Riding in Rollers (1 of 2)

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Comedy/Crime/Drama/Mystery, UK, 1991, 50 min.

Synopsis Lovejoy meets another antique dealer, the affable Harry Catapolis at a dinner party hosted by a rich, beautiful American widow, Cassandra Lynch. Catapolis is in the process of selling a rich Japanese businessman the tea bowl used by the Emporer Hirohito just before resigning his divinity at the end of World War ii. Lovejoy proves the bowl to be a fake and points out to Cassandra that many of the objets d'art sold by Catapolis to her are forgeries. They all vow to revenge themselves on Catapolis using a priceless 9 million dollar icon once owned by Catherine the Great as bait.

Directed by Francis Megahy  

Starring Ian McShane, Chris Jury, Dudley Sutton, Linda Gray, Tom Adams, more...

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