The Flood

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Drama, USA, 2013, 48 min.

Synopsis "Mad Men" - "The Flood" - April 28, 2013Peggy is looking at a new apartment-- two bedrooms, a parking spot, two bathrooms. it's a little further East then they wanted but it's a great place for $28,000. The realtor wants them to be decisive. Abe points out that he's just a trusted advisor, Peggy is the buyer. The realtor is a little surprised but hey, money is money.Bobby begins tearing off the wallpaper in his room. He pushes the bed over to cover the space he ripped off.Don and Megan all dressed up bump into Arnie and Sylvia. The Rosens are going to D.C. for Arnie to give a keynote address. Don and Megan are going off to the advertising awards, Megan is up for an award for work she helped do at SCDP before she left. Paul Newman is hosting.Michael arrives home and his dad has a girl waiting with him, Beverly. She's the daughter of one of his dad's friends. The dad's have set them up on a date, for right now. She's a schoolteacher. Michael is flustered. As is she since she didn't know about it. It's awkward.Don and Megan arrive and discover the table for SCDP is all the way at the back. A sure sign they're not winning.Megan goes over to say hi to Peggy. She introduces Megan to Mr. Cutler, the president of Peggy's firm. (Peggy says he's like Roger with bad breath.) Peggy was also nominated for work at SCDP, she and Megan are the only finalists from the firm and they don't even work there anymore. Peggy tells Megan about the apartment.Roger introduces Don to Brandon Walsh, a prospective new client in insurance. Walsh jokes they've already had their meeting and it went well, wink, wink. Don wonders where their check is then? He seems a little creepy and heads off on his way. Roger assures Don it will be fine.Paul Newman comes out to give his speech but instead of talking about advertising or his life as his actor and launches into a speech about politics and how he's voting for Gene McCarthy for president. People begin to applaud this and then someone shouts that Martin Luther King is dead. The head of the head of the NY Ad Club says they'd hoped to keep the news until the end of the event. He says they'll take a 10 minute break and then resume the program.Everyone is confused and distraught. Abe tells Peggy he's heading uptown to work. He got an assignment from the New York Times and he's taking it. She is very worried. Peggy, upset, doesn't know what to do and doesn't know how she'll get home. They hear police sirens go by outside. Don and Megan come over and say they'll give her a ride home. The awards resume. Don asks, "what else are we going to do?" He then hugs Megan.Henry Francis is also upset and thinks "they" are going to burn the city down and he has to go help the mayor. He tries to reassure Betty and the kids, who are not watching the news on TV because Betty is afraid of what they're going to show.Ginsberg and Beverly go on their date. She's a student teacher getting her Masters at Hunter. Michael is freaked out that she came to their apartment. He thinks the arranged date feels very old school and weird. He then blabs that she's sexy and smells great and that he's a virgin. And then gets flustered that he did that. She reassures him that she's doing her parents a favor and that tonight won't be the night and to relax. Plus, she thinks he's handsome. Apparently, no one's ever said this to him before. (Except Stacy over on "Drop Dead Diva.") And then they hear the news over the radio at the diner. The black kitchen workers are distraught. Michael says "they had to do it" in disgust.Bobby is again pulling at his wallpaper. Betty comes in and catches him. She asks why he's destroying the house. He says he didn't do it. She tells him to just go to sleep.Pete calls Trudy to check on her. She's upset and calls it all shameful. He says he doesn't want her and Tammy to be alone and offers to come home for the night. Trudy says they'll be fine. Pete says he'll see her on Saturday. She says she'll make an excuse to her parents or just cancel altogether. He says he doesn't want her to be upset. She bids him goodnight. Pete drinks and watches the news.Michael goes home and breaks the news to his dad. His father responds by pulling a blanket over his face on the couch.Pete turns on the news.We cut to Don and Megan also watching Cronkite reporting the news of the riots breaking out all over the country, including D.C. Megan is on the phone with her father, who said he "applauded the escalation of the decay." She says she's sick of his Marxist bullshit. Megan wonders if Dawn is okay. Don wonders about Sylvia and Arnie. They turn off the TV and head to bed. We see that Megan won the award.The next day at work Don and Roger debrief. Roger notes that MLK knew how to talk which for some reason he thought would save him. Also Walsh, the insurance guy is coming in for a meeting at 3. Roger notes he'll have his secretary Caroline remind him since Don is "on his own." Dawn has not come in. Don calls to check on Arnie and Sylvia but thinks better of leaving a message.Peggy arrives at work, surprised to find her secretary is there. She had called the night before and got no answer. She said she went to her aunt's house in Newark because her mother wanted to be with her sister. Peggy tells her Abe said it could've been a lot worse. She says she's so sorry and gives her a hug as she breaks down. She says she knew it was going to happen, that MLK knew it was going to happen, and that it isn't going to change anything. She also notes that the "fools" running in the streets are exactly what Dr. King didn't want. Peggy tells her to go home and notes that none of them should be working.At the breakfast table Henry and Betty look at the headlines and she asks if it was really like that. He says the paper got it right except how terrifying it was to watch Mayor Lindsey walk into that angry mob with a pancake breakfast smile on his face. The only lives hizzoner seemed interested in protecting were the photographers. Betty notes it worked. Henry said what worked was cutting deals with all the "militants" last year. They helped keep the peace. Henry say he has to go back in but she wants him to eat first.All the SCDP guys come out and none of their secretaries are there. Harry tells Pete the clients want their money back since their ads were pre-empted along with the rest of prime time for news coverage and they won't take make-goods. Peter thinks it's disgusting thing that they want their money back and that it's all that Harry seems to care about. He points out it's a shameful day and Harry is a pig. Harry says he cares that MLK was shot but it is in fact costing all of them something including money. Harry then points out that "they" are going to burn the city down. Burt tries to defuse the situation but Peter cuts him off asking if he realized they were in the presence of a bona fide racist. This incenses Harry saying "everybody's a racist!" Burt tells them to shake hands. They do, Harry apologizes. Pete tells him not o worry since Harry can probably make his money back next fall on a TV movie about King. He says he'll put it in terms Harry can understand: "That man had a wife and four children."Dawn arrives and Don says he's glad she's okay since he couldn't reach her. He tells her she shouldn't work today. Joan comes in and echoes that. Dawn says she's ready to work. But Joan says it turns out tha Mr. Cooper has decided to close the office early. But then says Walsh still wants his 3 p.m. meeting and that Stan and Ginsberg are coming in. Dawn says she'd really rather be at work so Don says okay. Joan gives her a very awkward hug and says "we're all so sorry."Peggy is reading the paper in her office when the realtor calls. The realtor points out that since trouble is not so far away that the other buyer dropped out and that they can now come in $5,000 under asking price and "let the TV news do the rest." Peggy is shocked and says nothing so the realtor assumes she agrees and hangs up.Roger comes in with Randall Walsh and introduces him to Don, Stan and Ginsburg. Walsh is kinda kooky, refusing to shake Don's hand and just waving instead. It gets even weirder. He also refuses a drink and says he's trying to communicate without words. He's in the property insurance business. Ginsburg points out that they must be taking a hit right now. He says he is noble that other people say they care, but he "really cares." He says his ad director didn't like his vision: our name and a Molotov cocktail being lit with a match with a coupon of his company attached. Ginsburg deadpans "And the ad sales guy didn't like that?" Walsh says he knows it sounds like fear-mongering but it's not, it's what Martin Luther King himself said to him in a vision the night before. MLK said to him that "I should question the whole property thing, man." Stan can't stifle a laugh. Randall mistakes this as the idea making him happy. Don says no, it's that the idea is incredibly poor taste and always will be. Randall says it's because Don would rather not think about it but within that tear are all the tears in the world and all the crying. Don agrees and says he doesn't want to think about it. Roger thinks the guy is literally tripping. He then starts grunting and chanting like Tecumseh. Roger says they'll think about it. Randall then says this is an opportunity and that the heavens are telling them to change and then waves goodbye. Ginsburg asks him about talking to Dr. King's ghost as he is leaving. Don can't believe he made him wait for that. Roger says that guy talked him off a roof once so he kind of owed him. Don just wants to go home. Roger says someone is going to do that idea. Don says not them.At home Don hears that three people have died in the riots at DC and watches the burning on TV. The phone rings. It's Betty, he's supposed to pick up the kids. She harangues that she knew he'd forget. He can't believe she wants them in the city. He says she knows he doesn't since he's always blowing them off and they're acting strangely. He points out that the news is upsetting. She thinks it's because he's blowing them off not the news. He can't believe she wants him to drive through the worst of it to pick them up and drive right back after dark. She says Henry thinks it's fine but he's not as concerned about their safety as you are. She says he would walk to Canada on his knees to pick up his girlfriend. He hangs up on her and tells Megan he's going to get the kids. Megan calls her a piece of work.Don goes to get them and as he drives back many police cars scream by.Ginsburg is sewing something for his dad who then wants him to walk to work. His dad asks him to walk to him work. Even though it's Saturday he doesn't want to sit in front of the TV. The elder Ginsburg is disgusted by his son's sewing and notes he also can't cook or clean and says Michael needs a girl. He wonders if he was gay. Michael says he's not gay. He says if that was true he'd be in bed with Beverly. Michael points out that people aren't really in the mood. His dad says it's the opposite, in times of catastrophe it's what people need, using Noah's Ark as an example. He wonders if Michael is going to get on the Ark with his dad. Michael says he'll be fine and find his own girls. His dad says he'll bring him a sandwich.Don wakes up alone. He heads to the living room and Megan is dressing the kids to go to a vigil in the park. Sally gives Bobby a hard time for watching TV. Megan says they'll be back in a couple of hours. Bobby fakes being sick and Don says he'll watch him. Don asks him if wants aspirin and Bobby ignores him and watches what looks like "McHale's Navy." Don makes him turn it off. Bobby admits that Betty told him couldn't watch TV for a week. Don takes him to see "Planet of the Apes" where he scarfs down popcorn. Don asks why he's being punished. He replies "because the wallpaper didn't line up." (He started ripping it off at point where the pattern wasn't quite aligned.) They get to the Statue of Liberty ending and Bobby and Don are pensive. Don explains the concept of Charlton Heston coming back to "here" in "the future.' Bobby replies "Jesus." Don asks if he wants to see it again. They stay for another show.The phone rings at Peggy and Abe's and it's the realtor saying they didn't get it. Abe says "what are you going to do?" Peggy wishes he was more involved in the process. He says since it's not his money he figured he didn't have a say. She says he does. He says he never wanted to live on the upper east side. He says, "I saw us raising our kids with more different kinds of people." He suggests the west 80s. He knows it's more rundown but with a little elbow grease people are doing it. Peggy is clearly pleased that he's thinking about kids and the future and says he is in her life and has a say and gives him a kiss. He points out that he has to finish his article.In the theatre an usher cleans up. Bobby asks if he's seen the movie. He hasn't. Bobby says everybody likes to go to the movies when they're sad Don is proud of this.At the Francis household Henry tells Betty she'll never have to worry about money. She asks why he's saying this. He admits he was energized the last few days working with Lindsey in the black neighborhoods. He says he would do things differently and wants to. He's been approached to run for a seat in the state senate which could be a stepping stone to state attorney general and then who knows what. Betty is thrilled saying this is what she's wanted for him all along. He says he can't wait for people to meet her, to really meet her. They kiss as a clear prelude to getting it on.Megan comes to bed with Don reporting that the kids are in bed. She says she felt better but now she doesn't. She doesn't know what he's thinking, and is annoyed he went to the movies and wasn't home when they got back and she couldn't explain and now he's drunk. He says she's better with them. She likens him ot her dad saying he doesn't have Marx, he has a bottle. She asks if this is really what he wants to be when they need him. He then gives a long heartbreaking speech about how he wanted to be a man who loves children but that he's essentially been acting since they were born, that he doesn't feel anything, which is especially true if you had a difficult childhood. "You want to love them but you don't and the fact that you're faking that feeling makes you wonder if your own father had the same problem. And then one day they get older and you see them do something and you feel that feeling that you were pretending to have and it feels like your heart is going to explode." She rubs his back.Pete gets Chinese delivered. He asks if things are calmer out in the streets but the deliveryperson doesn't speak English. Pete wishes him a goodnight.Betty goes to her closet and holds up an old party dress that is clearly to small for her now. She looks at her brown hair.Don goes to the bathroom in the middle of the night and then heads into Bobby's room. He lays down in bed with him and asks why he can't sleep. Bobby says he's scared and says he keeps thinking "what if somebody shoots Henry?" Don says it won't happen noting that Henry's not that important. He tells him to go to sleep and stays with him until he does.He heads out on the balcony to smoke and listens to the sirens below.

Directed by Chris Manley  

Starring Jon Hamm, Elisabeth Moss, Vincent Kartheiser, January Jones, Christina Hendricks, more...

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