New Business

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Drama, USA, 2015, 47 min.

Synopsis "Mad Men" - "New Business" - April 12, 2015Tonight's show had everything: bisexual advances, abandoned and dead children, infidelity, hustling, Harry being disgusting and vermouth!We open on Don making a milkshake for Gene and Bobby at Betty and Henrys house. It looks like he was essentially babysitting while they were out at an event meeting some college dean who is a distant Rockefeller cousin. She tells Don that shes going to go back to school and get her masters degree in psychology and notes that people seek her out to share their confidences. He says that should be fascinating for all involved. Henry comes in and Don leaves, looking back at his two sons with Henry and Betty sharing a nice family moment and looks wistful.He arrives home to a ringing phone. Its Megan who is informing him the movers are coming Wednesday to pick up her furniture. She is moving back to New York apparently and she needs money and is tired of asking for an allowance. She asks him to sign the papers and be done with it. because she can't live like this anymore. She asks him for $500 and then hangs up.Roger, in his office, learns that he is now so busy that Caroline can't handle it alone so she is asking Shelly to help out. They go over his agenda and Shelly actually makes a save on one account, correcting Caroline on a name that is associate with Life cereal no Secor laxatives. so Roger quips it's already going better. But when it's time to make a call to a client who is NAC-- no afternoon calls because he gets blotto-- and Caroline simply reads the number off the Rolodex for Shelly to dial Roger gripes that this is clearly a two man job.Harry is talking to Meredith about flying to L.A. for the weekend and he tells her she should go sometime. Shes worried about the "Manson Brothers" He corrects her with "family." (Maybe just a little tiny snark at the audience who thought Megan was going to get mixed up in that business??)Don arrives and Harry says he got a call from Megan who wants his help to find her a new agent and he wanted to clear it with him. Don notes that she's not his wife anymore and if Harry can help then he should.Later that night Don goes to a restaurant and lo and behold "his" waitress from the diner is there. He tracked her down to her new job. She asks what he wants. And he tells her he wants have dinner with her even if its five minutes at a time while she works. She says no and says he makes her uncomfortable.At the office, Peggy and Stan discuss a new photographer they will be working with named Pima. Stan seems annoyed by the idea of hiring this particular woman who is very artsy and he thinks Peggy dug pretty deep just to find a woman and as art director Stan needs to see her portfolio. Peggy notes she is the boss on this one so it doesn't really matter what he thinks. Stan notes that "it's hard to keep my balls at this job."The phone rings late at Don's place, he is already in bed. Its Diana, the waitress and she has been drinking. They chit chat and she mentions that she doesnt know anybody in New York and she asks if he was a P.I. because of the way he tracked her down. He says he waited to go back to the diner and when he did she was gone so he asked a guy there to let him know when she resurfaced. She says she went home to Racine WI to get a divorce. He notes hes in the same boat and asks her to come over. She does. He has gotten redressed in a suit which is hilarious since it's 3 a.m. and they pretty much dispense with the small talk and get to the hanky panky. Later, she says she cant sleep spooning. He notes that she was sleeping and she simply admits she doesn't want to. Clearly she has true intimacy issue. He asks if she wants to go and she says she doesn't. She wonders if he's really divorced since there were so many coats in his closet. He says he really almost is and since his wife lives in L.A. she didn't need coats and offers her one. She tells him she was planning on going to San Francisco but ended up here instead. He notes that he always wanted to live in New York after seeing it in the movies and magazines. She says she hasn't really seen any of the city yet. She tells him she was married 12 years and that she doesnt know why she thought it would be easy. He remarks that it's not but since this is his second divorce, and there are no kids, it's easier this time. He asks if she has kids and she says no. They cuddle and he tells her she smells great. She notes it's shampoo from Avon, that she bought in her living room in her ranch house with its two car garage.We cut to morning and the alarm going off. She seems to be gone but she's looking in on the boys' room and she admits that she lied. She did have a daughter but she died of the flu. Don holds her ad comforts her, making himself late for work in the process.Peggy and Stan arrive at shoot where Pima will be doing her first work for them, shooting a vermouth commercial. He is pretty short with her and kind of rude sarcastically apologizing that they are having an artist like her crassly selling something. Pima notes all art is selling something. The exchange leaves Peggy to apologize on his behalf saying he has a hard time with new people. Pima, played by a fantastic-looking Mimi Rogers, retorts "No, he hates himself." She tells Peggy that men like Stan dont bother her and shouldnt bother Peggy either noting how she is the boss of this shoot.Roger meets Don in his office. He is essentially hiding out from all of his work. He notes that they will be helping McCann out with one of their clients a cookie company and he wants Pete and Don to take them golfing. Don's divorce papers arrive. Roger tells him not to settle until he gets the number he want. Don says he just wants it to be over. Roger gripes about his own divorce and how Jane complained that he squandered her youth and beauty. He grouses that she made her choices. Don just rolls his eyes.Stan is drawing in his office when Pima comes in and compliments him. She is concerned that her negatives belong to the agency and are being processed at a lab and shes not comfortable with that. He essentially says that's too bad. She insinuates that she wants to use their dark room. She says she's heard he's a photographer also and wants to see his work and that she can feel the tension of him needing her opinion. He says he will show her his photos if she promises to be honest. She says she wants to see how brave he is.Megan arrives back in New York where she is meeting her mother and sister at a hotel to help her with the move. Her sister, who is very pious, says that Marie wants to treat it like a vacation with champagne and expensive dinners. Megan notes this is not a vacation. Her sister asks her to please let it be a little fun because she has two little kids and rarely gets her husband to stay and watch them without her. She says they can have a contest to see if they can get drunker than Marie.Don and Diana, still in her uniform and carrying a bag of take out, are in elevator at his place when Sylvia, and a drunk Arnold enter and Arnold snarks that Don "brought the whole restaurant home." Sylvia reprimands him. Arnold says he and Don should play squash sometime. Sylvia apologizes for their husband they depart. Diana wonders how may girls he's had in this elevator. Don notes that thats not what that bizarre exchange was about.Over at Stans house, he and his nurse girlfriend Elaine smoke pot as he complains he has nothing to show Pima and he talks about how her work is so sensual. Elaine starts disrobing and says he should take pictures of her to show Pima.Diana and Don lay out food at his place but then start to make out. Dinner is going to have to wait. She wonders how she can be nervous at this point and says there is a twinge in her chest. Don wonders if it is a pain? She says it is not. They decide to get it on instead of eating.The next morning the phone rings and it's the movers. He tells her they need to leave and she seems unsettled. He says he knows this might bother her but it shouldnt because this means its almost over. She says good. They kiss. He asks to see her that night and she says to come to her place.When Don gets to the office Pete meets him with clubs, annoyed that Don forgot they were taking clients golfing and Don isn't dressed or in possession of clubs. Don says he'll rent clubs.At the apartment Megan, her sister and Marie oversee the move and she asks her sister if she wants anything. They tsk tsk the red wine stain and Maria grumbles about Don's infidelities and how he hates what he did to their family. Her sister says they are not here to make Megan feel worse about her failure. (Ouch!) Megan points out in the U.S. people get divorced all the time. Her religious sister wants her to get an annulment. Megan says she needs to leave for lunch with Harry. Her sister gets angry and says she is not a servant who will wait on Megan while she has lunch. Megan notes it's for work purpose and her sister sarcastically wishes her luck on her bright future and stalks off. Marie dismisses it and tells Megan to not worry. Megan asks if Marie can handle everything else and points out the five or six items she wants the movers to take in addition to her clothes. Marie says she will handle it.Pete remains grumpy at Don in the car on the way to the golf course. They commiserate about divorce. Pete wonders how Don handles client dinners solo. Don says he simply gets a date. Pete feels like that could easily go south since he doesn't have a steady gal. Then he awesomely proclaims "Jiminy Christmas" before wondering how you start life over and what if you never get to the beginning again. Don has nothing to say to that and tells the agitated Pete to watch the road.We cut back to Don's apartment and Marie has had the movers take every last stick of furniture but now they demand more money. She calls Don but he is out. So she calls Roger instead and tells him to come over immediately with 200 dollars.Pima runs into Stan in the dark room. He shows her pictures of Elaine and she calls them "overdeveloped." She tells him that Elaine is not worthy of him, that you can see in her eyes that she doesnt want to tell Stan the truth. She tells him that his drawing is a rarer talent. She says she expected more of his photos and then totally kisses him and they make it right there in the dark room.Roger arrives at Don's and hands over the money and, looking around, cant believe Don agreed to have all the furniture taken. Marie says Don was very generous and says she hates what he did to Megan. He offers to buy her a drink but she begs him to take advantage of her right there in the empty apartment.Harry meets Megan for lunch and it is predictably awful. She has already ordered wine and says she is picking up the check for his help. He rhapsodizes about how beautiful she is-- like the love child of Ali McGraw and Brigitte Bardot-- and says he thinks her agent is falling down on the job. And then he tells her he wants to get to "work" right away and that he has rented a room in the hotel and that they should go there and he can make some calls and he puts his hand on her hand. Repulsed she pulls her hand back and tells him she's not interested. He scolds her saying she's a big girl and maybe she is in the situation she is because of the way she's reacting right now. She gulps down her wine and leaves.Megan comes back to the apartment to discover her mother and Roger zipping up and she freaks over both this and the fact that all of the furniture is gone. Marie tells her she took what she thought Megan deserved. Megan rails at Roger that her mother is married. In his defense, Roger notes it was not his idea and says he needs to get to a meeting. Marie tells Megan that she cant stand in judgment of her.Later at the office Harry tells Don that Megan is not stable and that she will say crazy things to Don about him. He notes nothing happened. Don says it is no longer his business. Harry throws her under the bus even more calling her stupid for quitting her soap job and leaving New York.Peggy calls in Pima in to look at the contact sheets and she notes Stan showed them to her. They ogle the pictures and in the process she actually makes a move on Peggy too, gentle caressing her face and telling her she wants to photograph her. Peggy demurs but obviously the exchange got her a little hot.Don meets Megan at the lawyers office. She is furious-- about everything-- and rails at him for being a liar and a coward and calls him aging and sloppy and says she can't believe she ever believed anything he said and wonders why she is being punished for being young. He takes the abuse, agrees with her and hands her a check for a million dollars. She thinks it is a joke but when he assures her it is not and that he doesn't want to fight anymore and that he wants her to have the life she deserves she pockets the check and tells him to send her the papers.Stan comes in with a pep in step all full of ideas for other accounts that Pima can work on. Peggy deduces what happened and tells him Pima pulled the same move on her but didn't get as far. She notes that his girlfriend probably wouldn't be too thrilled. Peggy says Pima is a hustler and that is why she won't be giving her another job. Stan is annoyed.Megan returns to the hotel to greet her sister in tears. She says Marie told her to fly home herself and that she is leaving their father for another man. Megan, now a millionaire, doesnt care and has had enough of her sister's judgment and basically tells her to take a short walk.Stan and Elaine cuddle in bed and he lies and tells her that Pima loved his photos. They hug. He looks conflictedDon goes to see Diana in a bad part of town-- cue the siren-- and they immediately make out. He looks around and it's basically a one room dump. He brought her a NYC guidebook and says it's time to start her tour of her new home. She gestures around and asks "Cant you see I dont want anything?" She has been drinking and is surly. He tells her his is pretty sure he had a worse day than she did and hopes she is not "in a mood." She says she is not-- although she clearly is-- and she is sure that he has never had a worse day than her. He says he has known grief and he tries to reassure her that he is ready for a new relationship if that is her concern. She admits that although she did have a daughter who died, she also had another and that she left this other child in Racine with her father. Just left. She asks Don if he wants to ask why? He says no. She, admitting she is drunk, says she told him about his heart and that she doesn't want to feel anything else and that when she was with Don she forgot about her daughter. She says she doesn't ever want to do that, so drinking, living in this dump and drowning in self-pity will assure that won't. So, he leaves, putting the guidebook on the night stand.He heads home and finally sees empty house and, understandably, he stands in the middle of his empty apartment and looks totally confused.

Directed by Michael Uppendahl  

Starring Jon Hamm, Phoenix Cirillo, Elisabeth Moss, Vincent Kartheiser, January Jones, more...

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