Just Desserts

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Comedy/Crime/Drama/Mystery, UK, 1991, 52 min.

Synopsis This synopsis is too short and may not include the required detailed description of the entire plot. We normally require that synopses be at least 10 lines long. If you have seen this title, please help us by improving and expanding this synopsis. Upon his release for prison, Lovejoy (Ian McShane) recounts how he was setup, and figures out who did it and why.After transporting a table to Holland, Lovejoy is convicted of stealing it. Upon his release, Lovejoy manages to track down the woman (Christine Kavanagh) who hired him to transport the table. He discovers that the owner of the table (Anthony Valentine) was the one who set him up--the purpose being to import a stolen painting in the table when it was returned to England.

Directed by Don Leaver  

Starring Ian McShane, Phyllis Logan, Dudley Sutton, Chris Jury, Anthony Valentine, more...

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