The Sting

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Comedy/Crime/Drama/Mystery, UK, 1986, 55 min.

Synopsis Corinna Hope is an reformed drug addict who went through her own fortune and stole from her father to support her expensive habit. One of the things she stole from her recently deceased father was some antique statuettes, and now that his estate is being cataloged, is desperate to replace them. She implores Lovejoy to recover them for her with money she has stolen from her former drug pusher. Unable to go to the auction himself because he has a date with his estranged daughter, Lovejoy entrusts Gimbert to bid for him at an auction but is double-crossed as his arch-rival keeps the antiques for himself. The resourceful Lovejoy utilizes Lady Jane, Tink, Eric, Corinna, and an old document forger to entrap Gimbert in a "sting" and recover the statuettes.

Directed by Baz Taylor  

Starring Ian McShane, Phyllis Logan, Dudley Sutton, Malcolm Tierney, Chris Jury, more...

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