rejected and that girls just want something to help them find a man so they can get married. She recommends a theme such as "a veiled promise." Don dismisses the idea as old-fashioned, and criticizes her touchy-feely techniques as useless and intrusive. She is, naturally, offended. She tells him he's the client and he says "that's right."Peggy's new friends, including Joyce, come to collect her for lunch. As she heads off with them she and Pete, who is standing in a huddle with a client, share a weighty moment as she boards the elevator. Pete smiles ever so slightly at her.Don comes home and notices an elderly couple in the hallway. The woman has returned from the market and her husband is waiting in the doorway. He keeps asking her over and over "did you get pears"? She replies "we'll discuss it inside". They go in and lock the door. Don looks at them and goes inside.

Directed by John Slattery  

Starring Jon Hamm, Elisabeth Moss, Vincent Kartheiser, January Jones, Christina Hendricks, more...

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