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Comedy/Crime/Drama/Mystery, UK, 1992, 55 min.

Synopsis When Lady Jane puts a Berber rug into auction it is bought by elderly Harriet Fisher for her Irish wolfhound but young Moroccan Abdel is also after it and steals it from her house. Lovejoy buys a second rug and again Abdel is keen to own it,claiming that the rugs were woven in his village by his girlfriend and contain the answer to his marriage proposal. Lovejoy is not convinced and learns that Abdel's prospective uncle Said has a more mercenary reason for wanting the rug. Having got it back for Harriet Lovejoy comforts Lady Jane,who has split from her husband after refusing to go to Hong Kong with him for his job.

Directed by Baz Taylor  

Starring Ian McShane, Phyllis Logan, Dudley Sutton, Chris Jury, Pavel Douglas, more...

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