Scotch on the Rocks

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Comedy/Crime/Drama/Mystery, UK, 1992, 54 min.

Synopsis Vicky finds a Scots claymore in the attic of her new flat which Lovejoy buys from her. He is approached by a man named Kinloch who offers him a more than generous price for it,claiming a family connection, and, when a suspicious Lovejoy refuses,the sword becomes the subject of a bungled burglary. Lovejoy is intrigued and finds out that the sword provides the key to a cache of French gold buried in the ground. Ironically Tartan Transactions,a controversial firm in which Kinloch has an interest,has just built a supermarket over it and retrieval seems unlikely.

Directed by Baz Taylor  

Starring Ian McShane, Phyllis Logan, Dudley Sutton, Chris Jury, Edward Hardwicke, more...

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