The Forecast

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Drama, USA, 2015, 47 min.

Synopsis "Mad Men" - "The Forecast" - April 19, 2015Don's realtor Melody lets herself into Don's apartment which is now decorated with patio furniture. She goes into his bedroom and wakes him up. Some folks are coming to see the apartment. He's selling it. She notes that the place feels lonely. He says the folks can picture their own stuff in it and he's sold worse things than this.Joan awakes in a hotel to a ringing phone, it's a collect call from her mother. She's in L.A. and talks to Kevin. The call drops. She calls for room service for grapefruit and French toast.Don goes to see Roger who tells him that McCann has planned a retreat in the Bahamas for select clients and Roger has to write a 2500 word manifesto on the future of the firm and he wants Don to write a speech for him. Roger asks how Don is. Don says never better. Roger offers up his barber. Don goes off to write.Joan heads into the L.A. office and meets receptionist Dee. And guess who's there? Lou. He's in charge now. They are supposed to be meeting potential hires but he says they can only sneak out since they all have jobs so it will mostly be lunch appointments so he heads out. Dee asks how the Beverly Wilshire is and if she's seen Warren Beatty. Joan says not yet.Right before the first interviewee is to arrive, Lou is MIA, and Dee confides that he might be getting a deal with Hanna-Barbera for the cartoons he works on his own time that everyone and the office laughed at.A man arrives and Joan thinks this is Mr. McLeod and she tells him that Lou is stuck in traffic. But then Lou walks in with the actual Mr. McLeod. The first man is Richard Burghoff, who was looking for his optometrist. He says he's near-sighted not blind so when a woman likes her talks to him he lets her and then he asks her out on a date.Peggy enters Don's office and asks him to sign off on the Peter Pan copy. They have a new Tinkerbell cookie. Mathis and Ed run the premise by Don: "Dear John" letters from kids saying they're leaving other cookies-- Oreo, Chips Ahoy-- for Tinkerbell cookies. Don says kids won't get it and parents won't listen. So they try their other like: "One Tink and you're hooked." He okays that.Sally is signing traveler's checks for a trip she is about to take, visiting the original colonies for school for 12 cities in 12 days. Betty remembers taking a similar trip and getting up to mischief like staying up all night and breaking light bulbs in the hotels they stayed in. She says they got in a little trouble and that's to be expected. Sally says she won't do that. Betty notes there will be boys everywhere and that she hopes she has the good sense not to act like she's been let out of a cage. Sally jokes she's pregnant. Betty is not amused.Don returns to his apartment and Melody the realtor says she's having trouble selling the apartment. He tries to give her a story with a little glamour to sell to prospects. She says it looks like a sad person lived here and that the place reeks of failure. Don says a lot of wonderful things happened there. Melody says you wouldn't know it. He says he has a good feeling. She says she'll see him tomorrow.Joan wakes up Richard, and tells him she has an early flight. Joan got some, y'all! He wants her to stay and take her to Malibum. She says she has some place to be and knows he does as well. He notes he is divorced. She admits she is too. He was in 22 years and he stayed for the kids. When his youngest graduated and headed to Europe he thought that looked good. He says he is now free is a bird. Joan says she has to work. He asks if she has mouths to feed. She says no, she just finally got the job she always wanted. She promises to send him flowers. They start making out again.Don comes into the office the next day and asks Meredith to dig up the SCDP press release from 1963.Don goes to visit Ted with a donut. They discuss upcoming clients and Don wonders if Ted feels, like he does, that there is less to do but more to think about. Ted says no since he's a bad manager and is so hands-on. They discuss the future and if there is a better scenario. Ted says Roger asked him to write the speech first and Ted said Don would be better at painting a picture of the future. Ted says one day he'd like to land an oil company or a pharmaceutical. Don is surprised that his biggest dream is bigger accounts. They both marvel a bit that the firm survived at all, much less do as well as they did. Now the future could be anything. That doesn't help Don with brainstorming the speech.Richard calls Joan at work. He is in New York City. He asks where they're eating. The Oak Room at 7:30.Don buys some candy at the vending machine and Pete comes to him with a cookie problem. The client hated the layout and then Mathis and Ed began in-fighting in the meeting. Peggy tries to cool him down and says he can't fire her men. Pete says he can fire her. Pete says he wants new work fast. Peggy agrees.A young man comes to see Sally. It is Glen! He is all skinny and kind of a hippie. Sally notes Betty is home. Glen says he just wanted to see her. He asks about her summer and she says she's going on a teen tour and will be a lifeguard again probably. Glen's girlfriend Paula comes in to use the rest room. She passes Betty and compliments her home. Betty sees Glen, who invites Sally out to Playland. She asks Sally to introduce her to her friend. Glen reintroduces himself. Betty is so confused. Glen says he is 18 and just finished his freshman year at Purchase, which Betty notes is supposed to be good. She says she is going back to school herself. He says that's cool. Betty is surprised that Sally and Glen stayed in touch. He says they were pen pals. Paula returns and Betty offers them a drink. He asks for a beer and she is about to oblige when both Sally and Paula say they want to go. Betty and Glen give each other crazy inappropriate looks. This is not lost on Sally. Glen says he feels like he should say a more formal goodbye. She says he is welcome anytime. He is shipping out, he joined the Army. Sally can't believe it, since he hates the war. Glen says he doesn't hate the war anymore. He can't bear the thought of a bunch of Negro kids dying while they sit at home and smoke pot, it's immoral. Sally asks if it was Paula's idea. Paula says they just met. Betty says don't listen to Jane Fonda here and that what Glen is doing very brave. Sally stalks off and says to remember those kids are the same age that Glen will be murdering in Vietnam. Betty takes his hand and says not to let this mar his afternoon and says she will see him when he gets back.Don is talking into his Dictaphone, trying to write the speech. He appears to be working on a Gettysburg theme. Mathis comes in with a bottle of whiskey as a thank you to Don for fighting for him. Don wonders who told him that. He wants Don to come to the meeting. Don says Mathis has to untangle this mess on his own. He asks how? Apologize to client? Apologize to Ed? Don says apologizing is not the move, just go in and shake the client's hand and, like the time he embarrassed himself in front of Lee Garner say, "I can't believe you had the balls to come here after you embarrassed yourself like that"-- and bring in a bar of soap and say it's there if he needs to wash his mouth out. Mathis thanks him.Richard and Joan have dinner. He complains about hippies ruining a golf course he's building. She teases him and says she roots for the underdog. He asks for a nightcap. He asks if she's married, she says no. He asks her not to lie. She says she has a little boy, 4. She asks if that makes a difference. He says no.Sally calls Glen's mother and leaves a message saying she is sorry and he has to call before she leaves the next day. She gets teary.Richard and Joan return to his hotel. She says she has to call and let someone know she is going to be a late. He offers brandy, she switches to a gin and tonic. She tells the babysitter she needs a few more hours. Maureen says she has some place to be. Joan tries for midnight. Maureen says yes. Joan tells Richard they have all the time they need. Suddenly Richard changes his tune and says he doesn't like "this." She wonders if he would rather she was married. He starts to get angry and says he loves kids but he already raised his. She says this is a presumptuous line of discussion. He says she knew or she wouldn't have lied. He says this is not what he pictured, he had a plan, which was no plans, except apparently to travel the world and he now seems unreasonably angry that Joan won't be able to go to the pyramids or anywhere else with him. She says this is a disappointment but he is right and gets up and says it was nice meeting him and leaves. Wow, he sucks.Don is in the office looking at Look and other magazines when Peggy enters. She tells Don that Ted told her to fill out her own performance review. Don says obviously he trusts her. Peggy says she is tired of this and wants a real review since she had such a good year. Don gets a light bulb and asks her what she sees for the future. She of course thinks he means her future and says she'd like to be the first woman creative director at this agency. Don smiles. He asks if she gets that, what's next? She says land something huge. And then? Have a big idea, create a catchphrase. So you want fame? Yes. What else? I don't know. Yes you do. She says she wants to create something of lasting value. He laughs at that "in advertising." She says she didn't realize this was going to be about the meaning of life and that he would be in a mood and tells him to just write down his dreams so she can shit on them and walks out.Joan is livid that Maureen is late and says that she and Gayle are not doing a bang-up job of communicating about schedules for Kevin. She says Gayle needs a vacation. Maureen notes that Joan needs a vacation. Joan barks at her "You are ruining my life." (But was that really directed at Kevin??) He says 'bye-bye' as she walks out. She feels bad.Ed and Mathis are given their second chance with Peter Pan and in front of Pete and Peggy, Mathis, because he is an idiot quotes Don's line verbatim and tells the execs they have big balls for coming back in after embarrassing themselves. Everyone is aghast.Don is in the office brooding about the future as Meredith waits to take notes. She says she thinks it will be like the World's Fair. Just as he asks her favorite part, Mathis shows up, angry that Don's "little joke" failed and now he's off the business. Don told him to think of something himself. Mathis says he wanted to apologize but guys like Don don't have to. Don says guys like him know how to do it. Mathis says that Roger told him that Lee Garner was in love with him and he loved that line because he thought about jacking Don off when he said it. Don notes Mathis has a foul mouth and take responsibility for his failure and says the account was handed to him and it didn't work because he has no character. Mathis retorts Don has no character, he's just handsome and to stop kidding yourself. Don says everyone has problems and some people deal with it and some don't and Mathis's next problem is dealing with finding a new job because he's fired. Mathis says he knew that before he came in, he just knew he shouldn't apologize.Richard shows up at the office with flowers and calls himself a heel. She says knows it's her fault and she's thought about it and she's sending her son away because she likes him too and if she has to choose between Richard and her son, she chooses him. This is some amazing sarcasm. He claims that's not what he said. She said this is exactly what he said. He said he thought about it and he wants to be in her life and Kevin's too. She says she lives with her mother and she has been divorced, twice. (She didn't actually marry Bob Benson right? I's confused by this line.) He says he is buying property in New York and asks where she lives. He says he can't buy property down there but will get a nice place by the park and he wants them all to visit. He says he doesn't want to be rigid, it makes you old. He asks if he can call her. She says yes.Glen returns to see Betty, knowing full well Sally isn't there. She gets him that beer. They stand while he drinks. He notes they have beer over in Vietnam. Betty says they have all the comforts of home. He says Sally and his mother are mad but she doesn't seem to be. She says they are afraid for him and she is too. He says she understands though. She wants to know if he wants her to say that she likes it. He says he knows she does because he is brave and wants to protect this country. Glen says he knows something can happen to him but he feels safe because he knows she is his. He grabs her and tries to kiss her but she turns her face and says to stop. He asks why. She says because she is married. He apologizes. She says it's okay and she understands. Glen says she doesn't. He says this was going to be the good thing that came out of this and it was all he thought about. He says he knows she knows him and knows the man he can be. She asks him to please tell her that she didn't do it for her, she couldn't live with herself. He says it's worse. He flunked out of school and his stepdad was going to kick him out but after he enlisted he was proud of him and everything was peaches and cream. She puts his hand to her face. As he's leaving she says "You're going to make it, I'm positive." He leaves and she tears up.Don has dinner with Sally and some friends. Her friends are clearly besotted. The girls are excited about going to Washington, D.C. One of them wants to be a senator. One wants to be a translator at the U.N. Sally doesn't know what she wants. Don says when she figures it out to write it down because when she is old she will forget. One doesn't know and just wants to be in New York City. She hits on him and is impressed by his penthouse and says commercials are her favorite part of TV. Don asks Sally what she wants to do. She says she just wants to eat dinner. She is disgusted. He has no idea. They head to the bus. She says she'll wave from the bus. He thinks she's nervous about the trip. She is all "You can't control yourself, Sarah is 17." Don says he knows. Sally wonders why this doesn't stop him or Betty then. She says if anyone pays attention to either one of them they just "ooze everywhere." Don blames Sarah, "saying your friend is a 'fast girl.'" And he didn't want to embarrass her. She says she is going to write down her dream: to get on a bus and get far away from him and Betty and hopefully turn out differently. He grabs her arm and says he's her father and she may not want to hear this but she will be like Betty and him. He says she's a very beautiful girl and it's up to her to be more than that. She smirks at him and walks on the bus. He waves to her on the bus and walks away.The eternally youthful Bobby and Gene run around with toy guns. She wants to send them to bed but Bobby wants to watch "The Brady Bunch." She lets him but takes the toy machine gun and tosses it in the trash.Don arrives home and Melody sold the place. She got asking price and 30 day escrow. He is surprised. He looks at his door and the hallway outside, taking in what happened there and that he is leaving that place behind.

Directed by Jennifer Getzinger  

Starring Jon Hamm, Elisabeth Moss, Vincent Kartheiser, January Jones, Christina Hendricks, more...

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